Ejaculating Too Quickly? Best Tricks Not To Come Fast During Sex

Ejaculating Too Quickly

Every men wants to perform well in bed and poor performance can really hurt your self-esteem. Do you know that this bad performance is also an indication of poor sexual health?

Nowadays, men suffer a lot in their sexual life where they ejaculate too soon than expected. So they want to know some tricks not come fast and at the same time, how to boost sexual stamina and end up SUPERB in bed.

Basically, men suffer from two sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Men who suffer from ED think how to overcome it as they ejaculate very quickly during sex. This in turn can make your partner unhappy and it’s a severe problem for men.

So today in this blog, we will discuss about some tricks not to come fast and how to last longer in bed naturally while sex.

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Users Question:

Once intercourse begins I ejaculate in about 20-30 seconds give or take. I want to be able to last longer in bed. I hear my roommate go for an hour or more. This is embarrassing to the point that many girls express interest in me but I try my best to avoid them due to the disappointment which I know they will face when we have intercourse. I want to be able to last long during intercourse and please my partner. These days a healthy relationship includes pleasing the woman sexually, something I know I am not presently capable of doing. I don’t want to get in a meaningful relationship only to have it end because I suck in bed. What can I do? Should I seek some sort of sex teacher to help me with this issue or do I have to live with this fault?

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About Premature Ejaculation

Almost everyone knows about premature ejaculation, especially those men who suffer from the condition. In this situation, men climax very soon without any assumption somewhere within two or three minutes or even less.

This is a complete problem of climaxing too quickly where they cannot control their ejaculation power. However coming too early can be due to stress and it also put pressure or strain in sex life. Men at some time experience with this PE but after a study it was found that between 25% and 60% of men suffer from such problem on regular basis. [Read Ways to Climax at Same Time While Having Sex]

PE can interrupt in sexual life and also the culprit to break the relationship between couples. Men ejaculate before they want while having sex and this is called as early ejaculation. This problem is also common in young men and can be treated with several medications.

How long does the average man last in bed?

This is the question from many men who really get frustrate in their love life and want to know how to stop yourself from coming quickly. Almost every man wants to finish their sexual activity with blast in bedroom but there is a lot of pressure in this.

Do you know how long does the average man last in bed?

I am sure many of them don’t know the real graph about this. You will be shocked to know that an average man in America almost lasts for 13 minutes, 10 minutes in Europe, 7 minutes in Germany and when it comes to India then the time reduces a lot.

In India, the average time man last longer in bed is for less than 7 minutes. In one survey from NHSLS by Laumann et al, many people reported about their premature ejaculation and the number will surprise you. 32 percent men aged between 30-39, 28 percent aged 40-49 and around 31 percent aged 50-59 reported about the issue.

In fact, in another study, it was found about 10 minutes of foreplay and 9 penetrative intercourse. And when the couples were asked about the number then almost 52% were happy with that but 23% of men and around 19% of women were expecting longer sex.

Another study was conducted in 2016 where 500 heterosexual couples were found to last almost 5.4 minutes without including the foreplay.

What are the reasons to come quick?

Well the causes of coming too fast can be due to several reasons such as fear, over excitement, use of drugs or alcohol, depression and anxiety about sex. [Read Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?].

One thing you should know that ejaculating too quickly may also lead to low libido and lack of interest in sex. If men don’t ejaculate on time then it is a kind of frustration and no satisfaction can be seen in sexual activity.

Due to this, women also don’t seem to take any interest in sexual activity because of the frustration that their partner cannot satisfy them and nothing goes on her way.

And finally the result comes that couples stop their sexual contact with each other because they don’t want to face emotional pain of sexual disappointment.

Some other common reasons which can lead to ejaculate too soon can be due to:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • You ejaculated long time ago
  • Watching porn or masturbating

11 tricks not to come fast

Whatever the problem is, treatment is the final option. Ejaculating early is a serious problem especially for those men who are married, so you should look forward to know ways to stop from coming.

Here I have mentioned some of the best tricks on how to prevent/stop from nutting fast. So you should follow them to delay your ejaculation and enjoy your sex life to a height.

Masturbate first

To stop ejaculating early while having sex, you should masturbate first. This is suggested by many health experts. Masturbating one hour before having sex delay ejaculation and after that, men can easily enjoy their sex for longer time without any problem.

Hold off on penetration

While you are busy in lovemaking with your partner, you should also remember to hold off your penetration at least for first 15 minutes. In between, you should focus on other sexual plays as this can remove the pressure from you and help you to stay longer in sex.

Do Kegel exercises

You might know about this exercise as many sex experts suggest doing this to deal with unwanted ejaculation. Kegel exercises can be done anytime anywhere as it provides stronger erection with powerful ejaculation control.

It provides men with greater sexual stamina and at the same time, blood flow to penis also improves that gives longer and harder erection.

Think about something else

Continuously doing sex can lead to ejaculating too soon so why to do such things? In fact, you should think something else while having sex because this will distract from the focus you are doing. The most important thing is that it will help you to delay your ejaculation and will stop from nutting fast.

Change up your positions

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Many times, doing sex with the same position can make you or your partner bore so why don’t you change you sex positions and try something new? You can try some new sex position which can delay your ejaculation. Even you can try some new location to have sex as this will be more exciting and a new way to improve love life.

Go again for sex

Once man ejaculate, it becomes very difficult to again go for sex. If you orgasm fast and does not satisfy your partner then wait for few minutes and again you should try once. This time, you should not ejaculate faster compared to before and you can go longer without any issue.

Talk to your partner

One of the best ways to deal with the situation is a open communication with your partner. Yes, this is true because until you talk to your partner about likes and dislikes of each other or if you don’t pay attention to slow the process that would give the satisfaction, there will no cure for the condition.

And taking to your partner is one of the best and easy ways to get rid of early ejaculation.

Follow the ‘squeeze’ method

Many men who go for sex therapy method for curing early ejaculation, they are given ‘squeeze’ technique to follow. When men come to erection, they squeeze their penis below glans with the help of thumb and forefinger. This is done just before usual ejaculation.

Doing this technique stops the ejaculation but it can affect your erection. This process should be repeated 4-5 times until men can achieve the power to stay 15-20 minutes before ejaculating.

However it is instructed to continue this technique for months to get better results and have the ability to delay orgasm in future. [Read Learn Everything About Delayed Ejaculation – Causes, Treatments & More]

Do ‘start-stop’ method

This method is also useful to stop climaxing too quickly. If you learn this technique then this can help to delay your ejaculation. This technique includes stimulating the penis when you are in excitement to ejaculate and when you feel that you are coming then immediately stop and control yourself.

Again after some time start stimulating your penis and do the same thing as before. Again do it third time and now you can ejaculate.

You can repeat this process 4-5 times and you can recognize the ‘point of no return’. There is no need to hurry, slowly do the process and take the advantage of sexual pleasure that you gain after doing this helpful technique.

Use thicker condoms

If you are facing early ejaculation problem then wearing a condom while sex can help you to stop coming quickly. There are several types of condoms available which can help to delay ejaculation like Permorax condoms manufactured by Durex.

All these condoms are covered with mild anesthetic which desensitizes penis and men can last longer in bed. [Read Know How 5 Ways To Last Longer In Bed Is Going To Change Your Love Life]

Try using natural supplements

There are several natural supplements that can help you to get rid of the premature ejaculation. In fact they come in the form of pills or creams or gel. However trying anyone of them which provide better result can really make a difference in your sexual life compare to before.

VigRX Delay Spray is one of the important products that helps men to overcome PE and also helps to delay orgasm. This is one of the secret weapons which give men the power to stay longer in bed without any interruption. Using this spray increases the confidence level and overall sexual performance. So give a try and stop ejaculating early by ordering VigRX Delay Spray now.

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VigRX Plus This is one of the popular male enhancement supplements that works effectively to cure low erection strength. It provide men with stronger and longer erection, better orgasm, improves overall sexual performance. With the help of this powerful supplement, men can easily control fast sperm release and can better satisfy their partner with lasting longer in bed.

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Male Extra– This is yet another useful supplement that boost sexual health and easily maintain or achieve erection strength. It comes in the form of pill and works exactly as men wants. It improves ejaculation control and improves your libido.

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How to become more sexually active

The best way on focusing how not to come quick is by becoming more sexually active. And how you can be more sexually active?

Well, there are many men who experience dry spell in their love life and to overcome all such issues, I will give you some best tips so that your sexual life becomes happy and satisfying.

Some of the tips include:

Try to make yourself absent for few days

This means that you and your partner are living for many days or years and its high time that you both have not separated even for an hour or minute. This way of living may sometimes bore you and what love and expectations you both want from each other might dissolve somewhere.

So, you both have spent lots of time together and now you should seriously stay away from each other for some time.

Reason is positive because staying apart from each other for some time can generate new love for each other and this will be speechless to say or explain.

Focus on your partner

If you only need sex from your partner and nothing else then your love life cannot go for long. Instead you should pay attention on your partner’s desire. Because not only sex but other things also matter a lot.

If you want a pleasurable sex from your partner and if you want to keep from busting early then talking to your partner before sex can help you a lot. This way will help you to slow down a heated moment.

Eat healthy food together

After all these tips, eating foods is also a way to make yourself more sexually active. You should enjoy your meal together especially the meal that contains aphrodisiac.

You might ask why aphrodisiac? The reason is foods with aphrodisiacs increases sexual desires in both. Some of them include dark chocolate and wine.

You can make your dinner special by putting all these things on menu. Even they are helpful in attracting both couples sexually.

Try something new

Your sex life can become less attractive and less satisfying when you are following the same routine daily with your partner. It also means that there will be no excitement, no focusing on each other and satisfaction.

So, what can be done to become sexually active?

Well, you should try something new like trying some new sex positions while having sex, going outside for spending time, talking about some fantasies and all other things that can make both of your excited.

Some of the things that you both can do together includes:

  • Cooking together
  • Going to park or museum
  • Going for a movie
  • Playing or walking together

Do sexually active exercises

If you are lacking somewhere in sex life then doing exercises are very helpful in taking you out from all such unwanted conditions. Do those activities that helps in boosting sexual excitement, libido, make you complete satisfaction.

The reason behind exercising is blood flow is increased through the entire body. Even testosterone level becomes normal and overall sexual performance become better.

How to build stamina on bed

If you know about how to control fast sperm release then you are actually the master in your sex life. Here I mean to say that you should follow some tips to stay longer in bed by building stamina. And how will you build stamina on bed?

For that, I have some important tips for you.

Evade unwanted pressure– To perform well in bed, you should never be in pressure because this can completely ruin that moment. Don’t think much on sexual activity and don’t expect much because this can reduce the sexual stamina.

Invest in foreplay– Instead of jumping directly to sex, you should focus on foreplay first because this can really help you not to bust fast. Start using your mouth and hands which will build endurance and both can get enough time to warm up for main sexual intercourse.

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Know you’re enjoyable points– It is very important to know your enjoyable points before you jump on your partner. Doing this will help you to involve sexual activity for longer time.

Stay sexually active– Every men want to stay longer in bed and for that, you need lots of energy and effort. Performing certain exercises helps to build stamina in bed and at the same time will improve blood circulation.


Well, after taking some preventive measures and motivation, the problem of ejaculating too quickly can be treated. One important thing which should be noticed by both men and women are that the problem has a hope to get cured by following several methods and techniques.

However searching for better techniques and to overcome the situation is not an easy task, but in this blog I have mentioned some advanced way to cure early ejaculation.

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