Peyronies Device- Straight your Curved Penis And Treat Peyronies Disease

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Peyronies disease is a penis problem which occurs due to fibrous scar tissue, known as plaque that forms inside the penis. Due to this, penis becomes curved and men can have painful erections. Here the penis differs in shape and size.

Though, many men can still have sex with their curved penis but, not the same case for all. Many of them face pain while having sexual intercourse or can suffer from erectile dysfunction. This condition totally stops men from having sexual activity.

However when it comes to know the reason then stress and anxiety can lead to such penis bend. But no matter whatever the reasons behind, treatment is always necessary to get rid of the problem. Many times it goes away on its own but not compulsory that the penis bend will eliminate on its own.

So what to do next? To overcome the condition, Peyronies Device is developed which works to straighten the curved penis and cure other problems as well.


What is Peyronies Device


The Peyronies Device is a complete treatment for men who suffer from Peyronies disease and those who suffer from curvature of the penis.  The main part of the treatment is the traction device which has been clinically proven to help with curvature straightening.

The Peyronies Device is used to straight penis in an easy way. By using this device, you can decrease the discomfort and also you can improve your sex life because this is the only device to back up. For this, you should use only high effective and clinically tested device when you are suffering from the symptoms which are mentioned below:

Unnecessary plaque or blemish tissues build up

Shortening of the penis

Pain or uneasiness while erection

Low erections

Lack of sexual desire

If all the above symptoms are found, then be sure that you have Peyronies disease but before that, you should to be sure that you have this disease or not. For such disease, there are two treatment plans available and this plan is for those who have such disease or it can be used by those who want to correct their curve.

How it helps to achieve what you are Looking for?


The Peyronies Device” is a successful device to treat the curved penis or the Peyronies disease and also has a complete backing of medical professionals which is from all over the world. With the help of this device, you can:

Help to strengthen and can improve 6428-straighten-peniserections.
Can increase penis size
Complete treatment against Peyronies disease.
Increase blood flow and also confidence
Reduce excessive plaque build-up which is even caused by Peyronies disease.
Prevent pain or discomfort during sex.


Do you have Peyronies Disease or a curved penis? Diagnose your condition


2There is a difference in having Peyronies Disease and curved penis. Peyronies is a curvature which is created as a result of lump that is made out of scar tissue. This lump forces the penis to bend on one side and also painful in some cases. Due to this, it makes sex difficult and in some cases, it is impossible. When you have a lump, then you have the disease of Peyronies otherwise it is a natural occurring disease. This both diseases can be treated successfully with the help of Peyronies device.

If you have a bump or an increase of plaque then you have Peyronies disease.

If you don’t have a bump or build-up of plaque it is a naturally occurring curvature.

Now both of the cases can be successfully treated, with the given treatment plans which are customized according to your requirements- to make possible the quickest outcome in the small possible time.

If you are not sure then kindly consult a doctor before selecting your treatment plan.


Treatment plan to follow:


get rid of penis problems

Both the treatment plans are medically tested and you can use this treatment so that it can help to correct curvature in a fast way. Peyronies device is the only device which is made to correct the curvature of the penis. The two methods include:

  • Curvature straightening treatment plan– This treatment plan is specially designed so that you can straight your penis curvature and also improve the hardness of erection.
  • Peyronies Treatment plan– This is designed so that it can reduce the scar tissue and can help to straight your curvature and can also supercharge your sexual desire.


Things that makes The Peyronies Device™ #1 Seller Across The World!



Medical Type 1 Peyronies Traction Device:

This device is clinically tested and established to remove penis curvatures, this exclusive apparatus is not accessible from anywhere else. It is specially designed to get rid of penis curvatures.


Directional Noose Straightening

This device helps you to make your penis curvature free from all directions such as left, right, up and down. To include extra tension to a left or right curve apply the Directional Noose Straigtening system.


Perfect Grip System

This device gives you perfect grip while using because you will only make straight your penis if there is sufficient tension while using the device (only if you experience comfortable while wearing.)

To make these possible, lots of professionals spent years on research. And the result of their hard work is Perfect Grip System.

You exactly select the grip which is perfect for you. You have choices like Velcro, Noose or Comfort strap technology which guarantees no slippage.


Multi Head

It is packed with multi head, to make possible Directional Noose Straightening™ it launches Multi Head™ which permits you to select from two diverse kinds of head. Choose any one according to your requirement and comfort.

8481-foam-latex5Comfort Foam & Latex Comfort Strips

Never avoid the significance of comfort while using your device! This device is packed with comfort foams and latex comfort strips which are intended to make sure user can wear the device for the highest amount of time.

Peyronies Device Spare Parts8481-spare-parts6

This device is manufactured with the premier standards and comes with SIX month money back guarantee. But after a few years what do user do if somewhat goes absent or breaks? And the answer is, you can use the spare parts which are included for FREE with the package of your Peyronies Device.

8481-extras7Nice Extras

To help our users for keeping the whole thing separate, it includes a pretty nice, luxury box and security key. It also includes vital instructions and usage plan.

Straight Again Massage Techniques8481-dvd8

A set of more than 20 massage techniques which are intended to help with curvature straightening, ejaculation control, erection hardness, and length gains.

The technique of every massage is expertly established by an actual customer! Simply copy the methods while watching the DVD.


How Peyronies Device Works


The Curvature of the penis can also be treated by using the techniques of “cell Duplication”.

8481-doc-packWhen your penis is curved, then it requires being straighten sometimes and because of this, the Peyronies Device is used which can really help to straight the penis. Some of the penis curve due to the need that one side of the penis want to catch up with the other.

Such type of curvature can be successfully treated by “The Peyronies Device”. This device holds the penis in a straight way and will supply a steady length of the penis and stretch the penis in a secure manner. If the penis is curved, then one side of the penis will get more stretch then the other side.

This stretch in result will encourage cell duplication to occur.

When the penis continues to feel this steady pull, then the cell of the penis start to experience naturally body phenomena which is known as ‘cell duplication’. This is where the penis is pulled and as soon as the penis is pulled, the cells of the penis start to pull apart which encourage the new cells to form.

By this, one side of the penis will experience a large traction which will force the cell duplication to occur on that side of the penis. And at the same time, when the other sided of the penis catches up, and then the whole penis start to extend in a straight direction which makes the penis looks straighter and longer.



Before and after of Peyronies Device


There are many men who have shared that happiness and enjoyment photos of their penis. Their bend penis becomes straight after using this device and also their penis size increases, achieving enough erections without any pain. Some of the pictures of before and after are:



Just four months on I simply can’t believe the results! My erection, which, back in Feb was 6.9 inches in length and 5.4 inches in girth, is now a whopping 8.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in girth! My wife can’t believe it either and my proudest moment happened recently when she returned home with a few packs of XL condoms, which fit great! Lovemaking is also better than ever! I now have really good control and orgasms are much more intense (for both of us).

From- John

My stamina has gone way up! I am a 60 year old that has always felt I was average till I saw your size survey chart.  Not only have I become larger and longer, my stamina has gone way up. My confidence in bed and the enjoyment is unbelievable. I started in mid-September, about a total 4 to 6 hours a day. Wearing the device two or so hours in the morning and again in the evening. Had three 5 day breaks due to travel, but was surprised that I didn’t lose any gains. The device was easy to use and after a while I would forget I had it on.

From- Edward




The device works effectively and gives their users a money back guarantee. You have to use the device for 120 days (4 months). After using it, if you don’t see any result or improvement on penis curvature then you can return the device within 6 months of receiving the product.  You will get the full refund without any questions asked. This completely means that you will not lose anything, and you will gain everything.


Peyronies Device Offers


SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System Retail Price- $499.95 Offer Price- $299.95 (Save $200)
SizeGenetics™ Comfort Package Retail Price: $399.95 Offer Price- $249.95 (Save $150)
SizeGenetics™ Value Edition Retail Price: $274.95 Offer Price- $199.95 (Save $75)
Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition Retail Price: $499.95 Offer Price- $299.95 (Save $200)


Peyronies Device Result



Comparison of Peyronies Device With Other penis Enlargement Options


Other DevicesSurgeryPumpsPills
SizeGenetics™ Inferior Devices
2,800g 1,500 – 2,700g
Average Results
Gain Inches Not Proven
Device Manufacture
USA/Denmark China
Testimonials Shown
Yes No
Age of Company
18 Years 1-5 Years
180 day money back guarantee No Guarantee / Complex T&Cs
No, clinically proven Yes, gold parts & 20” claims
Clinically Proven
Yes No

SizeGenetics™ Surgery
$199.95 – $398.95 Up to $10,000.00
Time Off Work
None Needed Up to 1 week
Pain Medication Needed
Not Needed Usually Needed
Abstain from Sex
No Yes, up to 6 weeks
Private Transaction
Yes, order online, discreet No, meet with consultants and surgeons
Start Extending This Week
Yes No

SizeGenetics™ Pumps
Intended for Penis Extension
Yes No
Clinically Proven for Penis Extension
Yes No
Length Gains
Gain Inches Not Proven
Desired Effects
Permanent Temporary
Side Effects
None, when used as recommended None, when used as recommended

SizeGenetics™ Pills
Intended for Penis Extension
Yes No
Medical Device / Regulated
Yes No
Clinically Proven for Penis Extension
Yes No
Length Gains
Gain Inches Not Proven
Desired Effects
Permanent Temporary
Side Effects
None, when used correctly Unknown


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Who should use the Peyronies Device?
The Peyronies device is meant for all men who want to straighten the curvature of their penis, whether it is caused by Peyronies Disease or has occurred naturally.

Why Choose The Peyronies Device?
The Peyronies device has very strong results from years of research along with discussions to both doctors and the sufferers of the condition. This device is fully classified approved type one medical device which is built to the highest standard along with medical grade components.

How does the device correct curvature or make the penis grow?
The cells react with the application of traction or tension by dividing and multiplying which makes the penis to grow new tissue.

Why worry about penis growth when trying to correct curvature?
Peyronies disease often causes shortening of the penis or the appearance of a shorter penis, which is due to the curve that makes the penis appear shorter than a straight penis.  Even there are also retractions in many cases which are caused by the plaque pulling on healthy tissue and pulling the penis back into a shorter length.

Is The Device Clinically Proven?
There are lots of studies studied into the positive effects using Peyronies traction device. In face the overall 90% of all test reports have shown noticeable improvement in penile curvature.

How to use the Peyronies Device?
This device is very easy to use. Only you have to put it on your penis, select the right grip, directional noose and multi head. You have to wear the device 2-8 hours daily. The longer you wear it, faster and better results you will get.

Is traction treatment painful?
No, you will not get any pain while using traction therapy. Similar to other device, the Peyronies device is supplied with a great choice of comfort fittings which has a special designed multi-angle head which accepts all the degrees of curvature and without causing any discomfort to the user. You may feel some un-comfort situation but only for few days when you start to use the device but if you are feeling the pain then the tension is set to be very high. So you should back off the tension in the side arms so that you reduce too much tension.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are no such side effects in using this device. If you are using it according to the directions, then only side effect you will notice is that your penis will be straighter and longer.

What are the main benefits of the Peyronies Device?
If you use it regular wise, then Peyronies Device can reduce curvature. It may also include length of penis, give stronger erections and control over ejaculations.

Should I remove the device when using the toilet?
 Yes, you should remove the device when going for toilet.  Urine is corrosive and will stain and cause odors, especially on the comfort system, which is foam or fabric. So you should remove it before you go to toilet.

Where Is The Device Made?
Peyronies Device is manufactured in Denmark to exacting standards by using medical grade components.

Can I use Peyronies Device if I’m circumcised?
Yes, you can use the device. There is no matter if you are circumcised or not.

Which package should I choose?
The Peyronies Device is available as device only and with two specialized treatment plans. Select Peyronies Treatment Plan if you have the Peyronies Disease. However, if your penis is naturally bent, then select the Curvature Straightening Treatment Plan.

Can I wear it while sleeping?
No, you should not sleep with wearing this device. If you sleep with the device on, then the uncontrolled movement that is made during sleeping can cause you injury and also you cannot take periodic breaks from treatment.

How long should I wear the traction device before taking a break?
The device you are using should take a 15 minute break after two hours of traction.

What kind of results to expect?
Results are highly individual, but according to research and studies, you can see a 20% improvement in curvature and also the device can add gains to your size.

Is shipping discreet?
The order you will place will be shipped in a plain brown box and nobody will ever know what’s inside.

Will stretching with a traction device, make my penis thinner?
No, stimulating cell division in the penis, through traction, increases length as well as girth.  The penis grows in all directions through reacting to traction tension.

What if I skip a day?
If you want better results, you should perform traction treatment every day.  When a day is missed, try and add a little time, to compensate for the missed time over the next few days.




Peyronies disease a not so common problem so many don’t suffer from this condition, but there are few men who face problem in their sexual activity due to bend penis. However nobody wants to be in pain so treatment is very much necessary. Peyronies device is one of the helpful device that completely provide men to fix the penis curvature along with giving relief from painful erections.

So in my opinion, you should use the product once if you have curved penis and see the difference. And if not then it provides money back guarantee where you will get refund of your money. So don’t worry, simply go for the device and enjoy your sexual life without any problem.