The Causes of Low Sperm Motility and How It Can Be Treated

low sperm motility

There are many and women who face problem when they want to conceive. Here the actual problem is because of fertility. And when fertility testing is done then men has to go under semen analysis. Here the analysis includes sperm motility, sperm count etc.

So today in this blog, you will know about sperm motility, its causes and how to get rid of it? So let us go though it completely.


About sperm motility

Sperm motility generally refers to ability for man’s sperm so that it can swim properly. In fact in many cases, people consider the importance of sperm count when time comes to male infertility and fertility, and that time sperm motility matters a lot in many cases.

Those men who have low sperm motility, their majority of sperm is not up to mark and they don’t go in proper way to make it the egg.

Why Sperm Motility Is Important for Male Fertility

When a man’s sperm cannot swim effectively then the natural conception is made much more difficult. In this process, the sperm does not reach to the egg due to its poor motility and it very often passes the vaginal canal.

When time comes to male fertility problems then two reasons occurs very often which are low sperm count that refers to a situation in which man’s semen does not consists of normal semen and this very common in men.

Next is the low sperm motility issue and in this sperm does not make any type of progress when they are ejaculated into the vagina and when the sperm does not move forward then they are unable to make the journey from vagina past the cervix towards the fallopian tubes.

Generally the sperm which is normal acts quickly when they are ejaculated and even they swim fast as much as possible. But problem is when the sperm does not move and they die in the vagina itself and hence the egg does not fertilize.

There are some cases where the sperm moves but not in so much speed that it needs and this speed is not enough and therefore it stops there only. Though there are several treatments available but all are not effective but some natural treatments are effective too.

Though the treatment does not have any guarantee but one can try those and may be it works.

Factors that cause sperm motility

Mentioned below are some of the main causes of sperm motility and if you avoid all these factors then there will be no need of expensive treatments.


heatYou should avoid heat as much you can because excess heat is very harmful for testicles and it can also affect badly on the sperm production.

Always try to stay away from heat like don’t bath on hot water, saunas and whirlpools. Moreover wear light and comfortable underwear so that it does not fit tight to you because it can also produce excessive heat.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Vitamins-and-mineralsIf you are not following proper diet then lots of problem can also occur and among all such problems, low sperm count is the main.

Therefore you should diet healthy which includes vitamin C, vitamin B12, zinc, folate etc. Well if you are lacking somewhere then to meet your body’s requirements you can take some nutritional supplements.

Too much sex

too much sexThere is a limit for everything and when something is done too much then it is also bad. You should avoid too much sex and you should give at least two days gap.

If you don’t do that then it can be harmful for your sperm motility as it can decrease. It is instructed to do sex everyday when the fertility window is only of three to four days. Otherwise minimum of two or three days is ideal.

Heavy metals

You should know that whatever you eat affect your body and heavy metal plays an important role in sperm quality. Therefore before eating anything you should avoid certain foods like sea fish, iodized salt etc. Drinking distilled water can be useful for you.

Stress and bad lifestyle

stressStress is considered as one of the bad effect which can really harmful for your body. Due to this several health problem occurs and at the same time it also affect you fertility. Therefore you should always try to keep yourself stress free and relax as much you can.

Try some yoga or meditation to keep yourself calm and remove all bad habits that you have like drinking alcohol or smoking.

Treatment for Low Motility

When it comes to treatment then many options are available to cure low sperm motility but whatever choices men select they are very much expensive. Some of the common and most popular treatments are mentioned below:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – This is a method of artificial insemination which introduces man’s sperm into woman’s uterus, thus decreasing the swimming amount of sperm it does to reach the egg

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – This process involves fertilization of egg with sperm in controlled lab setting which increases the chance of pregnancy successfully.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – This sperm injection is done while IVF treatment. In this process, man’s sperm is injected directly into woman’s egg just to make sure about the fertilization take place.

Use of sperm donor– When man is unable to produce any viable sperm in him then sperm donors are used.

Use semen pills– There are many semen pills which work effectively in boosting semen level and increase the motility rate. Semenax is one of the pills that is used to boost semen and sperm volume without any side effects. This product is also suggested by many doctors and health experts so that men can have enough semen volume and they can get rid of any problem while conceiving.


Low motility is one of the reasons where men and women both face problems in their sexual life. However many factors are responsible for it but after following the above tips which are mentioned in this blog, men can really come out of the situation.

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The Causes of Low Sperm Motility and How It Can Be Treated
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The Causes of Low Sperm Motility and How It Can Be Treated
Low sperm motility is one of the common issue which men and women faces while they try to conceive. Know the causes of sperm motility and know how to cure it without any further issue
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