Ways to Climax at Same Time While Having Sex

Ways to Climax at Same Time While Having Sex

We always hear about many times that almost every men want to have a successful love life where they can satisfy their partners and want to have a better sex with better orgasm. This can make relationship good but have you ever thought how often you heard about guy having better sex life and fulfilling desires with their partners. Everyone want their sex life to be happy and lovable but nobody cares about their partners in real men just want to have sex and as their sex is over, they just move apart leaving their partners alone. Making great relationship is not only having sex but even spending time with each other and understanding each one’s feeling is also a great way to make your love life successful.

Generally it is seen that women’s orgasm is not easy to calculate. And if you want to orgasm at the same time with your partner then it is really hard because it requires delicate balance of technique and timing along with a good relationship. However for many women, orgasm is a function of mind similar to the body. In fact at the same time it becomes important to know that not every women regularly reach orgasm while having sex. It’s only one third of women who reaches the orgasm and others get to the final from other techniques. Well there are many men who have the thought of ending at the same time but for that, you have to move your love life in proper maintained way. However some of the best ways are mentioned in this blog where you can get the full knowledge of how to last longer and how to climax at the same time while having sex with your partner.

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Mutual masturbation

If you want to orgasm with your partner then it becomes important to reach at the same time by masturbating concurrently. It depends on men to wait for the exact time because men reach climax earlier compared to women. When men is moving to the last position then he should slow down the speed or increase the speed to match the arousal.


Spend lots of time on Foreplay

When you know everything about how to orgasm concurrently, this skill can be used at the time of intercourse. But you should be sure that you turn on at the time of intercourse. As much closer you get to the orgasm beforehand, it will be easier to get during the intercourse with your partner. There are several things which can be used like music or anything else to get into the mood.

Pick your favorite position

Well picking up the right position can be helpful for mutual orgasm because the right position lets you to set the right pace and after that get lots of clitoral stimulation. When you think that you are reaching to the climax then take break from penetration and focus more on back and forth together. This will help you to get the inspiration and you will face a mind blowing mutual orgasm.


Just breathe

Sex is known as one of the extra activity but it is also a physical one. Similar to any other exercises, breathing is also necessary to control muscles and heart rate. Well if you want to perform better while sex then yoga tips can be helpful for you. It is said that at the time of intercourse, take a deep breath, synchronize your partner and slow down your breath when you come closer to climax. Doing this will help you to spend time for longer and can orgasm at the same time with your partner with a really big bang.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can really interrupt love life as well as normal life. This is harmful in several means and so don’t think to drink a little bit before having sex in a thought that your sexual intercourse will become better. But it is advised to avoid such things because drinking lowers libido and physiological arousal. Whereas for women, drinking boost women’s arousal subjectively but the physical effects can really make harder to reach the completion. Therefore it is better to avoid any type of alcoholic consumption.

Go for Oral

Oral sex can help you in lots of ways. Positioning in 69 not only help for intimacy but at the same time it also allow partners to reach the orgasm at the same time with enjoying and receiving pleasure. One more thing which will help you in this tips is that just forget who comes when and focus on sexual fireworks that happens naturally. Forget everything and enjoy the feeling and also give your partner a huge love without any expectations. Forget to reach the climax and love each other being intimate.

Find your G-spot & love your G-spot

You should focus on your partner’s G-spot because that is the magical area and you should have a close attention towards it. One of the best position is Doggy style where women’s G-spot is easy to find while intercourse with penis or with some other device. In this position, the tip applies pressure more naturally on the spot. You on the top can very easily manage the orgasm for your women and she can easily control angle, depth and pacing so that her G-spot is pushed again and again.


Sync up with your cycle

In a study it has been stated that women of age 18-35, generally show orgasm more on the 14th day of menstrual cycle. Women are more excited to sexual contact on this day because her clitoris swells up to 20 percent compared to usual day. Therefore for men who want to have better sex with their partner, get tuned with this technique and just enjoy with your partner at the top level by hitting the clitoris and orgasm at same time.


Well, it’s a common thing that men never think of the negative things they have in them but always focus on how to do better. Well if men is not able to perform well then it’s his ability not to perform well and nobody else responsibility. Therefore mentioned above are the best ways which can help both men and women to reach to the climax at the same time and have an enjoyable sex time.

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