Male Testes or Testicles- Main Function, Problems and Best Treatment

Male Testes or Testicles- Main Function, Problems and Best Treatment

Nowadays men are only interested on how to boost their sexual performance or how to increase their libido for great sexual activity. In fact they are not concerned in knowing about their reproductive organs and its function. So today in the article, we will know about male testicles or testes and their function.

Reproductive system of male sex organs is quite complicated as it generates semen, store up and releases into women’s vagina at the time of ejection. This procreation results in the union of sperm cells and the ovum.

About testes or testicles

Testes or testicles are oval shaped organs. There are two testicles or testes in male organ. They are hung side by side in a sac, it is also called scrotum, under the penis in relaxed state. The sex impulse is created by internal secretion of sex hormones and causes essential characteristics of an individual male.

This plays its role along with other secretion glands in the body. This indicates that the body is functioning normally. But if this function is impaired before teenage years, then the development of an individual would get altered, in the form of impulses and temperament. And it is absorbed in the blood directly. These secretions are also known as internal secretion.

The male sperms that formed in testes are discharged seminally. The sperms have the power of fertilize the women’s eggs to conceive a new life. The sperm cells consist of a long tail, neck and head. The nucleus is contained in the head which transmits heredity characteristics of an individual.

The sperms can move independently. The sperms can propel themselves in a liquid secretion, they float its tail in it and there speed is around its own length per second. After the discharge of the semen, the sperm requires an hour or more to reach the tube, and it gets fertilized in an ovum. When the female eggs would encounter a male sperm or spermatozoa, the sperm penetrate the female egg cells.

There is a complex series of arrangement of both the cell, this is known as fertilization. In a single discharge of male orgasm, more than 200 millions sperms get discharged, among them only one would be able to reach the female egg cell. And the remaining sperms would be transmitted out along with other residue as a physiological process. The spermatozoa are formed slowly and released into the testicle all the time.

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What is the function of male testes or testicles?

Apart from sperm, testicles also generate male hormones which are known as androgens. It completely controls the growth of male reproductive system along with the development of ‘masculine’ body features like deep voice or beard. Even they control sexual function.

You might don’t know but testosterone is one of the common forms of androgen which is fully responsible for male genitals growth with sperm production. If the male is healthy then the testicles can produce almost 6 milligrams of testosterone per day but this is not the case always.

According to health expert, testes can make 200,000 sperm per minute in an average. But as men ages, their testosterone level decreases and it continues.

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What can go wrong with testes?

There are many things which can go wrong with testes. They are categorized as physical injury or condition which affects testes function. So let us first go with physical injury:

Physical injury– Generally the testes is present outside the body, means it is not covered by any muscle and there is high chance that it can get damage or can cause pain or even swelling. Though, this not a big issue, but many times severe trauma can cause blood which leak into scrotum which is known as testicular rupture.

In fact other injury includes twisted testicle and it occurs when spermatic cord becomes twisted due to injury. This is often seen in teenage boys. Here the problem is injury cuts the blood supply. This is a serious issue and it need to be treated soon.

Condition which affect testes function– This condition can be due to several reasons which are as follows:

  • Male infertility– When sperm production gets low or when it does not function properly then this problem can be because of genetic fault or may be due to lifestyle changes. However this should be cured with correct assistance.
  • Testicular cancer– When there is an abnormal growth of cells within testis then it can lead to harmful effect. It stops the natural growth of both or one testes. This is commonly seen in young males and treatment is important.

Treatment option when you suffer from low sperm

Many men are suffering from low volume of semen, which can affect the sex life in many ways. Volume enhancer like Semenax is a powerful enhancer of semen. It boosts the production of semen and male fertility. This also improves the sexual health.

They are made of vitamins, potent herbs and other nutrients. It is 100% safe. This drug increases the orgasm intensity by increasing the volume of cum one ejaculate. This cures low organism, low motility and low sperm count in men. It is purely herbal and it is useful for man’s health.


Testicles are the main male reproductive organs which plays an important function in the body. However when something wrong goes in this then it stops functioning properly, hence developing many new diseases. However it should be cured immediately with the help of proper doctor advise and keep yourself fit and healthy.

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Male Testes or Testicles- Main Function, Problems and Best Treatment
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Male Testes or Testicles- Main Function, Problems and Best Treatment
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