[Complete Guide]- How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently

[Complete Guide]- How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently

Today, erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is one of the challenge things for men to deal with. It can occur to any men at any stage, either younger one, middle age or older.

This is a big thing for any men because it totally spoils the romance in life. ED completely stops men from performing well in bed with their partners.

Now this thing can go in other way as well where if you don’t satisfy your partner then may be the relationship does not go longer and it breaks.

So it’s important to cure the condition ASAP. It was found that if men makes himself healthy and put full effort to get relief from it then they can achieve it.

So today in this blog, I will discuss about how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.


There are few symptoms of men suffering from ED according to Mayo Clinic and they include:

  • Less sexual desire and drive
  • Unable to maintain an erection
  • Not able to achieve an erection

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Can erectile dysfunction be reversed?

An important question to know for every men who suffers from ED. You cannot say it exactly whether ED returns back or not but in several cases, it can be reversed.

According to Journal of Sexual Medicine, a study found that there is 29 percent reverse rate of ED after 5 years.

Even doctors have found that ED is of two types:

  • Primary ED– It generally occurs when men cannot maintain an erection ever but this case is rare
  • Secondary ED– It occurs to those men who already suffer from erectile function and this is a common one.

So men suffering from secondary ED have a chance to reverse the condition again. However there are several ways to cure the condition such as medication, natural remedies or surgery. Some of the condition can also reverse back on its own without any medication.

Why it becomes important to cure erection problem?

Erection should be fixed or cured because it helps you to get success in your sexual life. Basically, erection problem is categorized in two types:

  • Psychological (related to your brain).
  • Physiological (related to your body).

But men don’t know which types of erection problem they are suffering from.

Psychological erection problem– In this, men get erection when they masturbate, during night or morning wood and sometimes erection goes and again come back. It is related to brain that fails to send signal to penis to begin an erection.

This happens when either the signal is blocked due to anxiety or depress or maybe you are not aroused. This type of problem can be cured by:

  • Lifestyle changes or exercises
  • Going through therapy
  • Medication

Physiological problem– In this condition, men fails to achieve an erection while masturbating, at night and this problem continues further.

This type of issue is related to your body either from nervous system or circulatory system which are responsible for supplying blood and signals to penis.

This condition can be treated by:

  • Lifestyle changes or doing exercises
  • Medication

Erectile dysfunction treatment options- How to overcome ED naturally and permanently?

Now when it comes to cure the condition then there are several ways that can help men to get rid of it. Here I have mentioned some of the best way to manage erection problem naturally and permanently.

Lifestyle changes

The most common cure for ED is following some lifestyle changes. If you don’t make your body work then ED can affect your body. So, before going to any other ways to deal with the condition, you should try to do some lifestyle changes.

They are:

  • Eat healthy foods– Whatever you eat is very important for your body. There are several natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction and you should always eat nutritious food that may give your body proper growth as well as strength and power. Try to eat those foods that can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and also reduces the risk of ED.
  • Lower stress and anxiety– If you are facing any kind of stress or tension then it can lead to sexual issues as well. There are several factors that can put you in stress like work pressure, relationship issues, money problem, etc. So, find the solution to lower stress level and improves ED.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol– Man has a habit of smoking anytime and drinking alcohol too. But all these can lead to ED which many of them are not aware of. Smoking leads to several health issues and ED is one of them. If all these activities are stopped then you can fight with ED in better way.
  • Engage in sexual activities– Engaging in sexual activities is yet another possible way to deal with ED. This will slowly make your erections stronger and will have positive impact. Doing this will increase blood flow to penis and improves overall sexual performance.
  • Reduce watching porn movies– Men just love to watch porn movies but they might don’t know that it can also lead to ED. Therefore, it is always advised not to watch porn movies in excess level as men addicted to porn movies generally suffers from porn –induced ED.

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Home remedies to cure ED

There are several home remedies as well as natural ones which includes herbs and pants to overcome the condition with ease. Several studies are conducted to know about the safety remedies but still they are used to cure the problem.

  • L-arginine– This ingredient is very effective in curing ED as it opens blood vessels that improve blood flow to penis. This is used in several supplements to aid the condition. Though it might include few side effects but it is a helpful remedy. This is an amino acid naturally present in body that supports sexual erection.
  • Ginkgo– Gingko is also one of the useful remedy to increase sexual desire and improve blood flow to penile region. Before taking it, you should consult your doctor first because taking this might increase bleeding risk.
  • Horny goat weed (epimedium) – The substances in the leaves is useful because it improves sexual performance in men. Thought it was said that taking this herb might lead to heart disease but otherwise, it’s a good remedy to cure ED.

To know more about natural remedies to cure ED permanently, click here.

Exercises to overcome ED permanently

As it was already stated that exercises are very important for everyone and it should be done regularly. There are several exercises in this context that can help to cure ED completely.

They include:

  • Kegel exercises– Doing kegel exercises are very much useful for men suffering from erection problem or ED. Even there is a scientific reason that shows doing pelvic floor exercises helps men suffering from ED. This can be done anywhere and you don’t have to hit gym for it. It strengthens pelvic muscles and at the same time, improves overall sexual performance.
  • Swimming Swimming is yet another helpful exercise in getting relief from erection issues. It’s a kind of aerobic exercise performed in water and at the same time, improves overall sexual health. So apart from other activities, swimming is also important.
  • Jelqing– It’s a massage done in the penis and according to several studies, this exercise also increase blood flow to penis. Though you will not get any hard proof of its importance but several people believe it to be effective treatment for ED.

To know more about exercises helpful in curing ED, visit here.

Always focus on vascular health

Men suffering from high blood sugar, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol level etc, have high chances of suffering from ED problem. All these things damages arteries in brain leading to stroke, in heart leading to heart attack, and also in penis.

So you should always be in contact with your doctor and take a regular checkup whether everything is fine or not.

Drink watermelon juice to aid ED

Watermelon is found in summer days and you should eat this fruit either sliced or in the form of juice. A piece of watermelon can really benefit you not only to satisfy your thirst but also help you to satisfy your partner in bed.

In watermelon, an amino acid ‘Citrulline’ is found in high level that improves blood flow to penis. In one of the study showed that those men who were suffering from mild to moderate ED has a wide improvement after taking L-Citrulline supplements.

So whenever you see watermelon juices then just drink it without thinking much as it is considered as ‘Natural Viagra’ without any side effects.


There are plenty of medications available that can cure ED naturally and permanently. You might also know some of them like Viagra, Cialis etc that improves blood flow to penis to achieve erection.

Guys suffering from ED can go for such natural medications to overcome ED completely and they also work effectively.

In this context, one useful and natural supplement comes to mind and that is Extenze Pill. This is a natural male enhancement pill that helps you to achieve erection and a possible way to get rid of ED naturally and permanently. This is a natural made product consist of several ingredients useful to cure erection problem.

It can be used by any man who thinks they are not able to perform well in bed and want to achieve bigger and harder erection.


Erectile dysfunction is a common condition to make men suffer from at any age. Therefore, men should try to cure it instead of neglecting it. It can become worse day by day so you should act fast as possible. In this blog, I have explained erectile dysfunction treatment over the counter and hope that it will help you to overcome ED naturally without any issue.

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