17 Tips For Stronger Erections And Keep Hard On For Longer

Tips For Stronger Erections

Are you not satisfied with your erections?

Do you want to Improve your erections and want to load for longer and stronger?

If yes then don’t worry as you are in alone in this problem. Several studies show that weak erections or not getting erections enough (also known as erectile dysfunction) is common among men of age 40 and under.

Generally the condition occurs due to several reasons like physical or psychological but the good thing is that curing ED is possible.

One can achieve longer and stronger erections by applying some natural methods.

Here in this blog, I will give you some tips for stronger erections that will surely give your love life a reason to enjoy.

Though there are lots of ways to improve quality of erections but what you will get here will be effective and will give you desired results.

Best Tips For Stronger Erections

Check out the below tips for stronger erections and keep hard for longer in bed.

  1. Check Out Your Diet

You should always watch out what you eat because it has great impact on your health.

According to research, if you eat bad foods then they are also bad for penis as well. And this somewhere make sense because heart and penis both depend on flow of blood so that it can function properly.

So whenever you eat, its better to take fruits, vegetables, fats like olive oil and nuts, whole grains etc.

You can also choose foods rich in carbohydrates as this can help your body to have sex multiple times. Try to avoid junk foods as it may make you uncomfortable and slow in your sexual life. Check 15 Natural Foods To Help Get Erect Penis And Boost Erection Strength

  1. Go To The Gym

Going to gym and practicing some exercises is also one of the best ways to improve erection strength.

According to Ryan Berglund, M.D., an urologist at the Cleveland Clinic says that for healthy erection, blood flow is very important and it is encouraged only by aerobic exercises.

It keeps you healthy as nitric oxide in body builds up that is useful to keep an erection. At the same time, if you run then it is also a great helpful for erections.

Its suggested to stay away from bike or cycle as spending time on seats can lead to ED.

  1. Keep Yourself Stress Free

Do you know what is the most important organ in your body that plays important role in your sexual activity?

If you are think- Penis then No, you are wrong bro!

It’s not the penis but it’s the brain that plays vital role during sex.

People generally fail to keep an erection hard because either they become nervous or they are stressed of something.

Stress can be of anything but it totally spoils the real enjoyment of men. So just be stress free and enjoy your daily love life happily without thinking much.

  1. Drink Coffee

Many people think that coffee is not good for health, especially in sex life but according to researchers, its totally different.

As per ScienceDaily report, University of Texas Health Science states that those men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee every day, they never suffer from low erections compared to those who don’t drink coffee.

But it is also important to notice that amount of caffeine in blood should be normal to get out the benefit of it.

Remember to keep it optimum for good effect as drinking more than 5 cups of coffee can lead to bad erections as well.

  1. Stop Smoking Right Away

Smoking is not good for health and this is known to every smokers but still they do it. Remember that smoking comes among main culprit of erectile dysfunction for men below age 40.

But according to studies, if one quits smoking then improvements are seen in quality of erection and also its symptoms are reduced.

And to get longer and stronger erections, quitting smoking or putting the cigarettes away from yourself is the best ways to stop yourself from coming early in bed.

  1. Avoid High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol

Men having high blood pressure or high cholesterol is also one of the reasons for damaging blood vessels which may further lead to ED.

So you should visit to your doctor to check the cholesterol level along with blood pressure. It’s very important especially when you are suffering from erection problem.

  1. Get A Vasectomy

Vasectomy is very much popular in U.S as around 5 million people goes for this method every year. This should be done only when you want permanent repairs at sperm.

But remember that it should be done properly otherwise it is a source of anxiety for men. And this anxiety later on can lead to poor erections.

Though this process take some time but it’s a good decision for men who don’t want to make her partner pregnant further in future or don’t want to become father anymore. Check out How To Increase Ejaculate Volume After Vasectomy

  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not good for health because it has negative effect on sexual performance. According to studies, it’s said that if you drink more then there is a high chance of developing sexual dysfunction.

Do remember that drinking alcohol can affect you from several ways. First, it spoils your mood and then lead to temporary impotence.

And when it goes further then it also lowers testosterone level and sex drive becomes weak, hence sexual issues begins. It’s very hard to get an erection when you drink a lot and this habit can lead to most horrible condition.

  1. Yawn A Lot

You might think, what is the connection between yawning and erection, right?

But it has a connection because yawning and achieving an erection are almost same thing.

These both things are controlled by a chemical, nitric oxide. It is released in brain and can go to neurons that have complete control on mouth opening and breathing. And even move to spinal cord to blood vessels to feed penis.

It is not suggested to open your mouth every time but yawning now and continuing it to several times a day can lead to good and stronger erections.

  1. Do Check Your Testosterone Levels

Generally, low testosterone level is not a good thing for men and nowadays, even younger are also not left.

Though this Low T is not directly involved in erections but it affects your libido that stops men from turning on and getting hard.

When your sex drive reduces or don’t see much interest in sexual activity then it’s a sign of low testosterone and you should visit to your doctor immediately.

You doctor can help you to boost testosterone level and return back to normal so that you can manage your erection level in better way.

  1. Don’t Forget Of Foreplay 

Only having sex and fulfilling your desire is not enough but you have to take care of your partner as well. And to do it better, you should never miss foreplay technique.

Before sex, foreplay plays an important role in sexual intercourse. Kissing, masturbation between each other are a great way to start to have a long lasting erections.

And not only erection matters, but while doing this, your partner also comes in mood to have a satisfying sexual activity as many women fail to orgasm.

See Best 5 Oral Sex Moves You Have Never Tried To Satisfy Your Partner

  1. Get Good Sleep At Night

Having a proper sleep at night is very much essential to have stronger erections and lead a better sexual life.

But when men don’t sleep properly then they suffer from erection problems and also interest of having sex reduces.

According to a study in 2015, researchers have noticed that obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) patients were scored less in International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire (IIEF) test compared to those patients who have normal sleep at night.

Remember that sleep revitalizes metabolic processes that recharge your body for next day. And in the same way, your penis also recharges when proper sleep is taken and gets erect after 3-5 hours of sleep.

Good sleep means blood flow to penis will be more and you will have enough erection to get your body ready for sexual activity.

And all in whole, quality of sleep plays vital role in male sexual performance.

  1. Stay Active, Fit And Healthy

Keeping yourself healthy and active is also one of the best ways to achieve stronger erections.

Lots of studies show that man who do their exercises properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle has an improvement in sexual performance.

In one of the study of 2013 states that those men who have done weight lifting exercises or have done interval training on ergometer achieved increased erection quality after six months.

In fact, some other studies also proves that after doing exercises on regular basis, men’s sexual performance have grown up, hence boosting self-confidence.

  1. Stop Watching Porn Right Now

Men and women both loves to watch porn movies but men has a higher rate than women. While porn movies are interesting to watch but don’t forget that it’s a bad thing when you keep it as a habit.

Getting addicted to porn movies impacts mentally and also physically. And masturbating while watching porn contents directly affects the arousal ability when it is actually required.

It may also happen that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction that can be due to heart disease or diabetes.

So whatever the situation is, if you are addicted to porn movies then immediately stop it now as it is damaging your sexual ability and confidence level. See Can Porn Be Directly Linked To Erectile Dysfunctioning? Unveil The Hidden Truth

  1. Take A Long Walk

Walking is good for health especially when you are suffering from erection problem.

Recent study states that those men who take a walk for 2 miles every day don’t suffer from erection problem. In fact, their erection problem cuts off to half compared to other men who don’t walk.

To have improved blood vessels, walking is one of the best medicines and this also improves the erection quality.

Many guys think that arteries as a pipe lines that carries blood from heart but it has lots more. These linings of pipe are of those blood vessels that are biologically active where chemical are made and released to bloodstream.

So just remember that the more you exercise (walking), the more flexible and cleaner those lines will be and blood flow will be more.

  1. Take Help Of Lubricant/ED Medications

Another useful ways to achieve stronger erections and to last longer is by adding some lubricant on condom- according to The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

When lubricant is used in condom, then women while having sex found it less painful and more pleasurable with more satisfying sexual activity.

In addition, there are several ED medications as well that can help to achieve bigger and longer erections and keep you hard for longer.

Some medications like Male Extra is very helpful in maintaining erections for longer. This is a naturally made drug suggested by several sex experts to GET HARDER AND STRONGER ERECTIONS and overcome erectile dysfunction. This is for those men who lose their ability to keep hard for longer in bed.

It increases blood flow to penile region and is scientifically proven to give desired results. There are some other medications as well like Viagra, Cialis that comes in the form of ED treatment drugs.

  1. Use Penis Rings

Penis ring is a simple kind of ring that is worn around the penis to maintain a firm erection. The science behind this ring is simple, worn on root of penis that reduces blood draining process.

In addition, this penis ring avoids venous leakage and assures that the blood spend in penile sacs is for good time.

Generally this ring is used by those people who suffer from erectile dysfunction but can be used by normal men as well.


Well, every men want to achieve longer and stronger erections and keep hard on just to satisfy their partner without any fail. But plenty of men suffer from erection problem once in their life and this is really a big issue.

But good thing is there are ways to overcome the condition and lead a happy and better sexual life. In this blog, I have given 17 tips for stronger erections and hope that following them will keep you stay hard for longer and satisfy your partner as well.

Also don’t forget to take Male Extra pill that helps men to achieve bigger and stronger loads faster to get desired results.

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