15 Top Foods That Can Reduce Your Sex Life

foods that reduce sex life

Generally men want to enjoy their sex life as having sex play important role in human’s life. Sex has lots of benefits compared to physical exercises. It completely supports immune system, keeps the blood pressure normal, maintains a healthy heart etc.

Even researchers also proved that having sex have lots of advantages like it improves sleep, decreases the risk of diagnosis with prostate cancer and also helps to calm down. Though there are several benefits of having sex and of course everyone want to enjoy fully their sex life but there are few people who don’t get enough satisfaction after having sex.

Actually they want to enjoy but they cannot reach to the end with their partners and in between they fail to satisfy themselves as well their partners. Men face from several diseases such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and also the overall sexual health is damaged. Due to all such diseases, men cannot perform their sex as they want.

But men should not get depressed rather they should focus on their treatment and should try some ways to get rid of it. If not treated then it can become worse and later on it cannot be treated easily. You should know that lots of changes happen because of your diet. The food you take may damage your health leading to unwanted diseases. So whatever you eat should be focused properly and only take those foods which are good for health.

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Well here I would like to tell you about some foods which eating can make your sexual life worse. These foods should be avoided so that you can perform better while having sex.

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Foods that Reduce Sex Drive and Should be avoided


Dark chocolate is known to be healthy but if we talk about normal chocolate than it contains lots of fat. It causes increased level of LDL cholesterol that can take to clogged blood vessels. Even this can lead to erectile dysfunction.


Cheese is proven to decrease fertility among several men. In a research it has mentioned that those men who eat cheese three times a day, they have decrease quality of sperm count which is produced in men and this may affect fertility.


Though cigarettes is not a food but it is taken by millions of people. Those who smoke, their blood vessels can shrink that can lead to less volume of blood to penis while you have erection. Due to this erectile dysfunction can cause which can reduce size of penis.

Fried chicken

Fried chickens are loved by everyone but those chickens which are taken from your local KFC contains high trans fats. These fats are responsible to decrease the energy levels and also affect mental aspects which is related to sexual health.


This is also known as ladies finger is beneficial for those people suffering diabetes. But it seeds are not good as it contain substances which decrease libido in both men and women.

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Sugar is used in many things as it is a popular sweetener used in cooking, baking or for making coffee. Such type of sugar also cause heart disease and can lead to erection problems.

Bottle water

Generally people go at store to take drinking water because they get pure and filter water and also one kind to avoid from tap water. But this water is stored in plastic material which contains Bisphenol A. It can cause fertility and have a bad effect on sexual health.


Though coffee is useful and it is taken by lots of people in morning hours to wake up from sleep. But this coffee can also have a bad impact on your health. It can increase the stress hormones and the sexual performance can decrease.


Mint is used in many dish and in fact used as a flavor to add menthol taste to chocolate and some other sweets. This same ingredient refreshes your breath like menthol which can affect libido.


Sodas contains sugar which can also cause weight gain. If soda is taken on regular basis then it can also decrease sperm production by 30% and lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


Potatoes have some health benefits but they can also lead to lethargic, means you will less active. This less activeness can decrease the ability to perform sexual intercourse and it can completely kill the mood when you think to last long in bed.

White bread

While bread is very much popular but this is also risky for life. If taken regularly then it can cause body fat to increase and too quickly. If the body weight is increased then it can cause estrogen levels to increase and the level of testosterone decreases.


Alcohol is not good for health and many of them know it. Though it is a strategy to begin any conversation but this can lead to serious issue in body. Too much alcohol consumption can result lower level of testosterone and this can come in between relationship.


This is use to taste sweets and tobacco products. Its taste is unique and it is also use to get relief from sore throat and heartburn. Even licorice can decrease testosterone production in men that can lead to erectile dysfunction along with bad health.

Red meat

This is not sure whether red meat is good or bad for you but red meat consists of fat and cholesterol that is not good for heart. If it becomes worse than it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

How to Increase Sex Life

Well, this is very important to know because when your sex life reduces, you don’t like much thing to move on. But if you do something which can help you to boost your sexual life then I think it will help you. You can take many natural supplements or can go several other ways.

Simple way is to take natural supplement like VigRX Plus. This is a pill which helps to enhance your sexual life by providing longer and harder erection and at the same time gives you ability to stay longer in bedroom. A complete package for all sexual related problems.

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Sex is a part of life which everyone wants to enjoy. But taking some foods are good for health and sometimes harmful and they affect many ways like some foods that decrease libido. Some foods helps to increase libido level and also boost erection strength. But some foods does not support proper health and they can damage the sexual health like decrease in sex drive and ability to achieve erection. So mentioned above are some of the foods which should be avoided so that your health can be better and you can perform your sex life in better and successful way.

15 Top Foods That Can Reduce Your Sex Life
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15 Top Foods That Can Reduce Your Sex Life
There are several foods which are harmful for health as well as sexual life. But no matter, there are also several ways to deal with the condition. Get the complete details of foods that reduces sex life
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