The Best Time of the Day to Have Sex With Your Partner

best time to have sex

Have you ever thought before sex that which is the best time to do sex?

At what time you have sex with your partner? Do you know that doing sex on some perfect timing can give you more pleasure and satisfaction to you as well as your partner?

If you are still far from these realities then read this complete blog carefully and know the best time of day to have sex.

Sex is important for every people in this world as many of them think that having sex can make life happier and living standard also changes. Everybody have sex whenever they want to have but have you ever thought about the best time to have sex with your partner?

Generally men have sex at night before bed but what hormone expert thinks is that men should have sex on some particular time of the day and following the time can provide men with better sex experience.

Therefore men should find the best time for having sex so that their life can be enjoyable more than before. Well, some of the best time of having sex are mentioned in this article where you can have a delightful sex with your partner.

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Best Time of the day to Have Sex

Sex in the morning

morning sex

Men’s body is made for morning sex because in morning, not only the testosterone level are high but also there is an increase in oxytocin level along with energy level that completely keeps you and your partner attached throughout the entire day and the endorphins present in it increase your mood.

Even you should know then for men, morning is one of the best time for having sex due to low body temperature and high melatonin levels. In the morning hours, men reach on the peak of their sexual excitement.

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Having sex after a Workout

Having sex after a Workout

After having a workout, you can have sex with your partner which can give you a nice feel and it can give extra benefits of higher sexual function. In a study, women’s reaction were seen in after 20 minutes bike ride and it has found that their genital region were 169 percent more compared to normal after a workout.

Though it is not necessary to have a nice image after every workout but still can provide better result in the bedroom. In this process, your body will pump out testosterone which is a crucial sex hormone and this will give you a sweat session.

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Day 14 in women’s cycle

Day 14 in women’s cycle

In a study, it has been found that women’s around two weeks in their cycle, clitoris grows to 20 percent bigger and it becomes enlarged very easily. It means that women’s orgasm can easily come on flow in such period of time. And this is the time when their ovulation occurs and it a sign that her body will perform more action on that particular day.

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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Having sex in the afternoon can also give you an extra benefits for the extra day. Instead of feeling bore and stress, having sex in the afternoon will help you to have relief from stress and the perfect time for that is from 12 noon to 3 pm.

It can add an extra bonus of having naughty and your work will also be done. You will feel confident in doing rest of the work and also have a mood of attacking rest of your day.

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Having sex even after a bad day

Having sex even after a bad day

When you are more tired at the office then having sex can really help you compared to drinking beers to have a relief from stress. In a study, it has been shown that even holding hands of your partner can improve the mood and decrease the stress level.

In fact taking out the frustration in bedroom can actually work providing you with more passionate and enthusiastic. You can have a satisfy sex on bed with the angry mood and the angry sex can be really red hot.

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How to Increase Sexual Power while Sex?

Though having sex at different time can really make your mood but what if you don’t last long in bedroom? This can be very frustrating, right? So, how to overcome this situation?

Well, you should take some natural supplement so that you don’t fail while having sex with your partner. VigRX Plus will be the best choice because it has the power to boost sex drive, give men rock-hard erections and at the same time, enhance sexual pleasure with power to stay longer in bed.

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Well, there are different timing of having sex and all have some of the other benefits but everything depends on you, which time fits you to have sex. It is said that morning sex is an important meal of the day and it does not matter whether you have sex in the entire day or not. Therefore you can rock in the morning with your partner in bed and after that you will feel better, looks fresh and stress free day.

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The Best Time of the Day to Have Sex With Your Partner
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The Best Time of the Day to Have Sex With Your Partner
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