11 Things That Kills A Man’s Sperm Count And How To Boost It

11 Things That kills A Man's Sperm Count And How To Boost It

Are you serious about your sex life and are you enjoying it with your deep heart? Or are you silently killing you sperm count before they create a new one?

Well you might don’t have any perfect answer for the question above. And not only you but several other men also cannot confidently reply to the question because somewhere every 8 out 10 men suffers from some or other problems in their love life.

In my knowledge, I have seen several men suffering from low sperm count and they even don’t know it actually.

There are many couples who come across fertility problems due to low sperm count. If you see the recent result then in the entire world, sperm count has almost reduced to half in the last 50 years and it is continuously falling.

What are the reasons behind this fall?

Did you ever tried to find out why is this happening, why sperm count is decreasing day by day instead of increasing?

Well, you can do several things to find out the actual reason for this problem.

You should know that men always produces new sperm and a little bit change can make a lot of difference in sex life.

Men without knowing killing their sperm count on their own and so I have come up with some of the things that will answer your question ‘what kills a man’s sperm count” and how to get rid of it.

Read this blog carefully and know the things that are destroying your sperm count.


Less hours of sleep

There are several studies done on sleeping hours where it mentioned how much hour is necessary for men to sleep to keep themselves fit and active to do every work. In those studies, it was told that men sleeping for less than six hours every night suffer from low sperm count and a fall of 31 percent to impregnate their partner.

But compare to other men who sleeps at least seven to eight hours never worries about low sperm count. Less sleep means your body is not getting enough testosterone and it directly affects sperm count.

So, now its time to leave all your work at late night and go to sleep on time. Take at least seven to eight hours of sleep avoid hindering your fertility.

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Smoking is injurious to health and this everyone knows but do you bother of it? I know you and numerous other people smoke inspite of knowing its harmful. Tobacco smoking is very much harmful as it slows the moving process of sperm.

Any type of smoking whether it is a cigar, cigarette, beedi, hookah etc, all are harmful and it affects a lot in male fertility.

Even it is said that if any pregnant women is exposed to smoke of cigarette then about 20 percent of birth suffers from low weight.

So, why to do some much harmful things when we know that they are not good for health. Just think twice or thrice before smoking and give your life and your partner, child a better environment.

Chronic stress

Stress is one of the worst enemy in your love life. It affects you both physical and emotional ways and at the same time, your fertility is at risk. Higher level of stress means low sperm count.

If you take high stress then it can make your reproductive hormones out of control and this can totally spoil your sperm.

Even stress is known to interfere with testosterone level and this can stop the production of T level, hence completely out of sperm count.

So its better to find out some stress removing ways where your body can relax and you don’t have to think much about anything.

Do some exercises to relieve stress level as this will release endorphins. Try to talk to your partner or take some help from a professional to get out of the situation.

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Wearing tight underwear

Few things that you will come across are day to day life we do but don’t know that they killing our sperm count. Well, tight underwear is yet another problem for reduced sperm count.

It is instructed to many men especially who wish to become a father to wear boxers than briefs. Briefs actually keep the testicles closer to body and they gets warm up, hence sperm count lowers.

Many studies has proved this theory of wearing tight underwear’s and facing trouble in sexual life. So if you are the one who wish to wear tight under garments then be aware, it is for everyone to wear boxers for better sperm count.

Suffering from diabetes

Now diabetic patient can also suffer from low sperm count. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can make you suffer from such condition in spite of having a healthy weight.

This can happen via retrograde ejaculation in which sperm travels to bladder at the time of orgasm instead of penis tip. Those men who come across for a long time from poor blood sugar control can suffer from it as nerve gets damage in bladder.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is also injurious to health but this has become one of the common thing that works in every occasion. Occasionally drinking or drinking little bit does not affect a lot but if you have habit of too much then it is bad.

It not only your belly will be fat but the testosterone level will reduce that also lowers the sperm count and production. There is no such evidence that little bit drinking does not affect your sperm count.

But yes, there are proofs that heavy drinking lowers the T level, sperm quality and count and several other issues.

So now its up to you whether you would like to continue drinking or should stop it completely. Nobody can better judge you than yourself. But I will suggest you to stop drinking if you have a habit and avoid spoiling your love life completely.

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The sunscreen cream

Men also uses sunscreen lotion so that they can protect their skin from hot sun but this lotion is also problem giver. Yes, you have heard it right, sunscreen lotion can make you fall in great problem.

As per the study, your skin absorbs chemicals that filter out UV rays such as BP-2 or 3OH-BP that reduces sperm count to 30%.

Researchers have suggested that those men who are really concerned about their sperm count should remove the lotion or sunscreen by washing it after they enters their home or any indoors.

Bath in hot tubs

Many men loves to take hot bath and this is enjoying for many. But as hot tubs are designed and soaking in those tubs can be risky for your sperm count.

Generally, hot tubs can create problem because testicles are submerged in hot water and there is no way to cool them. This temporarily hurts sperm count, which is not safe for healthy fertility.

So if you have a habit of taking hot baths then kindly stop it so that you don’t have to face any fertility problem in your love life.

Laptops or Smartphones

Health experts say that testes work around 35°C (95°F) or may be two degrees cooler than body temperature. However if you use your laptop then it can increase the temperature to 70°C (158°F) and this also increases the temperature of scrotum and hence sperm production lowers.

The same happens with the mobile phones also. In a research, it was found that those people who talk four or more than four hours suffers from low sperm count.

In fact, recent study reveals that if you are taking your phone in pocket or in belt then also there is a chance that your sperm count will reduce.

So try to avoid the heat of laptop and phones, don’t place laptop on thighs but put it on table or desk if you have any.

Not having sex

Do you know that if you are not having sex then it can lower your sperm count? Even I was surprised to hear but yes, it happens and it has evidence.

In one of the research done in Israel at Soroka University Medical Center says that those guys who have low sperm count, for them keeping away of sex for even one day can make the condition worse and it will reduce the production further.

There is a saying that you should save your sperm until your partner is fertile and will help couples to conceive fast. But this is not very much correct because there’s no benefit is seen and the matter was gone worse even.

So remember one thing that abstaining from sex can change the shape of sperm and you can suffer a lot in their problem.

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Anabolic steroids

There is a saying that if men takes anabolic steroids then testosterone level will increase and fertility will improve. But the truth is something else.

Taking on steroids have a bad effect on health and man’s fertility. It makes the testicles shrink and what a person may expect will happen just the opposite.

Sometimes the damage is reversible but not always. The damage is permanent and men suffers a lot in their sexual life.

Only thing that can make men out of the situation is by stop taking steroids and it will slowly return to normal level after several month or years.

Best way to increase low sperm count

Well, this is very much true that plenty of men suffers from some or the other problems in sexual life and low sperm count is one of them. Men want some better ways, which can help them to increase sperm count effectively.

In this condition, trying out some natural supplements can be the best option. Semenax is a natural and effective pill that specializes in boosting low sperm count and quality. This is a naturally made products that contains 100% natural ingredients and without any side effects.

Those men who suffers from low sperm count and want it in high quantity and quality, for them Semenax is one of the best choice.



At last, I would like to conclude that though men suffers from low sperm count and quality but there are ways to get out of it. Realize yourself what is wrong and what can affect bad to your body. Hopefully, I have mentioned 11 things to know that destroys your sperm count and how to increase it.

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