Top 10 Things to Avoid Before Having Sex

things to avoid before sexSex is one of the most pleasurable experiences for men and every human enjoys this moment. In fact there is nothing better than both partners enjoy the whole night in romantic mood, feeling for each other and making their relationship strong.

Men always want to perform well in bed when they perform sex with their partner and if something goes wrong then both partners mood gets spoiled and nobody enjoys the moment.

Therefore for those men who want to have their sex life better, they should avoid few things before sex otherwise there are many things which can kill their libido and due to this the pleasure of sex will decrease.

So today, we will discuss about some of the top things that you should avoid while having sex with your partner. Go through them properly and if you come across the point which you do while having sex, then just stop doing those things. Now have a look at them one by one.

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Top 10 things to avoid before having sex

Don’t eat too much

If you eat too much then it’s obvious that you will feel sleepy and sluggish and this will be more when your meal has high carbohydrates such as in rice. Therefore you should avoid such meals and should try to eat some snacks like nuts or fruits with high amount of water as this can make you more energetic and you will also feel healthy.

Don’t argue with your partner

Before having sex, it will be better not to argue with your partner. The argument is common between partners especially after few years of marriage. If there will be argument before going to bed then it can really harm both of them as there will be no enjoyment as they want to have.

No matter both of the partner put the argument before sex but still something will pinch and the motivation will not be that much to make her happy as it was might before. Read more about 5 ways to last longer in bed

Don’t argue with your partner

Don’t be conscious about your body

Whatever body shape you have, don’t get upset with and never think negative about it. Nowadays looking perfect has put a hard pressure on individuals to look perfect and those people who don’t have such body shape, they feel stress and anxiety.

Before having sex, it is very important to forget thoughts such as why there is so much fat on my belly, I wish my body was better etc. Never think of anything else and enjoy the moment with your partner.

Don’t be anxious or stressed before having sex

If you take too much stress then it can spoil the sex life. Taking stress before having sex will lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore when you feel that you are stressed then try to meditate yourself for few minutes or you can take help of your partner to give you a foot/back massage. One thing can help you is by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits.

Energy drinks should be avoided

Many men think that before having sex, energy drink would be beneficial because it can boost stamina and also keep them energetic. But it should be remembered that energy drinks are loaded with sugar which can make energetic for some time but after the buzz goes out, you will feel more fatigued and the will spoil the mood of sex.

Don’t eat peppermint

Men take peppermint before sex due to bad breath and taking peppermint help to fight against bad breath. But is instructed not to take peppermint as it has menthol present in it which can decrease the testosterone level and it can lead to lower the libido. Therefore taking mouthwash will be helpful to freshen your breath.


Don’t have very high expectations

When you are having sex for the first time or if your partner is new then leave the job in time’s hand. You should know that each body is different and everything is to be learned and noticed while having sex.

You should not have high expectation because if those high expectations are not met then that moment will be very stressful which is not good for anyone’s life.

Don’t masturbate too much

Don’t masturbate too much

There are many men who just masturbate before having sex in a thought that they would perform better and would last long to ejaculate. This trick might work for some men but too much masturbation can render the penis not to achieve the erection after a long time and this can be harmful. So it is advised not to masturbate too much.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes

Drinking alcohol and cigarettes is very harmful for anyone and these both are proved to be harmful as both are libido buster. Smoking constricts blood flow in the body and however erections are dependent on that therefore it should be avoided so that sex life can improve.

Even drinking alcohol is also harmful as it is also referred as social lubricant.  Though it can help you to provoke a desire for sex but actually when the time comes, it will put you down.

Don’t stick to the same routine

If there is less innovation and creativity then it can kill the passion along with love which grows between couples. Having sex with your partner by indulging in every once can only lead to decrease the pleasure of sex.

Therefore you should try some different sex positions in different locations, get some exciting moment and also send some dirty texts to keep your love live. Know more about 5 best sex positions every guy should try

These 10 things need to avoid before having sex otherwise your sex life can be very complicated and un-satisfied. However leaving all these, you should also focus on staying longer while having sex as you might don’t know when you ejaculate compared to your partner. So I would simply suggest you to have a non-stop blast with your partner by taking natural supplements like Vimax Pills.

This is one of the natural supplement comes in the form of pills which improves the overall sexual performance and gives men the power to satisfy their partner without any fail. So taking this pill will really gives men that much enjoyment which they actually want and their partners require.

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There are many things which impact a lot in our sexual life as well as normal life. But men actually don’t bother what affecting their life. So here I have mentioned some of the things to avoid before having sex which can really help to make sex life happy and satisfying. I hope this blog will help you a lot while having sex next time.

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Top 10 Things to Avoid Before Having Sex
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