VigRX Plus Review- Best Natural Supplement for Longer and Harder Erection!

VigRX Plus– The Best Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Do you want to get LONGER & HARDER ERECTION?

There are many guys who want to enhance their penis size to successfully continue their sexual activity with their partners.

Even I also want to do it but something was stopping me to get into action. I was unable to continue my sexual activity and now I want to have a large penis size with a longer and harder erection.

Finally, my eyes stopped on VigRX Plus which I have seen in a banner of adult movies. Though I have tried several pills to increase my sexual performance before. I have completely reviewed this POWERFUL PILL properly and have come up with this blog.

Here I have discussed every question about VigRX Plus, its benefits, side effects, how to use, and many others that YOU, I, and other guys have in their mind before using any product or supplement.

So let’s move ahead and read a complete review of VigRX Plus.

Get Harder & Longer Erection with VigRX Plus!


What is VigRX Plus?


VigRX is actually a male enhancement supplement in the form of a pill that absorbs into the bloodstream to improve overall male sexual performance.

Improvement of a male sexual function includes correction of impotency, low sex drive, premature ejaculation, and stamina.

This small wonder pill is simply great as it is an effective weapon against all male sexual dysfunctions.

It is Rated #1 for the below reasons:

Reason #1 – Scientifically Engineered Formulation

VigRX Plus formula is made of 10 years of research and including the latest medical science development. This formulation is cutting-edge for the sexual and reproductive health of men.

Reason #2 – Optimized Dosing

The supplement has the maximum dosage of ingredients that is important to give better results. It doesn’t use any cheap fillers like others and later on fails to deliver what we promise.

Reason #3 – Fresh & Quality Ingredients

Ingredients are the most important part of any supplement as you are going to get results with better. So VigRX Plus uses fresh and quality ingredients.

Reason #4 – Maximum Absorption With Bioperine

VigRX Plus includes Bioperine now that has proven results in several studies. It has the ability to increase the absorption of ingredients with others.


Who is it for?


Generally, men suffer from low erection as they age. In fact, men suffering from several health diseases like diabetes, PE, low blood pressure, side effects of some medicines, drinking too much alcohol or due to anxiety or depression can also have the problem of erection.

VigRx Plus is the only remedy that can help men to achieve a bigger and harder erection in spite of suffering from all these diseases.


How it Helps to Achieve what You are Looking for?


The VigRX Plus provides several helpful ways to achieve what they want and they are just AWESOME!!!. Look below what it helps you to achieve:

  • It increases erection size in both dimensions i.e. length and width.
  • Improves overall sexual health.
  • Supports healthy production of sex hormones.
  • Increases blood circulation to the Genitals.
  • Performs toning and strengthening of sexual glands.
  • Increases stamina and sex drives by increasing cardiovascular power and improved circulation.
  • It also acts as a treatment for stress or & anxiety with restorative nutrients for the nervous system.


What Ingredients do VigRX Plus use?


VigRX ingredients play a vital role in setting it apart from other male enhancement products available in the market. All the ingredients of VigRX are proven to be effective in alleviating male sexual health issues and at the same time, they are natural as well. The ingredients include –

Bioperine– This ingredient increases the absorption rate of the nutrients that are in the pills.

Damiana– It is a natural herb that helps people to get the sexual stimulation that they are looking for.

Epimedium Leaf Extract– It has been used for many years to help increase libido but recent studies have revealed that this ingredient also helps to get more blood into the penis causing a longer and firmer erection.

Ginkgo Leaf– It is a remedy for mental alertness; however, it can also enhance vitality, circulation issues and good blood vessel flow.

Asian Red Ginseng– This is very effective to treat male erectile issues though it is also used to give people extra energy.

Saw Palmetto Berry– This berry is proven to be a sexual stimulant. It actually helps to reduce the factor that affects men and causes erectile dysfunction.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract– This extract actually helps with sexual virility and help to increase the desire that men have for sex.

Catuaba Bark Extract– This Brazilian plant actually increases libido, but it also has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Along with that it also helps to fight impotence.

Hawthorn Berry – This berry has lots of bioflavonoids that help to relax and widen the arteries for better blood flow. Of course, it helps in a better erection.



Is VigRX Plus Effective?


Does VigRX Plus works or is it effective is a common question that the user asks.

The answer is obviously ‘YES’ because there is no doubt that VigRX Plus is now one of the best male enhancement pills which works best to provide their users with high confidence level and increased sex drive to satisfy their partners.

There are many guys who have successfully solved their penis problem as well as poor sexual activities.

I as a user am completely satisfied with the results it provides. Users cannot believe its results as it helps to achieve intense orgasm, bigger and harder erections with increased stamina and sexual desire.

and most importantly it will also increase your penis size, hence curing any health diseases like premature ejaculation. This is one of the best and also one of the safest remedies to satisfy your sexual desire.


How Does VigRX Plus Work?


The main reason is that it has the ability to enhance male performance as it increases blood flow to the penis. It is achieved through the natural stimulating effects that its herbal ingredients have.

For the penis to erect completely, its chambers must be fully filled with blood.

It is where VigRX comes into the action that drives additional blood to the penis causing a much harder and stiffer erection.

When the chambers of the penis are enlarged then they can hold more blood in it causing it to become larger and firmer. It is also recommended that you also perform manual exercises in addition to take supplements.

The ingredients used in this supplement target nitric oxide levels that relax the smooth muscle tissue.

It is recommended to rake 2 pills per day for 4 months continuously to get better results. Taking this pill continuously helps to gain permanent results for the rest of life.


Is VigRX Plus safe to Use?


When you look for some side effects of VigRX Plus then it does not have anything. VigRX is made of all-natural ingredients that are clinically tested, so there is no such side-effect yet discovered. In fact, you can start taking this wonder pill without your doctor’s prescription.

This is a product that men can easily trust and is a completely natural male enhancement pill. If you are healthy then you don’t have to think much.

This is the first clinical study product that has tested on 75 real guys for around 84 days.

Some of the highlighting points include:

Those guys who have used VigRX Plus seen 58.97% increase while penetrating their partner


Men get Sexual and Intercourse Satisfaction up to 71.43% Increase


Orgasm quality and frequency increases up to 22.49%


Overall sex drive and desire increases 47%


Men achieve 62.82% increase in the ability to maintain an erection


Is VigRX Plus right for you?


The erection problem in men starts when they age and this is a very common one. This can really put men under stress and at last, they cannot lead a successful sexual life.

To overcome the situation, VigRX Plus plays a vital role. Using this product not only helps men to achieve rock-hard erections but also help guys to generate confidence level with better sexual life.

I am as a user is really happy with the overall result it provides…

This is the right product for me as well as those men who suffer from ED at a certain stage or those guys who want to have bigger and harder erections to satisfy their partners.

So those guys who are really looking to please their partners in an amazing way and want to last longer in bed, for them VigRX Plus is the only remedy. This can really help you to gain what you want and can make you feel like Man.


Before & After of VigRX Plus


No like other products out there in the market that claim to be “all-natural” male enhancement products, VigRX Plus gives you the result that you won’t believe. You may find many men out there who are not satisfied with their supplement and not getting the results that they really want.

But VigRX Plus benefits your sex life just the way you want, even better than that. In fact, many men find that within just a few days of taking VigRX Plus, it gives longer and thicker penis size with firmer erection and increased stamina which is just AMAZING.

The results that it provides cannot be seen in any other products. It is clinically approved and it cannot go wrong when thousands of men have already benefited from the product. It helps you to get rid of premature ejaculation and early erection issues.




VigRX Plus has many success stories which its users have mentioned. After using this pill, their life has been changed a lot and now they are leading a happy and satisfying sexual life. According to men, taking this pill not only helps to get away from ED but also gives great relief from other sexual problems as well.

However, some of the success stories that users of VigRX Plus have shared are:

My penis circulation is better, it’s more sensitive and hard as a rock and it doesn’t take much for it to get that way! And I have also gained an inch… I can send a pic over the computer but I am too embarrassed to get it developed at Walmart!

From Greg Gates, Cinti, Ohio

My erections now look as if they were reborn again. I have rediscovered the true meaning of the word orgasm. Just can’t have it enough!

From- Marco Gonzalez

It doesn’t matter if you’re 70 years of age like me, if you can still perform like a youngster of no more than 30 years. I just can’t believe how this could be possible in the very first place.

From- Norris Peterson


Get Harder & Longer Erection with VigRX Plus!


VigRX Plus Compared To Other Male Enhancement Supplements


When VigRX Plus is compared with any other popular product then it was found that VigRX Plus is the ONLY natural and proven supplement to maintain your sexual life. This is a doctor proven supplement that claims to be effective and efficient.

Check the below chart between VigRX Plus and other supplements:


Customer Support/Guarantee



The VigRX Plus gives you a money back GUARANTEE which you will not get in any other product. If this product does not satisfy any user then they can get their money back.

After using the product for 67 days from the date of delivery, if it does not provide you the result that you wished for, you can give back 2 empty containers and you will get back your money excluding shipping costs.

Few things to know like:

When you purchase more than one container of VigRX Plus at a discounted price and you want to return them then also you are given a guarantee of money back. The thing you have to do is to send all the unused containers along with used containers while in the guarantee period and you will get all your money back.


VigRX Plus Offers


1 MONTH PACK Retail Price (USD): $89.99 One-time Purchase-$76.99 (Save $13.00)  
2 MONTH PACK Retail Price (USD): $179.98 One-time Purchase-$143.99 (Save $35.99)
3 MONTH PACK Retail Price (USD): $269.97 One-time Purchase- $205.99 (Save $63.98)
4 MONTH PACK Retail Price (USD): $359.96 One-time Purchase- $267.99 (Save $91.97)
5 MONTH SILVER PACK Retail Price (USD): $449.95 One-time Purchase- $329.99 (Save $119.96)
6 MONTH GOLD PACK Retail Price (USD): $539.94 One-time Purchase- $384.99 (Save $154.95)
12 MONTH PLATINUM PACK Retail Price (USD): $1,079.88 One-time Purchase- $489.99 (Save $589.89)

VigRX Plus Statistics


My results after using VigRX Plus

Increase in penis size: +1.2 inches

Erection issues disappeared

Increase in penis girth: 0.7 inches

Powerful orgasms

result 1

result 2


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why was VigRX Plus developed?
When men were suffering in silence, embarrassed about their difficulties in the bedroom, then scientists were already working to develop a male enhancement pill which can provide energy during sex and remove men’s sexual issues. It is made up of natural ingredients that did not require any prescription and thus came up with VigRX Plus. Now it has become the world’s leading male enhancement supplement and also helped many men to overcome their disappointments in the bedroom and provided them with higher sexual satisfaction.

How does VigRX Plus work?
VigRX Plus consists of many herbs from the entire world which are known for their aphrodisiac, libido-boosting, and circulation stimulating properties. All these ingredients have been bundled together so that it can increase the capacity of the erectile tissue of the penis while arousal so that it can give stronger erections for longer and also to increase sexual desire.

Does VigRX Plus have FREE trial option?
Yes, if you want you can try VigRX Plus for 67 days, and if it does not satisfy you, then get your money back by sending containers of first 67 days pills.

Will my penis get bigger with VigRX Plus?
VigRX Plus consists of natural ingredients which are known to increase muscle mass along with blood circulation but as this is a non-prescriptive food supplement, therefore we cannot guarantee an increase in size will surely happen to you. Although there are many customers of VigRX plus who have noted a rise in their sexual stamina and satisfaction.

Is VigRX Plus safe to use?
VigRX Plus is made up of some selected plant-based herbs along with berries which are used in ancient times for remedies for centuries. VigRX Plus is totally safe and there are no such side effects with this supplement.

How many VigRX Plus capsules should I take?
VigRX Plus is easy to take. You have to take simply 1 tablet twice a day.

Do I need a prescription to buy VigRX Plus?
No, one of the most interesting about VigRX Plus is that there is no need for a prescription to buy it and also no need to know what you have bought. Our VigRX Plus is shipped in plain, tamper-proof packaging with no doubt about what you have bought.

Why do I use vigRx plus?
Such type of questions generally occurs when there is a need of fulfillment to the sexual pleasure. Since I have problems with my blood circulation, I found difficulty in getting many erections that I needed. I was unable to perform any sexual pleasure and I can’t satisfy my partner. Though it is not that much required there is no loss in having an extra inch or two down there. After all this, I have started to search for several options that can help me out. In fact, the most choice would be the use of viagra but as it is very high in cost so rather I have started to search for a long term solution. After doing lots of searches, I found VigRx Plus reviews. Then I have decided to move forward and to buy this product and use it.
My starting measurements and expectation
Starting measurement and problems Length of the penis: 5.9 inches Penis Grid: 5.1 inches I’m having problems with getting a hard-on. I’m having a problem keeping a hard-on (when I finally get one). The good part after using it Will get a longer penis. Will get a thicker penis. There will no erection problems. Can be able to keep an erection longer time.

How do I buy VigRX Plus?
You will not get VigRX Plus over the counter. You have to buy it online and always try to buy it from the official website.

Who should take VigRX Plus pills?
VigRX Plus is suitable for all age group from 21 to 61 or more who wants to improve their erection quality along with control and can enjoy better appetite for sex with more strong orgasms.

How long should I take VigRX Plus for?
Everyone’s thought is different and so the experience will be also different with taking VigRX Plus to someone else’s. It is recommended to take VigRX Plus for 3 months so that you can see the maximum benefits and after that, you can continue to take it when it satisfies you. One thing to remember is that the longer you take VigRX Plus, the more and better results you will get.

How do I know my VigRX Plus is authentic?
VigRX Plus is generally not made up with the correct formula and can have anything on them. Therefore to address this issue and customers know that they are getting the real thing, all boxes of VigRX Plus feature with an authenticity code prominently on the pack from 20 December 2012. If you have received an older box than it does not matter and it does not mean that it is fake.

Will anyone know that I have ordered VigRX Plus?
We know your privacy is how much important, and this is why your order will come in plain, tamper-proof packaging with no mention of our website or what you have ordered.

How can I pay?
Buying VigRX Plus is easy as we have provided easy and offer several different payment options for you. If you want you can pay by credit/debit card, Cheque, PayPal, PayPoint or with postal order and bank transfer. We will not charge any extra for paying even after you pay by credit card and also we use the latest security methods.


Final Verdict


So all in whole, I think you have come to know about the best male enhancement pills which work really amazing. I also guess you have noted down the problems that men come across and VigRX Plus is the only remedy for all such health conditions.

After using the product, you will never feel that you have wasted your money. This pill is really awesome as it has made my sex life better so I also recommend others to use this product to gain sexual satisfaction without any worry.

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