9 Secrets On How To Stay Erect Longer Without Pills And Satisfy Your Partner

9 Secrets On How To Stay Erect Longer Without Pills And Satisfy Your Partner

These days when you as a man might hang on a wet towel on your erection, it does not mean that the issue cannot be resolved. Men always try to manage their erection and they also don’t want to share the difficulty with others.

But there are lots to do to improve erection and how to erect longer, better and harder while sex. But to stay erect long, men generally focus on swallowing a pill.

But do you know that without pills, there is also some ways that can help men to stay erect for longer and its 100% true.

So, today in this blog, we will discuss about how to stay erect longer without pills.

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Why I cannot stay erect for longer or get hard?

Not able to stay hard for longer is not a new thing for user but there are number of reasons behind it. The issue can be anything like lifestyle changes, health-related issue, or can be other issues as well.

In such situation, either you get hard for some time but lose you erections before climaxing or you sometimes don’t get any erection for first time while have sex.

In fact, some men cannot achieve erections at all and this is really a hard time for them whereas some men get hard but cannot maintain that consistency.

How to stay erect for longer without pills?

Not every men ask this question because nowadays, men only want to have sex and satisfy their partner without fail and for that, they take several kind of pills.

But they might don’t know that without swallowing pills, there are ways to get hard for longer.

So let us go through this blog and know how to stay erect for longer without pills.

Go for natural ways and use herbs

The very first thing you should try to make yourself strong for sex is by improving your sex drive, increasing testosterone level, increasing blood circulation, get bigger and harder erection etc. And all these things will improve by using natural herbs.

There are many natural herbs that can give you the power to stay erect for longer. They are:

Korean ginseng– One of the useful natural herbs used for curing erectile dysfunction. It helps to relax corporal smooth muscle and also improves erectile function.

Epimedium extract– In this plant, icariin extract is found that is helpful in transmission of Nitric oxide to improve blood flow to penis.

Tongkat Ali– It is an aphrodisiac and works effectively to boost testosterone level naturally. Apart from it, this extract also increases semen quality as well as boost libido.

Try to sleep good at night

No matter how much stress or work pressure you have, at least you should always take a good sleep at night. Every night is important to take proper sleep and if you are not doing it then it can create lots of problem especially in your love life.

Having a good sleep is very important for hormone production and remember that for a healthy sex drive, the hormones required are produced while you are in sleep. But just the opposite happens when you don’t take proper sleep.

In fact, the testosterone level reduces when you don’t take restful sleep at night. Don’t forget that when you sleep deeply at night, then testosterone level increases itself naturally.

So leave all your important work and go to sleep at night on time and ensure to take good sleep.

Don’t forget to do important exercise at least a week

Every man wants to have a big penis and a healthy one and in this case, exercises play an important role. Exercises is not only for keeping fit and strong but there are several benefits as well like it improves cardiovascular health, lowers stress level etc.

Even for getting a healthy penis, exercises are very important and in fact this is proved in one of the study. One of the effective exercises is Kegel exercise, suggested by lots of sex experts and keep your penis in healthy position. Get more details here about Kegel Exercises.

Practice how to maintain erection for longer

If you are facing any kind of issue on maintain erection for longer then it’s better to practice to maintain it. It works well for many guys.

The best way is to masturbate for long period and that too without reaching orgasm can really increase the testosterone level and at the same time, improves the circulation of blood to penile area.

Also ensure while doing this, you are alone. This has worked for several of them and in addition, penile massages are also one of the best ways to improve erection quality for men.

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Avoid watching too much porn movies

I don’t think that anyone will say that they don’t like to watch porn movies, right?

Everyone, especially men loves to watch it and then try to perform it with their partners as they watch on movies. But, too much watching porn have a serious side effect on sexual life.

It directly affects the penis strength and its ability to get aroused with partner. In fact, if you have a habit of watching excess porn movies then after certain time, your penis will only get aroused while watching those videos and not when you are in front of your partner.

Even the situation becomes so critical that while having sex with your partner, men fails to turn on themselves and strength of penis reduces.

So before everything stops working on your way, its better to avoid watching porn movies and keep yourself strong and erect for longer while having sex. [Read Can Porn Be Directly Linked To Erectile Dysfunctioning? Unveil The Hidden Truth]

The best thing you should do is to control your erections and ejaculations on your own while having sex and this can give you better satisfaction in your sexual life.

Ease your stress

Stress is one of the main culprit to destroy your sex life completely. If you are facing any kind of sexual problem then remember that stress is one of them that is affecting sexual problems.

Remember that stress hormone and high level of cortisol has an inverse relationship, it means that the higher cortisol level, lower is the sex drive.

This stress is really irritating and till the time you know, it deeply enters in your love life. So it is very important to remove all stress from life and live a happy and satisfying sexual life without any problem.

Try to manage your work properly and manage the pressure if you have much on anything. Remember that if you consistently put your own time on work then it can irritate your partner too, so just relaxed and enjoy your time.

Try to not cum too fast

Men loves to masturbate especially the young ones but to keep your penis erect for longer, you should try not to cum fast. Though quick masturbation is good for pleasure but ejaculating it instantly is not good for erection.

Doing this does not increases the penis strength, so better is to masturbate for at least five time or more before you ejaculate. This will help you to make your penis bigger and stronger and erect for longer time.

It’s a kind of practice to maintain long time erections and that too without using pills. If you have a habit of not reaching orgasm quickly then it boosts the level of testosterone along with blood flow to penis.

Try to mix things up

Remember that to have a happy sexual life, only having bigger penis is not enough but you also have to maintain the love level within you as well as with your partner.

Not having erect penis for longer and only staying erect with pills is not a good idea, try to be natural and mix up the things.


As we age, at the same time our relationship also grow but it does not means that we should always keep sexual stimuli to get those things working. Fantasy and senses are the two things from where sexual arousal comes.

Try to create your own fantasies and maintain a healthy relation with your partner. Don’t give up things, simply keep calm and you will notice that you are satisfying your wife or partner the best.

Alternative way: Should I try herbal supplements?

Yes, of course in my opinion because natural herbs are considered as the best to fight with any kind of sexual issues. Some herbal supplements are really good in dealing with such unwanted issues on sex life and even it has proven results.

But always be careful in buying the herbal supplements because you can numerous of such products but not everyone will give you better result.

Fraud happens mostly in online products so be careful of those things and check the product whether it is naturally made with potent herbs.

One such supplement is VigRX Plus. This is a natural male enhancement pill that consists of several useful ingredients. It works effectively in dealing with all sort of sexual issues and problems faced by men. It helps to increase erection strength and allows men to improve sexual function. It increase low sex drive, stamina and overall sexual performance.


Every men wants to have an erect penis but due to several reasons, men fails to achieve that level. However, now there is no need to worry as this blog completely describes how to stay erect for longer without pills and satisfy your partner.

Hope the mentioned ways will help you to last longer in bed with ease and that too with erect penis and without pills.

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9 Secrets On How To Stay Erect Longer Without Pills And Satisfy Your Partner
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9 Secrets On How To Stay Erect Longer Without Pills And Satisfy Your Partner
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