Everything You Need To Know About Watery Semen and Its Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Watery Semen and Its Treatment

Semen is a fluid released via male urethra while ejaculation.

But do remember that every men is different so the same thing implies for semen as well: how much thick, quantity, how much smelly and others.

If your semen quality is good then it’s a good indicator for your health. That means that it should be thick and whitish in color.

But the actual thing that many men experiences nowadays is not getting enough semen to lead a happy sexual life.

This is somewhere comes in the category of watery semen that men are unaware of. How would you find whether the semen released is good or normal or thick or is watery?

Don’t worry, here in this blog we will explore some possible causes of watery semen and treatment as well.

Semen is thick, white fluid that vary in color and consistency from person to person…


About Watery Semen

Watery semen is one of the major sexual problems that many men suffer from. In this, the semen is very thin compared to normal semen that looks a clear fluid and white liquid.

In several cases, this watery semen is a normal occurrence.

There are several studies, which stated that man’s diet is one of the factor that effect semen consistency along with frequent ejaculation that makes semen like water or thin.

Because of unhealthy lifestyle selection, there is a chance that your semen looks watery.

However, for some this is not a big issue, as only more time is required to develop the entire body. Even man suffering from low sperm count can also have thinner semen compared to normal.

What Causes Watery Semen?

Watery semen is not a condition to worry much but it happens due to several changes in health.

Some of them includes:

Low sperm count

As per World Health Organization (WHO), low sperm count is defined as producing less than 15 millions sperm per milliliter of semen. This can hinder in conceiving but not always.

However, some health conditions can lead to such issue like:

Frequent Ejaculation

If you are engaged in masturbation or sexual activities several times then it can lead to watery semen. This is because your body don’t get enough time to produce semen quality of same quantity.

In 2016 study, researchers has collected semen samples of 20 men who ejaculate daily for 14 days after 3-5 days of break.

They have analyzed the samples of day 1, 3 and 14th and found that both semen volume and sperm amount reduced between day 1 and 3 and continued to reduce between day 7 and 14.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency is yet another possible causes of watery semen. Even Research shows, that those men who have enough level of zinc or take zinc supplements has the power to fight of anti-sperm antibodies effect.

Retrograde Ejaculation

While you ejaculate, semen passes via urethra and then out of penis. A dysfunctional bladder sphincter causes semen to go backward into bladder that leads to retrograde ejaculation.

So this is also important to know that those men who experience retrograde ejaculation can produce watery semen.


Varicocele is a condition that occurs swelling of veins that run from testicles to scrotum. Though it may not show any signs but sperm production can reduced and semen quality as well.

This is a common condition to occur and according to Urology Care Foundation, varicocele affect 15% males. And those men who tests for fertility issues, among them 40% suffer from this condition.

Can Watery Semen Affect Fertility?

You may know that watery semen is temporary often that goes on its own. But when watery semen is persistent then it can show low sperm count or a condition that affect fertility.

As per National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, maximum fertility problems come because of those problems that effects on how testicles work.

Low sperm count does not means that man is infertile, but faces difficulty while conceiving

Treatment for watery semen

If you really want to get rid of watery or thin semen then you have to follow few important methods that can really improve the semen quality.

Follow the ways will help you to cure several other problems as well that make your semen level low.

Best way to cure watery semen

Many people don’t want to go for longer methods to get rid of the problem and want some fast and effective solutions.

For them, one of the best and effective way to the use of Semenax.

Semenax is one of the powerful supplements that improve low semen or sperm count naturally. This combines of several herbs that are 100% approved and has the effective power to boost semen volume.

This can be used by any men who suffer from low semen or sperm count and want to boost their level in bed. If you are suffering from watery semen and looking how to overcome it then take Semenax without wasting any time.

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Reduce stress level

You are already familiar with stress level that it can do several harms to your body and sexual life.

In fact, negative impact is seen especially in the quality of semen. Taking too much stress means there will be an hormonal imbalance and reduce in libido.

All these contribute to low sperm count.

Therefore, it is suggested not to take stress in any kind of work no matter how much important it is, simply relax and do your work without any frustration.

Just keep yourself relax and do some activities that can make you stress free and at the same time, your sperm count boosts up.

Changes in diet

As it is already mentioned above that diet can make a lot of changes in sexual life so here also it implies the same. If you take a healthy diet with better foods then you can get rid of watery semen.

Try to eat those foods, which are rich in selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B12 as these foods has the ability to improve semen quality.

Taking important fruits in your eating habit can be beneficial as fructose is the major factor of semen. So try to make some changes in your eating plan and you can see the difference.

Especially, advised to diabetes patient to consult to doctor before you add any fruits in your diet.

Weight management

Generally, obesity or having excess weight can lead to several diseases and one of the conditions is watery semen that occurs due to low sperm count.

People suffering from high body fat are linked with severe damage of sperm cell’s DNA and it completely leads to fertility problems.

Therefore to get out of thin semen, it is mandatory to maintain a healthy weight so that men don’t have to suffer in any kind of sexual issues, especially those couples who are trying to conceive.

Get proper sleep

Your brain works every time without taking rest but it should take rest properly so that it can gain energy to function again.

And only one thing that can keep your brain working efficiently is by sleeping properly.

But not only sleep is important for brain but for sexual activity also because brain releases sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone that is completely responsible for better sexual life.

So one should at least sleep 6 to 8 hours every day so that your body and your brain get rest to again function efficiently the next day.

Do your exercises regularly but wisely

Exercise is one of the important things that should be followed by everyone and this is good for health as well.

But there are some exercises that can damage reproductive health of men.

Testicles generally have temperature lower then body and if it is increased then sperm cells can die and this is not good.

So you should do exercises regularly but wisely. Don’t do any damage to your parts that needs to function for sexual life.

Some of the exercises like cycling are not good for sperm and testicles. Even excess of exercise is bad for health and somewhere it directs to poor quality of semen.

Lower intake of alcohol

Nowadays alcohol is one of the important drink for almost occasions but do you know its bad effect especially on sexual life?

Drinking excess alcohol can reduce quality and quantity of sperm cell.

Even several doctors and sex experts advise not to drink alcohol especially when they are planning to have a kid.

Stop drinking alcohol if you really care of your love life and want to get rid of watery semen.

Have safe sex

Everyone loves to have sex but many people don’t do safe sex and the danger is here. Several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can lead to infertility like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Simply having sex with several women can reduce semen level and men can suffer from various unwanted conditions.

Therefore, it is always advised to practice a monogamous relationship. Always try to have safe sex like using a condom that saves men from suffering several unwanted diseases.

Stop smoking now

Men loves to smoke and nobody can deny this. But smoking too has several side effects that can be seen in men in their sexual life.

Smoking damages DNA of sperm cell. Even proteins level reduces in the body.

You should know that DNA and proteins are important for sperm development and when they reduces then men suffers from watery semen or thin semen.

Other ways to cure watery semen

Many times the low sperm count is temporary where it is caused by infection or due to deficiency in zinc.

Then your doctor may suggest you to use supplements or some antibiotics after which the low sperm count will again grow and come back to its normal level.

In fact, many men looks for some natural ways to get rid of the problem and they try some herbal remedies.

Ashwagandha is one of the powerful ingredients that helps to improve sperm count and it also acts as an aphrodisiac and a better treatment for impotence.

In addition, you can also use Tribulus terrestris which also acts as a potent herbal remedy for treatment of male sexual dysfunction. It also works effectively to improve semen quality and quantity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Watery Sperm Healthy?

The watery sperm carries fluids from prostate gland and some other male reproductive organs. This kind of semen is a sign of low sperm count that indicates fertility problems. And if you are ejaculating thin with clear semen then there is nothing to worry as it is a temporary condition without any serious health conditions.

Why Is My Sperm Watery And Yellow?

The color of sperm is yellow because there may be a possibility that yellow tinted urine might mix with semen that gives yellowish color. In addition, because of white blood cells also there is a possibility to appear yellow semen.

This may be sometimes result an infection called STIs or sexually transmitted infection that includes herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea etc to make semen yellow.

Useful tips and precautions to follow

  • Stop masturbating because this can lead to poor semen quality, as muscles get weak. Generally, testes need 48-72 hours to refill sperms and if daily masturbation is done then semen for every ejaculation reduces, hence watery semen comes out.
  • Don’t bath in hot water as overheating is bad for sperms
  • Give a gap of at least 3 days between ejaculations so that testes can get enough time to gather semen to release.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Diabetes patient are advised not to eat fructose rich foods


Well, many men suffer from thin or watery semen and they should take proper care of their health. This is one of the worse situation that men are afraid to handle. But there are several ways that can help men to get rid of the problem.

In this blog, I have gathered some useful information for you so that following those can effectively work to cure watery semen and men can lead a better sexual life.

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Everything You Need To Know About Watery Semen and Its Treatment
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Everything You Need To Know About Watery Semen and Its Treatment
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