Which Penis Enlargement Method is Best?

Which Penis Enlargement Method is Best

One of the common concern for men nowadays is of penis enlargement. Men generally seen are not comfortable with their penis size and they always look for some ways to increase it.

Actually men are also confused about what should be the normal size of penis.

However whatever the situation might be, to increase penile size there are several penis enlargement options which works effectively and provides better results.

There are many products in the market that claim to enlarge penis effectively. But, all are not same. Sometimes, combination of two products helps you to get faster and influential result because of the both internal and external stimulation of human body.

Internal stimulators can be pills or other supplements and external stimulators can be penis extenders or other enlargement devices. It has been tested that combined supplements are really very effective on penis enlargement.

But if you want to choose only a single product, then it depends on what type of result you want.

If you want to improve your overall sexual performance and get a fuller and bigger erection, then penis enlargement pills would be best for you.

But if you want growth in both of flaccid and erect penis permanently, then you should consider a penis enlargement device.

Best options for Penis Enlargement

When you search which penis enlargement method to choose then you will get several of them. Generally, pills are the first choice but there are other options are well like lotions, gels, penis extenders etc. Even penis pumps are also available with several exercises that helps to enlarge penis without any difficulties.

You can get several techniques to enlarge penis that helps to provide length, girth and hardness. Though all methods are not effective but there are lots of ways that works successfully.

Even surgical options are also available that might provide better results but it is not effective for longer time.

But I would like to say that whatever option you select, always think of the best and for future as well. Do a proper research before applying an option and then easily continue it to elongate penis size.

Best methods to enlarge penis

Penis enlargement exercises

There are several exercises, which works to increase penis size. It is an important option but includes a long and difficult process, which also takes longer time to finish.

Many of the exercises are risky but it does not means that exercises are bad for sexual life. It is always suggested to do proper exercise on regular basis. Many exercises used for bigger and harder cock and stretching penis size to increase it.

You can use Kegel exercises which is recommended by most sex experts as it helps to enlarge penis size gradually without any side effects or pain. It can be performed anytime anywhere as it shows positive results.


  • You can get actual penile growth with exercise.
  • It is a cheap and free technique.


  • It takes a long time to achieve a noticeable result.
  • It requires proper dedication and you have to do it about an hour daily.
  • You have to the exercises in proper way to avoid potential harms.

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The penis pump

Another method, which works to increase penis size, is by using a penis pump. There are several such penis pumps, which are effective, but many times, they can also damage the penis tissues when it is used in excess amount.

Due to this reason, it is suggested to men to use if they wish because there is not forcefully method to do. If you wish and believe that this method can work for you then, then go ahead.

One of the effective penis pump is Bathmate which works by putting pump over penis and pump water or air. It creates a pressure that forces blood out into the penis and it gradually increases the penis size.

It should be used for 20 minutes each day and can enlarge your penis size up to 2-3 cm in length and 3-4 cm in girth.


Penis extender

Lots of men focus on using penis extender device and it is also sold in large quantity. This penis enlargement method is used by several people and also accepted by men that adds a few inches to penis after several months of continuously use.

Penis extenders are clinically proven but as you will get several products among which some may work and some not. It is especially for those men who have enough time to do it.

It takes hours to perform the method and so if you are free of your busy routine then try this method.

Best penis extender device is Peyronies device. This is used by several men and even several health sex experts suggest to use it to elongate their penis size. Another benefit of this device is it also cures peyronies disease that men suffer from.

It means that with the curing peyronies disease, this device also cures bent penis and make it longer for men to lead a happy satisfying sexual life.


  • It is able to correct the curvature of penis.
  • Growth in both of length and girth of penis up to 3 inches.
  • You can get permanent results with it.
  • It is no. 1 medical device which is approved by FDA.
  • This is recommended by doctors and it is clinically proven.


  • It takes about a year to provide satisfactory results.
  • Results can vary from one person to another.
Size Genetics

Penis pills

Now this is one of the most recommended and most used by men especially when men suffers from small penis size. It has been used from decades to satisfy several males in giving bigger penis size and sexual satisfaction.

Pills works to increase blood flow to penis and it works because of natural ingredients that it contains. Whatever ingredients used in the pills are of 100% natural and there is no harm for body.

VigRx Plus

Pills are generally a good alternative for other methods. But before buying any pills to enlarge penis, you should do a proper research and always buy the pills from reliable website. It is true that you can get such pills online so always be careful and always try to buy best product so that you get positive result.

One such effective pills to enlarge penis is VigRX Plus and Male Extra. Yes, these both pills are naturally made and they don’t contains any kind of side effects.

You can use these pills for longer penis size that can give you longer, bigger and better erection strength along with stamina and confident to stay longer in bed.

Male Extra


  • It is able to increase stamina.
  • It provides you fuller, bigger and herder erection.
  • It improves the blood circulation in the genitals.
  • You can get quick and perfect results with it.
  • You can get stronger orgasms with it.
  • It is very easy to use and it has no side affect.


  • You have to take this pill continuously to maintain the improvement.
  • If you’re past your puberty age, then it cannot improve the actual growth of the penis.


Penis enlargement is one of the major topic in mens sexual life and nobody wants to deal with small penis size. The bad thing is that men though have enough penis size to satisfy their partner but still they want bigger penis size as they think that bigger penis size will give more confidence and satisfaction.

However here in this blog, I have discussed some of the best methods to enlarge penis size and I hope all these will help you to boost your dick naturally.

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Which Penis Enlargement Method is Best
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