Ejaculating Too Quickly? Best Tricks Not To Come Fast During Sex

Ejaculating Too Quickly

Why I am nutting fast? Are you being haunted by this question very often?

Do you want to stop yourself from coming quickly in bed?

If your answer to all these questions is ‘YES’ then trust me you are not alone who is facing the performance issues in the bed. There are millions and millions of men around the globe who is going through this situation.

So, in this blog post I am not only going to answer “how to prevent from nutting fast” but also going to put spotlight on reasons that leads to this issue and best ways you can try to overcome such situations.

But before discussing further it is very important to know “how long does an average man last in bed”, so that we can set a benchmark to judge the performance around.

How Long Does An Average Man Last in Bed?

As per the research paper the majority of men lasted between 4 to 11 minutes and the median time before orgasm is about 6 minutes.

So, if you are lasting around above mentioned duration or further then there is nothing to worry about as you are doing pretty well.

But if you are lasting lesser than that every time, then you must read further to stop yourself from coming quickly.

Reasons That Leads You To Ejaculate Quickly

  • Over excitement during sex
  • High penile sensitivity
  • Sexual inexperience
  • Issues related to control and intimacy
  • Performance anxiety
  • Medical causes such as diabetes, prostate disease, multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems etc.

Best Ways To Stop From Coming Quickly

Premature ejaculation is the medical term which is generally used to treat people how tends to come quickly during sex.

There are numerous ways to cure premature ejaculation but I am going to discuss most practical ways that you can apply straight away to get desired results.

Use Thicker Condoms

If you are facing early ejaculation problem, then wearing a condom while sex can help you to stop coming quickly. There are several types of condoms available which can help to delay ejaculation like Permorax condoms manufactured by Durex.

All these condoms are covered with mild anesthetic which desensitizes penis and you can last longer in bed, hence satisfying your partner and stop cuming quickly.

Use VigRX Delay Spray

Use VigRX Delay Spray that comes in the form of spray to overcome from cuming quickly. This is a male desensitize spray that consists of mild anesthetic and also works to delay sexual performance to overcome the situation.

If you really want to FINISH LIKE A PORNSTAR then do use this VigRX Delay Spray. You might also think that how in PORN MOVIES, they last so longer.

But this is a hidden truth that those men use such sprays to last longer in bed and to satisfy their partners without any fail.

Obviously, every men would like to stay longer in bed to satisfy their partner and the same thing will be possible by taking VigRX Delay Spray. This will help to shoot your load for longer and also stop from nutting fast.

Concentrate On Foreplay

Many men just jump directly to have sex and they come soon than they expect. This is where they lack and unable to satisfy their partner and also want to know how to stop nutting fast?

So, to have a blast with your partner, first focus on foreplay technique because this is a wonderful way to stop from coming.

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Start using your hands and tongue to kiss that will gradually build endurance and at the same time, both partners can get enough time to warm up for sexual intercourse.

Remember that slow start is seductive than going fast. So when your mood strikes and everything comes on your way then go slower.

Count Backwards

The sole purpose of this method is to distract the mind onto a completely different subject so that the sexual excitement can be ignored and you should be able to have sex longer.

But you have to do it properly. You cannot just start from 10 and countdown to 1. Not only is this too familiar and easy but also not long enough.

You need to choose a much higher number that you are not familiar with. For example take a number say 300. You started to count down from 299, 298, 297 and so forth. It actually takes some effort and increases your distraction level.

Change Sex Position Frequently

It is also one of the best ways to last longer in bed.

Changing the sex position frequently breaks the rhythm or you can say the flow of your intercourse which distracts the mind and you tend to last longer.

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But don’t do it too frequently. Just switch to different position when you are about to come, so that you get the time in between to control your sexual excitement.

In addition doing so has numerous other advantages as well such as stimulation of different sensitive zones, you get to experiment more exciting positions and so on.

Follow the “Squeeze” Method

Many men who go for sex therapy method for curing early ejaculation, they are given ‘squeeze’ technique to follow.

When men come to erection, they squeeze their penis below glans with the help of thumb and forefinger. This is done just before usual ejaculation.

Doing this technique stops the ejaculation but it can affect your erection. This process should be repeated 4-5 times until men can achieve the power to stay 15-20 minutes before ejaculating.

This is very helpful for men who think of how to stop nutting fast?

However it is instructed to continue this technique for months to get better results and have the ability to delay orgasm in future.

Go For Sex Again

Once man ejaculate, it becomes very difficult to again go for sex. If you orgasm fast and does not satisfy your partner then wait for few minutes and again you should try.

This time, you should not ejaculate faster compared to before and you can go longer without any issue.

This is suggested by health experts as well and also one of the best ways to stop from coming fast.

How to Build Stamina For Further Encounters?

If you know about how to control fast sperm release then you are actually the master in your sex life. Here I mean to say that you should follow some tips to stay longer in bed by building stamina. And how will you build stamina on bed?

For that, I have some important tips for you.

Evade unwanted pressure– To perform well in bed, you should never be in pressure because this can completely ruin that moment. Don’t think much on sexual activity and don’t expect much because this can reduce the sexual stamina.

Talk To Your Partner- One of the best ways to stop nutting fast is by communicating with your partner. Yes, this is true because until you talk to your partner about likes and dislikes of each other or if you don’t pay attention to slow the process that would give the satisfaction, there will no cure for the condition.

And taking to your partner is one of the best and easy ways to get rid of early ejaculation. Even sex experts suggest that talking to your partner before sex can help to overcome difficulty climaxing with partner.

Know you’re enjoyable points– It is very important to know your enjoyable points before you jump on your partner. Doing this will help you to involve sexual activity for longer time.

Stay sexually active– Every men want to stay longer in bed and for that, you need lots of energy and effort. Performing certain exercises helps to build stamina in bed and at the same time will improve blood circulation.


Well, after taking some preventive measures and motivation, the problem of ejaculating too quickly can be treated. One important thing which should be noticed by both men and women are that the problem has a hope to get cured by following several methods and techniques.

However to stop yourself from coming quickly, you should use VigRX Delay Spray that helps to delay orgasm and also extend the pleasure in seconds. It acts fast and provide you best results to stay longer in bed tonight.

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Ejaculating Too Quickly? Best Tricks Not To Come Fast During Sex
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