Trouble Staying Erect During Sex? Learn Ways to Overcome It Easily


Facing a problem in achieving an erection or keeping it up? Looking for some ways which can give you relief from trouble staying erect while having sex?

Well, if this is the problem then wait here and go through this blog completely. Here you will be guided on how to fix trouble staying erect and how to maintain an erection and keep yourself high every time.

You might know that an erection is one of the essential things while having sex and many times it can be called as a funny thing.

As it stays hard so you can feel great but the situation can be different many times.

Many times no matter how much you try to become hard but erection can be maintained and this is the main problem where men faces lots of ups and downs in their love life.

Generally it has been seen that men suffering from many medical conditions has the problem to keep hard on. But there are also few men who instead of not having any medical conditions, still they face issue in maintain an erection.

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However as nowadays, nothing is impossible in this entire world, so does the problem also has a solution where men facing problem in keeping an erection can be solved. But for that you have to read further…

Reasons why men cannot stay hard while sex

When we look for reasons behind trouble staying erect then there are number of reasons. The very first person to assume the problem is your partner. Because she does not find any love in you for her. Well let us see some of the common reasons.

Become bore of daily routine– After few years of marriage or regular sex with your partner, everything seems boring and nothing left instead of having an attractive partner.

Excess of excitement– It is truly said that excess of everything is harmful, so here also the same thing implies. Many times you come up with excitement to have sex but this can damage your erection. So overexcitement is harmful for anyone especially in sexual life.

Stress/Pressure– If you are taking any kind of stress or pressure in your love life then it can finish your game. Especially, when you try to make your partner pregnant or want to give quality time to your partner.

Tight Condoms– Many condoms have a tight grip which can really stop you from performing well in bed. So you should always use thinner condoms in which you are comfortable with.

Unhealthy lifestyle– If you don’t have a good lifestyle then it also matters a lot in sexual activity. Not having good lifestyle can lead to unsatisfied sex and decrease in sex drive as well as performance. [Read Is Your Current Lifestyle & Habits Effecting Your Sex Life?]

Psychological problem– This is one of the danger situation where men cannot think how to come out of the situation. This psychological problem is even danger than physical problem and this is true.

How to stay hard in bed naturally

When men comes to the situation where they face trouble staying erect then they also thinks how to stay hard in bed naturally?

However this is also 100% true because until you know how to stay erect for longer, you cannot satisfy your partner in bed to give her chances of reaching to orgasm.

Every man should know how to stay hard naturally because if you have soft erection then your sex will not be pleasurable as you want and neither will you come to climax with your partner. [Read Ways to Climax at Same Time While Having Sex]

Some of the ways which can give you relief from soft erections are:

  • Use natural herbs that increases male libido
  • Stop taking any stress of past life or pressure of work or any other thing
  • Do penile massage to increase blood circulation in penis
  • Do kegel exercises to keep your erections hard
  • Have a quality sleep at night without taking any stress

These are the natural ways which are helpful in staying hard without any pills. Know more on 10 Natural Ways to Maintain Longer Erection She Can’t Resist

How to stay hard after coming


Many men suffer from this problem because once they come to climax; they cannot stay hard any more. But few of them like young couples have the ability to keep hard on after ejaculation and they don’t have any problem.

If you want to know how to stay hard after coming then you should go through the below mentioned ways that are really helpful. This ways will give you relief from trouble staying hard.

Kegel exercise– Kegel exercises include pelvic floor muscle which many guys don’t know about it. This is one of the important exercises that really give you a relief from any sort of unwanted sexual health. This muscle is used to stop urine in between.

If you exercise kegel daily then you can have the ability to stop ejaculating while having sex. This will result an orgasm without ejaculation and you even don’t lose your stimulation. Here you can easily continue with your full orgasm until you want to ejaculate.

Usual training– This training means you can last longer according to your wish. But this is also true that only few men can do this and choose when they want to ejaculate. However those men who don’t have the ability and want it, they have to be 100% confident while they are in bedroom with their partner.

Apart from that, men should not have any type of worries or fears, hang-ups, 0% anxiety or anything like that. [Read Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?]

How to keep an erection longer

Generally this is a common question asked by many men. But before that you should ask yourself, do you get an erection when you think to have sex?

Well, if your answer is yes and if you able to maintain an erection while you are alone then you don’t have to work out much. Only you have to learn few things while you are with your partner and then continue to stay erect for hours.

Be relaxed on bed– When you are on bed with your partner, and then just be relaxed and comfortable without any worry. Try to avoid anything that can bother her like overheating before sex, sweating etc.

Avoid changing positions frequently– There are sayings that trying several positions can really make sexual activity more happy and satisfied. But in this case, it is different. If you too often change the positions then you might lose the sensation of satisfying your partner and also think whether you will stay erect after it or not. [Read 15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try to Last Long On Bed]

Always take time– Sex is something which should not be rushed in, but play slowly. This can be enjoying for both partner. But there are few men who don’t care all these. They simply do sex and they don’t last longer and they fail to keep hard on. Hence the result is neither they satisfy their partner nor themselves. So always go slow and stop thinking about your erection until you want to penetrate her.

Talk to your partner– It is not only you who have faced erection problem but there are many. But until you tell the problem to someone, nobody can really think of it. So it’s better to say to your partner about the problem. This can solve the problem and sex life can be happy and enjoying.

Go for workout– Good body shape is also important because it improves blood circulation and flexibility. In fact if you regularly workout to keep your body fit then you would also look good and feel energetic. So, if you are still sitting at home then go for workout and live your love life happily.

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How to stay hard with pills

There are lots of ways to stay hard but there are also many natural pills that can really make your love life interesting. Yes, it is true that pills works effectively to maintain an erection especially for those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra is a natural product which is best in providing men with rock hard erection. It also improves the overall sexual performance. This product contains 100% natural ingredients and does not have any side effects. It completely means that taking this pill will give better result that it promises.

So, if you looking for best and cheap pills that can help you staying erect and hard then you should click on the link below and get an amazing pill to overcome erection problem.

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Finally we have come to know about how to treat trouble staying erect. And also satisfy your partner in bed without any problem. Generally men face several health conditions which lead to unsatisfied sex and this is disgusting for both couple. So why not follow some best way to stay erect for longer and give your partner the satisfaction she want.

I hope whatever I have mentioned in this blog gives you a clear view on how to stay erect for longer no matter whatever the situation is.

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