9 Foods Responsible To Kill Your Sperm And Decrease Your Sexual Pleasure!

9 Foods Responsible To Kill Your Sperm And Decrease Your Sexual Pleasure

If you are trying to impregnate someone, then it is important to know that you should not smoke and should give your sperm lot of chances to get their target.

Even there are lots of factors which can affect sperm count and from them, some you will get at your home and some products which you use every day.

All these are impossible to avoid at a time but there are some things by which you are linked to sperm killing and also some ideas for safe alternatives.

The food which you eat also affects sperm count quality and fertilization process. There are some foods which are mentioned below that can kill sperm and you should avoid all such foods.


Foods that decrease sperm count and motility

What kills sperm is a genuine question that every men should be aware of. Here you will get some of the foods that kill your sperm and you should know about it. So let us see those:


All men should be careful while taking tofu and other soy products. It has been found that by eating soy every day will make decrease sperm count. It has been found in study that after eating tofu every day, every ml of semen toxic sperm was very low than men not eat.

The latest study has also found that men who eat soy products, they have the more chances of erectile dysfunction on 3.46 times higher than those who don’t eat.

These products are rich in isoflavones which is a female hormone. Therefore, if you eat too much of these foods then it will affect the natural level of male hormones in the male body which can lead to a serious of negative consequences.


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You should not eat fatty acids as this can reduce the secretion of male hormone. Eating chocolate, cakes, donuts, chips, noodles, biscuits, salad, French fries, noodles etc can affect the male hormone as it contains different amounts of these fatty acids that is also known as trans fat.

All these can impact negatively to the operation of sperm and also disruption of sperm reaction in the body. Therefore it is necessary to check the composition and amount of trans fat in food before eating them.


According to the current study,  it has been told that if men absorbed too much daily coffee themselves, then they will not reduce the sperm count and also increases compromised up with higher density than those men who don’t drink or drink only a little coffee daily.

The men of reproductive age have the ability to absorb from 3 or more cups of coffee per day which can cause sperm damage that can lead to chromosome rearrangement able in embryos. It also can cause death of embryos and birth defects in children after they are born.

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Animal organs:

There are many men who want to eat animal organs like heart, stomach, intestine, liver, kidney etc which is becoming the favorite dish for men. But it has been found that by eating all such organs can damage sperm and also infertility.

If you are eating organs of pig or cattle, it contains cadmium which is a substance that can cause infertility if it is combined with smokers.


If you are taking beer, then it can affect you in many ways. It not only dull men but it also makes difficult to have children.

It is because drink can lower testosterone levels, can reduce sperm count and also contain an estrogen like chemical nature of the environment.

This decrease testosterone and increase estrogen levels in the male body will affect the operation of the sperm into woman’s body.

Those who drink lot of beer has high estrogen levels which cause reporter enzymes activities took place before searching sperm to fertilize eggs.

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Chicken fried and baked foods:

All men should need to pay attention that barbecue and foods fried contain toxins acrylamide which is a substance weakness sperm. It also contains heavy metals like cadmium which is known as “pesticides” are toxic to sperm.


Alcohol is injurious to health and almost everyone knows this. Alcohol can affect sperm quality and it affects your liver, which destroys the body. Small amounts cannot affect much but if it is taken in large quantity then it can destroy the overall activity.


Caffeine may confuse anyone where some say it is bad for health whereas others say it is a good for you. However, excess taking of anything can be harmful and the same situation is here, do not take excess of caffeine as this is bad for health. This can really affect male fertility so reduce the intake of such foods.

Fish rich in Mercury

Mercury is very toxic and it is linked with infertility in men and women both. This is the only metal that is liquid in room temperature.

This comes into the ocean via industrial pollution that directly enters into the food chain. Predatory fish contains high concentration of this mercury and finally it comes into the body while eating fish.

So these are some of the foods that destroy sperm and leads to several issues.

How to Increase sperm count

Some foods are really harmful for health whereas some foods are effective. Men should take care of such harmful effects. In addition, here if men suffer from any sexual condition then they can use Semenax for increasing sexual performance. This is the best way to deal with any unwanted condition that occurs to any men without any intimation and increase sperm count naturally.

Using this supplement makes men energetic and they can have an increased stamina and more orgasm with long lasting erection. This is made of natural herbal ingredients that works effectively to enhance sexual pleasure in men.


Well, many foods are there which are harmful for health but people do not actually realize it. Here men should take care of what they actually eat and always try to avoid such foods, which do not work effectively for your body. Here in this blog, I have mentioned some of the foods, which are harmful for your health, and they should be avoided.

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