Things that Decrease Libido and Interrupt Your Sex Life


When you are in mood to have sex then sex drive matters a lot and this matters a lot as you age.

At the same time it is also important that you keep your sex drive better every time in the bedroom as your relationship also depends on it, not completely but it matters just one part of your sex life.

If your sex drive decreases then it may be because of your decreased libido that interrupts your sex life.

Well you will be surprised to hear that in lowering the libido, the main culprit is sugar that raises insulin and makes a hormonal domino effect. This can come through bad habits like smoking or drinking, taking some other toxins etc.

When you come to know about how insulin can impact other hormones, you can easily start to connect the dots about how excessive sugar can hamper your sex life.

Well some of the surprising things which really matters a lot in decreasing your libido and which can interrupt your sex life are mentioned in this article. Knowing the things can help you to make your sex life better and it can lead to happy life.

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Things Lead to Decrease libido and Interrupt Sex Life


Depression can really hamper any one’s life because people with depression will feel lack of interest in any activities and it includes sex also. If you are in depression then it can decrease the libido and decrease in libido means decrease in sex drive. This can really damage the sex life and the relationship with your partner.

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Too much drinking of alcohol may put your sex drive low. Well sometimes drinking may not mater but it does matter when you take it in excess amount. Too much drinking alcohol may really affect your body and your love life will be hampered. When it affects your body then hormones gets damaged and sex drive affects a lot.


When men are at their teen age then they have higher testosterone level which is linked with libido. But when men ages around 60 to 65 then their T level decreases. When men ages then they will take longer time to ejaculate and to have orgasm. Even penis takes time to become erect and erections will not be hard as it was on teen age. So decreased in libido can be due to age also.

Lack of sleep

There are several reasons which can lower your sex drive or libido. Getting tired of having sex is not the reason but even if you are not sleeping well then also your hormone gets impacted and this decreases your sex drive. So you have to keep your body maintained as you age.

You should enjoy a healthy diet which is completely free of processed foods and low in sugar. You should try to have a proper sleep and should avoid endocrine like BPA (bisphenol A) as this may kill your mood with your realization. In fact you should also not eat corn flakes because this can kill your libido and it contains too much sugar.

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You should not consume soda as it contains brominated vegetable oil (BVO) and this is harmful because it is linked with male infertility and low libido. Even soda contains lots of sugar and this is very much harmful for male libido. If libido gets hampered then men cannot have an increased sex drive.

In one of the study, it has found that those men who have better blood sugar level, they enjoy their sex life better compared to those men who have high blood sugar level.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is one of the essential male hormone which is produced in testicles. For building muscles and bone mass, testosterone is completely responsible and if testosterone is low then it can also impact your sex drive. Generally when your T level falls between 300 to 350 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) then consider that you have low testosterone.

Testosterone decreasing is common as men ages but this can also decrease the desire for sex. Libido gets decreased due to low testosterone and therefore you should take proper supplements to increase your testosterone level.

How to increase Sex power in your life?

Well this is one of the common questions which many men ask them just to fulfill their sexual life as they think. They don’t know what to do and how to boost sex drive. You don’t need to worry much, as here you will get the best way to increase your sexual performance.

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Generally libido decreases for many men and this hampers a lot in sex life of men. However if it is treated immediately then it can save your sex life without hampering too much. Solution is simple by using VigRx Plus and apart from this; whatever mentioned in this blog will help you.

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Things that Decrease Libido and Interrupt Your Sex Life
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Things that Decrease Libido and Interrupt Your Sex Life
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