Top 13 Health Benefits of Sex That Nobody Told You Before

benefits of sex

Sex is not only connected with the joy and pleasure but also it is associated with some kind of health benefits.

Having sex regularly can bring your partner close to you but actually it makes you healthier.  

When you are in the mood of sex, you are not only going to get the pleasure but also the remarkable health benefits.

If you see the list of sex affects in your body then several benefits are uncountable. Sex is for not only pleasure, reproduction and intimacy but sex has several positive benefits in many aspects of life like marriage, physical and cognitive performance.

Even many organs and conditions are also benefited and also prevent from several diseases.

Today, I have gathered 13 health benefits of sex. So let us go through them one by one.

Boost libido

One of the best benefits, which I think many of them don’t know is that having sex, increases libido. It increases sex desire in men.

Many times women may feel pain and vaginal dryness which makes thing a challenge while sex and here having sex can give relief from all such problem also.

However, sexual activity increases blood flow to penis and vagina, increases vaginal lubrication and all these makes sex better and more pleasurable.

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Lower blood pressure

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? If yes then sex can give you relief from it. Several studies have shown link between sexual intercourse and systolic blood pressure.

So those guys who wants to get rid of low blood pressure, for them sex can play an important role.

Though you have to take care of your diet, stress level, exercise and medication strategies because sex cannot manage everything. But yes, sex is an important aspect which can help in lowering blood pressure.

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Makes you look younger

Do you dream to look younger? This is not only with you but almost everyone wants to look younger. So to look younger, sex can help you a lot.

If you have sex regular then it stimulates the estrogen level and testosterone, which is an important hormone to keep you young.

Estrogen level helps men to look younger and in fact in one of the study reveals that people having sex for at least 4 times per week have seen 7 to 12 years younger than what they actually were. So, now its time to forget about surgery and anti-aging creams to make you younger.

Get relief from cold & Boost Your Immune System

If you suffer from sick like cold and cough then best way to get rid of is to have sex.  This is very much true as it was seen that those men who have sex gets less attacked from cold compared to those who are not sexually active.

Generally, sex increases body’s ability to make protective antibodies against viruses, bacteria or other kind of germs or illness.

If you do sex once or twice a week then you will be linked with higher level of an antibody called immunoglobulin A or lgA, which is best agent to protect you from getting colds or other infections

Reduce pain

If you are having any kind of cronic pain then this would help you to reduce the pain. If you are suffering from any other problem like depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances then also you get relax.

Sexual stimulation and orgasm both works effectively to reduce pain and the orgasms also release hormones that helps to block pain signals.

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Improves sleep

Sex also promotes sleep and getting enough sleep is also associated with good health. With sleep, body’s cells repair themselves. This is due to the cocktail of hormones that are rushing through your system after an orgasm.


Oxytocin and endorphins released after sex are sleep promoters, which help you get a good night’s sleep. In fact, you might also have noticed that after having sex, you fall asleep immediately.

Improve cardiovascular health

If you want better cardiovascular health then you should be close to your bedroom with your partner. Having sex can lead to better health.

Many people think that physical activity might lead to stroke. But in one of the study, it shows that having sex stops stroke risks.

Study reveals that sex prevents people from fatal heart attacks. It is suggested to have sex at least twice per week and people can reduce heart attack by 50%.

Reduce risk of prostate cancer

The more you ejaculate, the more you are safe from prostate cancer.  This is not only the factor but it also keeps an important part in it. research shows that those men who ejaculate at least 21 times in a month don’t suffer from prostate cancer risk.

Improve relationship

Having sex and orgasms boosts levels of the hormone oxytocin, the so-called love hormone.  Higher oxytocin levels help you to feel generosity.  It helps you to strengthen relationship towards your partner. You can do anything to make your sexual relationship better.

Hug your partner or cuddle that you want to develop warm and healthy relationship. Study reveals that the more time you spent on hugging and cuddling your partner, the oxytocin level increases more.

Improves Heart Health

One who had sex three or more times a week were half as likely to have fatal heart attack.  There is no link between how often men had sex and how likely they were to have a stroke.

Those men who make love regularly such as two times per week, they can get 45 percent less heart disease compared to those men who have sex once a month.

Live longer

Do you want to live longer? Are you aware of the fact, which can help you to live longer? Every people on earth want to live longer and sex can help you in this condition.

Some study reveals that those men had sex more often have reduced death rate compared to other people.

Though there are several other activities which contribute to live longer but yes, sex is also one of the part that increases your life to some extent.

Burn calories

You might do several things to burn your calories but I think you might don’t know that sex can also help you to burn your calories.

Yes, this is true as one of the study shows that having sex burns around 108 calories per half hour. And this number is enough to burn 3570 calories in 32 half hour sessions.

Less Stress

Sex can lower down your stress and your blood pressure too.  It has been researched that people who had intercourse, responded better to stress then those who are abstained or involved in any other sexual activity.

Generally having sexual activity triggers body to release natural feel good chemicals that helps to get rid of stress and increase sexual pleasure.

How to increase sexual pleasure

This is very important to know how to increase sexual pleasure and satisfy your partner in bed. Many men fail to last longer in bed but ways are several which can help men to achieve success in their sexual life. Using natural pills or creams can double the pleasure.

Here, VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that helps men to achieve harder and longer erection and also allows men to last longer in bed so that men can give better sexual performance. This pill is also helpful in improving weak erection and improves overall sexual performance.

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Sex is one of the important part of life which improves overall sexual life. Several benefits are available for having sex and some best 13 are mentioned in this blog. I hope, now you have got an idea about the health benefits of sex.

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Top 13 Health Benefits of Sex That Nobody Told You Before
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Top 13 Health Benefits of Sex That Nobody Told You Before
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