Why Man loses Interest in Sex- The Truth Revealed!

man losses interest in sex

Have you ever thought why some men after marriage lose interest in sex? Well if you ask me then I would only say that due to excess tiredness and lack of exercise generally the culprit of less sex drive. Today we will see why men lose interest in sex and how to overcome such difficulties?

Nowadays men don’t like to talk about loss in interest in sex and neither their partners.  But loss of libido in men or some inhibited sexual desire stresses a marriage more than any other sexual dysfunction.

Losing interest in sex may not be as common an occurrence for men as it is for women. However the loss in interest in sex is due to the tiredness, exhaustion and due to lack of exercise which kill the sex drive.

People become so stressed out and bone tired that all want to spend their time alone and time for blessed sleep. There are various other reasons too. This includes misconception about sex, past sexual abuse, anger, guilt and even physical problems.

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Reasons for less interest in sex

One of the most common reasons which believers may struggle with the enjoyment of sex is the sense of guilt which arises from immoral sexual activity in their pasts. Losing interest in sex affects about 15% to 16% of men and it doubles in many women. For some people, sex awakens all manner of sickening memories.

Most men really worry about whether they will be able to satisfy their partners. Read here how to satisfy your partner in bed.

All such thoughts affect sexual performance. If women is demanding and forcing about the lack of sex then anxiety levels with the subsequent psychogenic impotence get aggravated. Some other stressors are loan repayment, subscribing to enjoy now pay later schemes, credit card debts, explosion of consumerism and need for instant gratification.

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If there occurs some unresolved anger and resentment between a couple or if the health of parents or children is a matter of concern or if the man feels caught between family squabbles then it can leave little space for sexual feelings to appear. Some physical stressors like chronic illness, fatigue, excessive drinking and smoking, obesity, insomnia with a general lack of fitness can have an unfavorable effect in one’s sex life.

Those partners who are sufferers of depression, for them it can especially hard. When your partner breaks a leg and they does not show any interest in going out then be sure that don’t want to stay on the couch as a rejection. And this is almost a given when they stop wanting to have a sex.

Even loss of libido also makes men unhappy about the rest of their lives than it does in women. But loss of libido is not something which you have to live with. There are lots of ways by which you can regain your sex drive and will be happy in life.

How do you know if you have a problem with loss of libido?

Libido loss does not happen suddenly. It can be a normal process. Occurrence of sexual activity is not the best measure of sexual interest so there are lots of situation which can get in the way of an encounter even if the desire is there.

If you are in a committed relationship and having sex often at least once in a weak, then you might ask yourself whether you are happy with the things as they are.

Loss of libido can be due to several reasons like:

  • Erectile dysfunction causes of libido
  • Performance anxiety and loss of libido
  • Stress can lead to loss of libido
  • Medication can interfere with libido
  • Too much of togetherness can cause you loss of libido

Now what?

Well there are many men who don’t show any interest in their partner. Even this is yet a symptom of illness. So its treatment is very much necessary otherwise if men lose interest then their partners can really break the relationship. However this is both for men and women that whenever your partners don’t show any interest in you try your level best to come out of the situation.

This may not sound you good but you will not get any other option to get out your partner from such situation.

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Simple way for men if they don’t show any interest in their female partner then you can take help of several supplements available online. Taking those supplements is really helpful as men can get energy to play with their partners and at the same time, their tiredness or illness will disappear.

Take VigRX Plus supplement which is in the form of pills. Regularly taking this pill will give you extra energy to fulfill all your sexual needs. Along with that, you will not feel depressed or stress in your life, rather you will always be in energy and can have a blast every night with your partner.

One thing you will get with taking this supplement is you will be happy but at the same time, your partner will be happier more. So don’t just wait, but buy this pill and make your love life interesting.

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Men at certain age show less interest in their partner or sex life. But this does not means that this condition will be permanent and cannot be treated. One should focus completely on their sex life by dealing with the situation that comes across. I hope you are satisfied with what I have mentioned in this blog.

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Why Man loses Interest in Sex- The Truth Revealed!
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Why Man loses Interest in Sex- The Truth Revealed!
Many reasons are behind where men loses interest in their sexual life. Get the complete information on why it happens and how to deal with better ways.
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