The 5 Best Myths about Men’s Sexuality

myths of mens sexuality

After marriage, everyone want to have sex but does not know how to do it actually. This is because nobody have guided in this topic before marriage. However it has been seen that there are lots of misunderstanding around female sexuality and orgasm function compared to man. It does not matter about the size or anxiety performance, men come across several situation which are not expected related to sex which affect health and the ability to perform. Similar to female sexuality myths which affect self-esteem and well-being, the fake information about penis size, sexual pleasure and some false information can really affect men’s confidence. In one of the study it has found that at least 45% of men wished to have a bigger penis size and in some other study it has found that 25 percent of men have faked orgasm.

However men should know something about themselves which are not known till now and in fact this should also be noticed by every women what actually happens. So here in this article, you should know about some common myths about men’s sexuality.

Myth 1- Men are more interested in sex than women

This is a common thing that men have more interest in sex compared to women. The decrease in interest in women is because of several pressure in life. They can have less interest in sex when they are raped or abused in childhood, due to unaddressed relationship issues, unexpected lovemaking or busy in managing children and in some work and all these conditions divert women’s nature. Women are mixed to change their sexy yearnings into romantic fantasy instead of genital imagination but this is also true that when they get free from such negatives thoughts of sex then their interest in sex increases.

When women come in the complete sex mood with their lover who is skilled, sensitive, and considerate then their sexual energy gets stimulated and their sex interest equals or exceeds the interest from men. Men’s sex organs are less mysterious and hidden compared to women and they know that sex is for their own pleasure and not the women. But one thing which men and women both should learn is that they should make themselves free from any negative thought on sex and should pay attention in how to give and receive desire.

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Myth 2- Men want sex but women want to talk

It is said by someone that sex is “his” need and talking is “her” need. This is hard to believe but one can see this in their real life. This is true that men want to dos ex but women want to talk, no matter whatever the situation may be. This can be tested if men and women both are kept in separate camps. But one thing is true that both men and women like sex and the only thing which requires is the fundamental part of being ready and have sex.

Myth 3- The bigger the penis, the better. 

It is true that size matters a lot. But if you don’t know how to do sex then there is no use of having bigger penis size. So it is very important to use a penis skillfully and if anyone don’t know than it should be learned. If men have smaller penis then it can be easy to operate inside the vagina and this may inspire man to change the ways to please their lover. One problem with small penis is that men belief that they are not good enough to have sex with their partner. The problem can be from any size whether it is small or big so it’s better to have an enough size which can please your partner and should have enough skills to sex.

Myth 4- Men can ejaculate to have sexual pleasure

Though this is one of the common belief but ask to those men who has learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation. In fact for many men orgasm without ejaculation makes a man to be multi-orgasmic, desire, confidence and to maintain consistent sexual energy. When men learn to orgasm without ejaculation then just want to go to ejaculate every time. There are many women who orgasm without ejaculating as they don’t know how to orgasm without ejaculating or may be because their partners don’t know how to make them pleasure to cause an ejaculatory release. But now women know that ejaculation and orgasm are different and there is nothing to have shame on what they do and can identify their choices.

Myth 5- Watching porn can make men cheat on their spouses

Actually the truth is that men who watches porn can avoid cheating their spouses and this can also reduce violence in some cultures and communities. In one articles it was mentioned that many men who watches porn movies stated that they get satisfaction as they have higher sex drive which they can apply on their partners and it completely satisfies them without pressuring their partner. If they want to enjoy the sexual fantasy then only watching porn movies can do the trick instead of going for the some other suggestion.

Some Other Ways to Increase Sexual Pleasure

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