The Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Surgery!

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You might have noticed that many men are not happy with their penis size. They have a thought that bigger penis size will have more enjoyment and satisfying. But this is not same with every men. All men are different and everyone has different penis size.

But small penis size affect a lot in men’s self-confidence due to which they fail to handle their sexual life. Because of all those bad affect, men want to increase their penis size with surgery. You might have heard about penis enlargement surgery which many men go for.

So today let us know what penis enlargement surgery is and what bad effect it can have on men.

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About penis enlargement surgery

Many men goes for enlargement surgery of their penis because they are not happy with their penis size. There are two types of surgery which are done for girth and another for length.

However for girth, surgeon the fat cells from any part of your body and implants in your penis.

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But increasing the length of penis is little bit complex. It involves ligaments cutting to hold penis in its proper place and after that used weight and stretching devices. This is a course of few months in which length of penis is increased gradually.

Understand Advantages and Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Many men ask Does Penis Enlargement Work? What do you think about it?

Well, it is really very important to understand the advantages and disadvantages before doing any surgery. Though it may seem that surgery is useful but actually it has many side effects. So, let us know some of the side-effect of Penis enlargement surgery.

The Disadvantages:

Difficulties in Achieving Erections: The common risk about penis enlargement surgery is a difficulty in achieving the proper erection during sex. For that, many problems will occur on enjoying the sex.

The cost: This surgery is very costly with a surgery cost of 4000$ to 10000$ in United States. This is considered as a cosmetic surgery. For that this is not covered by insurance companies.

Infection: There is a risk of infection at the site of incision and it can be a cause of more complications.

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Scarring: It is really very scarring to keep it clean and dry. This cannot only be unsightly but also uncomfortable for sex.

Loss of sensation in the penis: Loss of sensation is temporary issue after doing the surgery, but for some men it will be permanent problem which can be a cause of sexual dysfunction.

Bleeding: Bleeding is a disadvantage of this surgery. It can be very painful and scarring for some person.

Recovery time: It is one of the biggest problems of penis enlargement surgery. It takes a long time to recover which can be very uncomfortable for any man he cannot do many activities like exercise, sex and many more. It takes minimum of 8 weeks to recover and in some cases, it takes more than that.

So, before doing penis enlargement surgery, be sure that this is the right choice for you because there are many disadvantages and it can be very painful too.

Some alternatives to Penis enlargement surgery

Before going for penis enlargement surgery, you should also look for several other ways to deal with. You will get lots of such methods and some of them are mentioned here.

Penis exercises– You should be aware of penis exercises and if not then this method is best for penis enlargement. Kegels, jelqs and stretches are used by several men to make their penis longer and harder. You have to give time to all these exercises and at the end you will get a long and thick penis.

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Penis pills– There are several pills you will get in market as well as online which will help you to get larger penis size. No matter some may take time but pills like ExtenZe are really helpful to get longer and harder penis size along with erection. These pills helps to improve blood flow to penis and your overall penis function will increase.

Penis enlargement equipment– In fact for increasing your penis size, you will get several devices. Many penis extenders devices like Peyronies Device is one of the beneficial penis enlarging device. It helps to cure peyronies disease and at the same helps to increase the size of penis. They don’t have any type of side effects and anyone can use it.

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No need to enlarge your penis– The simple solution is not to enlarge your penis size. Whatever size you have, be happy with it. In fact many partners don’t need long penis but need satisfaction. Every men have different penis size and so its better to leave it normal as it is or can go for some natural ways to get more stamina and orgasm.

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Penis enlargement surgery is a not the last option but there are several other options which you should focus on. The surgery is not a good thing because it may give you relax for some time but in future, it can create a problem. so better to go for some other methods like exercise or using enlargement devices that really works to deal with the situation.

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The Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Surgery!
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