Walnuts To Boost Semen Quality and Sperm Count in Men

Walnuts To Boost Semen Quality and Sperm Count in Men

Those healthy and young men who had added daily dose of walnuts in their diet, they had improved their semen parameters.

12 weeks after, those who have eaten walnuts, they had better quality of sperm, motility and morphology compared to those who had not taken the walnuts altogether.

This is 100% true as there are several benefits of eating walnuts.

The walnuts are associated with improvements in serum omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and thus reported by the researchers in Biology of Reproduction.

If you add walnuts to the diet, either it will go beyond the shifts in sperm parameters to improve the birth outcomes for men within fertility clinic populations or it is still not known in general population and it requires more research in thus field.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are mainly found in fish, flax seed, and fish oil supplements and in tree nuts in high amount, this fatty acid have been shown in animal and also in human laboratory studies.


Although, all the clinical studies of male fertility have not shown the differences in the polyunsaturated fatty acid volume, that is between fertile and infertile participants.

Nuts and walnuts in particular, have a high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid, a natural source of omega-3, in addition to omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and micronutrients like folic acid.

It has been tested by adding walnuts to a western style diet whether it would improve semen quality or not.

So they have taken 117 healthy men who have age from 21 to 35 without knowing the infertility history to add 75v grams of whole shelled walnuts a day to their usual diet or to continue their usual eating habits when avoiding tree nuts.

After the test, the two groups were found to be similar in age, race, education level, body mass index, body weight and physical activity levels.

After the 12 weeks study, it has been seen that there is no such changes seen in BMI, physical activity or in body weight in either group.


Sperm parameters had improved the group which has consumed walnuts that results in better sperm quality, morphology and motility.

In the two group, serum fatty acid profiles were same at baseline and only those participants who are eating walnuts has some significant increases in omega-3 and in omega-6 fatty acids within 12 week.

The only omega-3 that increased was alpha-linolenic acid.  Instead of change in serum fatty acids, the fatty acid profile in sperm have not shown any changes in each group.

If you see then there were no such differences between both the groups in sperm aneuploidy for chromosomes X, Y and 18 at baseline. But there was some amount of decreases in sex in the walnut group and sperm missing a sex chromosome.

The increasing amounts of alpha-linolenic acid in the sperm were associated with a lower proportion of sperm missing a sex chromosome and percentage of sperm with any numerical chromosomal abnormality at the 12-week visit.

The authors acknowledged that the study was limited by the collection of blood specimens for hormone analysis at all times during the day.

Some more benefits of eating walnuts

Heart health

Cashews are helpful in lowering LDL and increases the capacity for HDL which is responsible to absorb cholesterol from heart and the take it to liver where it breaks down.

If you see then there are several types of nut that are good sources of zinc, potassium, Vitamin E, magnesium as al these improves overall health of heart. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acid that is good for heart.

Good for skin

Hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E, Vitamin B, folate that is good for healthy skin and hair. Even almonds contains Vitamin E that are skin friendly.

Blood sugar regulation

If you are eating Almonds then it helps in regulating blood sugar level due to high fibre content. In pine nuts, the unsaturated fats help to boost insulin sensitivity and when it is taken on meal then it reduces overall glycemic index.


Pistachio nuts contains antioxidants which has healthy nutrients such as oleanolic and betacarotene acid. Even they are known as good nuts for immune system.

Weight loss

Walnuts are always good source of protein and dietary fiber that helps to reduce excess weight. Those men who suffers from excess weight gain, they should eat walnuts to reduce fat.

Alternative ways to boost sperm count

Though walnuts is one of the essential natural ingredient that really works to increase semen quality but apart from walnut, there are several other ways which can help you to boost semen quality along with sperm volume.

Semenax is an important and familiar product that is used for increasing semen volume with quality and sperm count. This is totally a natural made product comes in the form of pills to boost semen quality.

This is recommended by many health experts and can be used by anyone who thinks they are not able to produce enough semen level.



Walnut is a natural source that helps you in several ways and among them, it also increase semen quality. Apart from this, there are also several alternatives that works on boosting semen level naturally. So I have mentioned the benefits of walnuts along with benefits of other nuts after eating.

I hope whatever you have read in this blog will surely help to gain more semen volume with quality.

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Walnuts To Boost Semen Quality and Sperm Count in Men
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Walnuts To Boost Semen Quality and Sperm Count in Men
Use walnuts to increase semen quality and semen volume and easily increase the production. Get the best benefits of walnuts and increase semen volume naturally
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