Penis Fractures – A Complete Guide to Know about and How to Treat!

Penis Fractures

Penis fractures, one of the problems that many men face never want to discuss it in public place. This is because it is a sensitive part and nobody wants to tell about the problem they come across related to their penis.

Penis fracture is not a common thing to appear in men. You may be interested in sex tips but here you will get the possibilities of penis fractures which many men don’t know. Know about how it occurs and what are the ways to avoid it so that it can be easy for you or for any other men to know about penis fracture?

Many men think that ‘fracture’ means broken bones. But this is not true. You should know that no bones are present in penis but the chance is there to get fracture. It is also called as broken penis. So you cannot relate it like a broken elbow. But when your erect penis does not give you the success that you want and if it hurts you, make sure it has a problem.

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Breaking penis can be one of the worst sex nightmares that no one wants to occur anytime in their life. It sounds so dull which you never want to have. Now just think who suffer from such problem then how they perform their sex? The truth is that they cannot perform sex either they can satisfy their partner. You can know how to satisfy your partner here.

The penis can break technically but when it is erect then it can break by removing the skin which covers two tubes like bodies known as corpora cavernosa. At the time of erection, they are filled with blood. When the erect penis is bend then these blood-filled bodies will burst that makes a popping sound. At this time, lots of pain occurs which cannot be tolerated.

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How does penis fractures occur?

Generally penis fracture can occur at any time while having sex. You might don’t know how it happens but one thing you should know that trying different sex positions which you don’t know properly can lead to the situation. When your penis hits the pubic bone or perineum of your partner then chance increases of penis breaking.

If your penis is erect and you are rolling on your bed then there is also a chance to break your penis. Even sometimes when men are in hurry to wear clothes while their penis is erect then what happens? Just imagine if you ever faced the situation…

Well there are several sex positions which men try to make their sex life interesting and successful but in between, they break their penis which completely spoil the mood. However some positions are mentioned here which are though good for sex but have a chance to fracture your penis.

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Sex positions that can fracture penis

Though there are lots of sex positions men try out to have their love life beautiful. You can know about best sex positions here, men want to try out different methods to have sex which are even sometimes helpful as changing positions can give happiness. But some sex positions are there which can increase the chance of penis breaking. Some of them includes:

Women on top– This position is used by many men but this position can lead to fracture also. In this, the penis come out and in and while going in, it misses and hit the pelvic bones which stops the penis to enter. It bent the penis which becomes painful later on.

Anal sex– This sex can sometimes put lots of pressure and men want to perform it immediately with their partner. In this the resistance increases and when such thing happens then pressure automatically increases and if there is more pressure, means fracture chance increases.

Reverse cowgirl– This position is also applied by many men where penis is at downgrade position that adds more pressure. Here penis is erect and you cannot keep calm until you make the pressure out and in between, your penis might get into the wrong hole which can break the penis.

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Symptoms of Penile Fracture

Well if you have broken penis then usually you will know it as you will have lots of pain and you cannot perform sex. The most common symptom is popping or cracking sound which is a tissue tearing actually.

Even your erection will not be enough and you can see swelling of scrotum or perineum. While having sex, when your penis comes in contact with urethra then there is a chance to occur blood while you urinate.

All these are some common symptoms which should be noticed by people facing issue on their penis. In fact you can know most common penis problem and their solutions here.

How to Avoid Breaking Your Penis

Good news for every men is that penis fracture is not very common so it occurs only in rare people. And now you don’t have to worry about the sound of pop-up while you are having sex. But one thing to consider is stop using several sex positions. Trying out different-different sex positions can really hamper the penis.

In a study it has figured out that almost half of penis fractures occurs when your women is at top of you while having sex. This is because when your partner is on top then she manages her body completely and her weight is on your penis completely. So just ensure your penis is fully erect before penetrating your partner. And if you cannot do that then it is obvious that your penis will get bend or twist.

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How to diagnose broken penis

Penis fractures is usually diagnosed first before treatment. You have to tell it to your doctor what actually happened so that you can get proper treatment. It’s completely up to you how to show your penis fracture, but doctor can easily know the occurrence after seeing the penis. However diagnose is done thro0ugh several ways among which some are mentioned:

  • Cavernosography which is done by doctor with specific radiographic visualization to corpus cavernosum of your broken penis.
  • Urethrographic studies which is done to confirm the damage of urethra
  • Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI)

Treatment for Penis Fractures

As this problem is experienced by few people so surgery is the best treatment to get out of broken penis. Surgery can make people act as before and they can successfully continue their love making. It takes only few weeks to become normal and men can achieve erection easily after that.

Rather than surgery which is not a permanent solution, you can opt for natural ways to treat it. In fact you can use Peyronies Device to treat the curve penis. This is the only best option to get out of curve penis. With the sue of it, your penis will become straight and you can also achieve long lasting erection without any problem.

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This problem is very rare to see and all is needed a surgical treatment for such fracture. Though the penis breaks due to men’s own fault and especially suggested not to go for any sex positions which can hurt your penis and you may fall on risk. Never sex aggressively or don’t put much pressure. Just be calm and perform your sexual activity without any worry. Only required to avoid few things that is not good your penis.

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