11 Reasons Why Guys Can’t Climax In Bed With A Bang

11 Reasons Why Guys Can't Climax In Bed With A Bang

We always hear that when time comes to have sex, then we can have better sex, better orgasm and better relationship.

But how often do we think that we can handle our sexual relationship in better way in bed?

Obviously, every men thinks that they are capable to engage sexually in bed with their partner for long and climax almost the same time as partner.

But in reality, it was experienced that we as a men cannot stay hard for long and finally we fail to do what we have actually thought. This happens to many guys but those men don’t want to except the truth.

While men are in bed with their partner, some may take long time to finish whereas some even don’t orgasm at all. This is somewhat related to ‘delayed ejaculation’ which is also a male orgasmic disorder.

Some men are trying to delay their orgasm whereas some are fed of their orgasm, as they are unable to climax with their partner due to delayed ejaculation. Overall, if you see then guys are affected badly which can range from small problems to long term problems.

So today, I have come up with some of the reasons why men cannot climax in bed with their partner in bed. These reasons are common which are seen in men and suggested to avoid all those to have a better sexual relationship.

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Possible reasons why men fail to climax in bed

Here are the best 11 reasons that can lead to delayed ejaculation in men, or may men face trouble in climaxing. Whatever the situation, below reasons are the main culprits…so have a look at them in brief.

Reason 1: Medications

Medications are one of the common problems, which is seen many times in many situation. Actually many medicines have several side effects, which may lead to, delayed orgasm.

There are few medications like Paxil, Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa and many others, which have a possibility to mess up with men’s sex drive and in result men suffer from achieving erection on time.

In fact, many studies reveal that 30 to 70 percent of antidepressant users face sexual issues due to medications. Therefore, to avoid such harmful effect, you have to take some action immediately like switching medications and trying some other ways to deal with the condition.

Reason 2: Unwanted health conditions

Men can suffer from any harmful disease, which can stop them to act good in bed. However, they can anything like diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc that can lead to sexual dysfunction for males. Even if men have some short-term health issues then also men can face sex problem in bed.

However, the solution is not so difficult, it only requires to keep your body in good condition and if you are taking any medical help then properly follow them or even you can talk to your doctor to have your sexual relationship better.

Reason 3: Anxiety problem

Anxiety problem is associated with many men and due to this, they have to suffer in their sexual activities. This anxiety issue can further lead to nervousness on behalf of becoming sexually active and in fact, men can also come up with many certain types of sex issues.

However, the anxiety can be of anything like nervousness of getting female partner pregnant, quality of relationship or even the fear of not getting your partner pregnant even after trying several times. This anxiety problem can make men suffer from several harmful conditions like PE. [Read Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?]

Reason 4: Masturbating too much

Generally men is fond of masturbating because it gives them joy and satisfaction. But there are some cons of masturbating too much and also in masturbation style.

However, men love to masturbate but this excitement can lead to bad effect while men are in bed with their partner.

This is true because excess masturbation cannot make men strong while they are in bed. Men can suffer in bed as they cannot climax with their partner which is a big issue for many guys.

In this condition, many males have trouble in ejaculating and if men continue with this, then they have to suffer for long period.

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Reason 5: Problem in getting enough stimulation

Now here is also the problem with many guys that they don’t get feeling of sensation. And if this is the problem then he cannot get hard in bed. If you go in deep research then you can know about different intentions of pleasure but not getting a bit of penetration is hard to lead a happy sexual life.

So here the solution is to engage more with your partner to get the feeling, try to talk dirty with your partner, giving her some sexy gifts, or can listen to some sexy music, may watch porn movies together, using lube and many more.

Reason 6: Watching porn movies

Do you love to watch porn movies? Obviously your answer will be ‘yes’. I would like to tell you that though it is enjoying but it can have a bad effect too especially in your sexual life.

This is because porn movies have desensitizing effect that over stimulates the dopamine level and make you feel more aroused.

Just listen here, many people watch porn movies but not with a negative thought and side effects, but there are men who suffer from it. Watching porn can lead to sexual dysfunction and so it is suggested not watch excess of pornography content because it impacts badly on sexual health.

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Reason 7: Feel of pressure

Nowadays, its seen that men feel some kind of pressure when they try to perform in bed. The reason can be anything like he might be aiming to become a good lover instead of focusing on his own pleasure. It’s a normal thing that men fear to act freely in bed with their partner.

But it is instructed not to fear while sex and always be confident in what you are doing. Just be sure that you are not getting an orgasm but you are enjoying a good time there with your partner. So do not put any type of pressure in yourself and just play on without any hesitation.

Reason 8: Need more time to warm up

Possible reason why guys fail to climax in bed with a bang because some guys need more time to warm up. There is no need to surprise as it happens to many guys who need more stimulation before both partners move to intercourse.

So especially for those guys, it is recommended to do some oral sex or tell your partner to do a hand job or blow job for at least 10-15 minutes before you start sexual activity. This can make men last longer in bed and hopefully climax at the same time and that too with bang.

Reason 9: Mental health issues

Now, this is yet another problem that many guys faces and struggles in their love life. Mental health issues can lead to disordered orgasm, which also mess up with sex life, hence disturbing the entire sexual activity. Depression is the main culprit, which lead to delayed orgasm.

At this time, nothing seems enjoyable and even brushing teeth or going to market seems like climbing a big mountain. Just think if only doing little things make you so depressed and unhealthy, what the hell you will do to get better in bed?

Simply I would suggest you to always be positive and never take any mental issue. If not then take the help of therapy that can give, you relax and you have the power to climax in bed with bang.

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Reason 10: Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not a good thing as it affects a lot in sexual life. Nowadays it has become a trend that without alcohol, nothing looks complete whether you are in party or doing some celebrations. Sometimes it may not matter a lot but excessive amount can make difficult to orgasm.

Many researches suggest that an alcohol is good for curing PE (premature ejaculation). But all in whole, its better not to drink it if you really want to make your partner happy in bed and at the same time you also become happy to climax with your partner with bang.

Reason 11: Men might not interested in sex

Many times, it happens that female partner is ready to have sexual activity but male don’t have any interest. However, in this situation, though men don’t want but go forcefully without having any desire. Due to this, he does sex in hurry and don’t want to last longer in bed.

Another possible factor is that he might be struggling in sexual identity, which makes him to delay orgasm. So the problem can be of anything which should be solved in order to be creative and hard while having sex.

So now its your turn to do something that is actually required…

If all the above-mentioned reasons are coming in front of you and stopping, you to perform well in bed then try to solve them. Don’t just ignore the activities otherwise one day you will have to suffer a lot in climaxing hard in bed.

I would only say that you should go through the root of the issue and do whatever possibilities you can to stay fit and confident in your sexual activity.

Best solution to stay hard in bed with your partner

One of the reason to stay hard in bed is men always want to satisfy their partner without any fail and second thing is, men never want to feel ashamed of their sexual potential. However men tries several things to stay longer in bed but they fails at last.

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Well, everyone is different in terms of sex. So the problem will also be different. However, those guys who suffer from erection or ejaculation problem, they should never think that they are all alone as many men already suffered from such condition.

However, I have mentioned some possible reasons where male face climaxing problem in bed. But nowadays everything has a solution so these reasons are easy to solve.

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11 Reasons Why Guys Can't Climax In Bed With A Bang
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