Best Ways to Overcome Hypersexuality (Sexual Addiction)

Best Ways to Overcome Hypersexuality (Sexual Addiction)

Do you face problem in sex or do you get excited before sex, which you cannot stop?

Do you have an increased sexual desire and some other sexual fantasies, which you cannot control? Do you know that you might suffer from hypersexuality (sexual addiction)?

This can be the problem for you as well and many more. Having an excitement for sex is not a good thing for anyone.

You might know that everyone has an excitement when we talk about sex. Almost every man wants to marry women who want sex as men needs it.

But this is not the case actually. Man needs more sex from their partners but some female partners do not show aggressiveness in sexual activity. Due to this many men don’t find it comfortable with their partners.

But you should know that those women who are not showing interest in sex as you want then it does not means that they don’t like sex, but here the thing is different. Here the problem is not in women but it’s in men where hormone level increases earlier compared to women.

Generally as men ages and they reach to age 18, they sexual desire increases whereas in women this comes at age 30. And as men ages, this level decreases but there are some men and even women whose sexual desire never ends.

Some men always wants sex from their partners and if they don’t get that much then it is a sign of hypersexuality where men face overactive sex drive.

This hypersexuality is also known by other names as well like nymphomania, which is seen in females and the issue, is same, perversion, sexual obsession, satyriasis, erotomania, sexual addiction etc.

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Knowing about Hypersexuality

Generally hypersexuality is known as a mental disorder which individuals experience. This can be for both men and women and the condition completely depends on sex for fulfillment. If men face loss in sexual excitement than it can really affect a lot in general life.

This condition can take people in some other directions for the fulfillment. They have several partners, using prostitutes or even masturbate themselves just to satisfy themselves.

Man always wants to achieve what they think and if they cannot achieve that then they get depressed and took other direction to attain it.

The same thing is here because when men wants sexual satisfaction, they should get from anywhere. This is harmful in relationship because this behavior is no more pleasurable or beneficial for any one and one life gets in dark.

Reasons for Hypersexuality

You might don’t know but there are multiple reasons behind sexual addiction and they are emotional or psychological issues, childhood trauma, mental illness like bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and also due to personality disorder.

Even there are some drugs, which can lead to sexual addiction like dopamine replacement therapy or apomorphine. In addition, many neurological disorders can also result in hypersexuality like head injury, epilepsy etc.

Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

You should also note some of the behavior that can help you to identify the person suffering from hypersexuality. They are:

  • Engaging in sexual activity with lots of partners and one more thing, person having sex addict treat their one female partner as an object which is used only for sex
  • Watching sex movies or pornographic contents to fulfill the desire
  • Having extramarital affairs just to have sex and fulfill the desire
  • Men engages in such type of sexual activity which you have never thought of such as rape, pedophilia, bestiality etc
  • Doing excess masturbation somewhat 10 to 20 times per day

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Risks of sexual addiction

However, men have the problem of sexual addiction but you should also know that this enjoyment could also lead to several risks in general life. It can be to themselves, their partners and even their children. Let us know how this disorder can lead to unwanted issues:

Health danger– If man is having sex with multiple partners then the very first danger in this is the risk of suffering from AIDS/HIV. Apart from this, they can also meet several other infections like gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, human papilloma virus infection etc. This condition is so bad that men do not know think of all these conditions and they have unprotected sex with partners.

Complete damage in relationship– Person engage in sexual activity with other female partners and this can really bring conflict between partners and a complete damage to the entire family. Everyone has to suffer and this topic reaches to divorce between couples. Here children have to suffer a lot and even men lose trust of their children’s.

Legal penalty– Things are not less to suffer in this condition. If men are making sexual contact with other female partners then it comes to legal penalty. Instead of your wife, if men have sexual activity with others then all this comes in punishable act and they can be out on jail or have to pay some fines.

How to Treat Hypersexuality (Sex Addiction)

Now its time to overcome the condition so that men and women both don’t have to suffer. To treat the sexual addiction, men should make strategies that can help them to get out of it. Some of them include:

12-step programs

May be you have not come across this method before but this is one of the program that is followed in the recovery of sexual addiction. It uses sex addicts anonymous. Those people who have a symptom of hypersexuality, they are given this treatment.

In this, men don’t have to give up their sexual activity entirely but they are taught to avoid doing such behaviors. In this, meetings are held with other sex addicts members and it works effectively to come out of the condition.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

This technique is also used to overcome hypersexuality. In this, sex addict person is taught to change their thought pattern for female partners in effective way so that they can manage their partners in better way.

Even this technique teaches how to manage a balanced and a healthy lifestyle to lead a better sexual life without any problems.


Person suffering from sexual addiction can get treatment from medications. Drug therapy is a course, which has the power to solve any such impact on person. Addiction can lead to several mental issues like depression, and medication can really work to cure it.

But remember, you should take medication from a psychiatrist.

When we are talking about medication then I would also like to tell you that many men want to last longer in sex with their partner and they don’t want to miss any opportunity in between. For them also, several supplements in the form of pills or creams help them to overcome Sex Addiction.

I would suggest to those men who really want to make their sexual life strong and engaging, they should start taking Vimax Pills. This pill is natural as made of natural ingredients that provide better results what it promises. So after taking it, men cannot miss anything and both partners can enjoy their sexual activity without any issue.

Tips to get rid of Hypersexuality

If you are suffering from sexual addiction then you can follow the below tips. These tips can really help you to get rid of the condition and you can lead a better sexual life without any problem. They are:

  • Don’t give importance to your thoughts, means you should stop thinking much about sex. Thought can come to anyone anytime but don’t give important to them when they are not important.
  • Always be honest to yourself along with others. Try to make some further step to overcome the condition and don’t try to hide it.
  • Try to decrease your anxiety level because this can damage your sexual life. Engage in some exercise or play some games and stay away of unwanted things.
  • Promise to change yourself so that nobody can tell you that you are an addicted person. Though it is known that from addicted person to become a normal person, it will take time but you should work on it for better future


Hypersexuality is not a good condition and if anyone suffering from should treat it first. Men can face lots of issue in this so they should focus on how to overcome sexual addiction. If not treated then it can become worse and it will continue to engage risky behaviors.

Lots of trouble can come into one’s life and so in this blog, I have explained everything about hypersexuality treatment.

I hope this blog will help you to understand sexual addiction is better way and if you are suffering from it then you can get rid of this easily.

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Best Ways to Overcome Hypersexuality (Sexual Addiction)
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