Testosterone Levels Seems to Fall With Fatherhood- Reasons And its Cure!

Testosterone Levels Seems to Fall With Fatherhood- Reasons And its Cure!

In a recent study, it has been found that the level of testosterone decrease after men becomes a father.

This is because those men don’t have to compete with others and their full focus is on bonding with their children.

But still it is not clear that after becoming a father, men’s testosterone level really decreases and also it is not clear that how hormonal system affects in men.

So today we will discuss on does testosterone level falls in fatherhood and if so then what is the reason behind it?

Till now researchers have found that men have ‘a really dramatic drop’ in the level of testosterone after that become a father. There is something which helps men in their first months in the conversion of becoming a father.

Humans are considered as unusual among mammals and this is because male helps with raising offspring and this ratio when compared to other mammals then it is only 5 percent.

So in comparison, males help out at least 90 percent of bird species. One of the researchers said that when men become fathers, they get their strength like a man. But the study suggests something else when the topic comes to testosterone level.


What the Research Suggest?

In one of the research, the researchers examined 624 young men in the Philippines and had taken the blood tests of all those men who were followed for 4.5 years.

In this research, at least one-third of them has got married or some of them have found long term girlfriends and they have become fathers.

All these men have more level of testosterone before they have become fathers and this is because testosterone level helps them to attract women.

After becoming fathers, the level of testosterone decreases at least 26 to 34 percent but it depends on the time it was measured. This is almost double the testosterone level dropped in single men who have not become fathers.

But what the decrease levels of testosterone mean to those men? Well, it is not easy to say but I think it does not mean much to those men.

May be this is due to the needs of their children and they are less interested in making sexual intercourse with the partners or competing with other men.

Those men have the extra attraction to their kids leaving other men who have not become fathers.

Moreover, the level of testosterone can be lower for those men who takes care a lot of their kids. May be its physical interaction with their kids and this may through various ways like by physical touch or sight or smell which might enable something on their brain and this may low down the testosterone level in men who have become fathers.

One of the researchers said that testosterone level decreases due to the side effects of bonding hormones that increase like prolactin and oxytocin.

If one has low testosterone level then it can have a bad effect on the immune system of male and hence also decreases the possibility ways to pass pathogens along with infections to all the new borns whose immune system is still developing.

One of the professors at Washington State University said that one of the questions appears whether a level of testosterone drop in those men who end up by having poor relationships with their kids.

When the level drops then it is estimated that men might get more close towards their family and also one thing is better that men don’t get into others conflicts and also don’t see for any other mates.

However, this low T level also can take to other thought that wives of men think that their husband is less sexually aroused. Because in this case the hormone level drops and it takes almost a year to return after men have their children

However this can be a serious issue which should be cured so that in future, men don’t have to face any kind of problem. Well for that men might look for some ways that can boost T level.

How to Increase Testosterone level?

Well when time comes to increase testosterone level then ways are several. However, men should focus on to boost T level naturally. You can also use Pro Testosterone supplement, which is a natural way to increase Testosterone level.

Taking this supplement will help men to boost T level and helps to stop the fall of T level at fatherhood. However it is made of natural ingredients that are approved by FDA and it don’t have any side effects. So what are you waiting for, buy now Pro Testosterone supplement and boost your testosterone level without any fall after becoming father.


It is a natural case seen in many men that after becoming father, the testosterone level drops. However, men should stop thinking much because this is a common thing but here men should focus in boosting the level otherwise it can also harm relationship.

However whenever you face such problem then I would suggest you to use Pro Testosterone supplement as a good alternative among several others.

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