13 Signs of Low T Level in 20’s and Ways to Boost It

13 Signs of Low T Level in 20's and Ways to Boost It

Testosterone is a male hormone that is important for everyone as it is responsible to increase muscle, energy, mood and overall quality of life.

And you know that as men ages, their testosterone level reduces, right?

In fact when you hear about low testosterone then obviously you think of an old man or a middle-aged man but you never think of any young male can have low testosterone.

Young men at age 20 can also suffer from low T level and this is not a joke.

Study reveals that in men, testosterone level comes to peak when they are in early adulthood. But as they age, their level decreases and at least 1 percent reduces each year.

So toady we will discuss about what are the signs of low testosterone in 20s and how to boost it?


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  1. What causes low T in young men?
  2. How to boost testosterone naturally?
  3. How do doctors test for low T?
  4. Which is the best exercise to increase testosterone?
  5. Warning signs of Low Testosterone in 20s

What causes low T in young men?

Generally, people have a confusion why people face low T level in young age like in 20s or 30s. You should know the reasons behind low T and they are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Illegal drugs
  • Due to cholesterol level high
  • Due to overweight
  • Taking steroids in excess
  • Drinking excess of alcohol

How to boost testosterone naturally?

Everyone knows that due to low testosterone, several impacts are seen in men like low semen volume, low muscle mass, obesity etc. However, men can boost their T level naturally by several ways. Doing some workouts to some lifestyle changes can really help to sort out the low T level problem in men.

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How do doctors test for low T?

One of the best ways to test yourself for low T is in the morning. If you have 300 ng/dL then it is considered as low limit of normal. But when your testosterone is completely low then he/she may repeat the test or can do some other test known as free testosterone.

This blood test can tell the amount of free testosterone circulating in your blood. Even you can see the total amount of hormone present in your body in this test. There are some studies, which suggest that measuring free testosterone is one of the ways to diagnose hypogonadism. [Read Learn the Most Effective Cures for Low Testosterone (Male Hypogonadism)

Which is the best exercise to increase testosterone?

Generally, it is seen that this T level drops as men ages 40 or 30. After age 40, men can experience drop about 2% a year. But as it is seen in young males at age 20 so there are several exercises which can give relief from low T level. They are:

  • Pullup
  • Pushups
  • Squat
  • Row
  • Overhead press
  • deadlift

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Warning signs of Low Testosterone in 20s

#1- Weight gain

Generally, men become overweight when the T level reduces. Testosterone is important for fat metabolism and those men who have low T can easily gain weight. Moreover, those men who suffer from low T can also face problem in losing weight or building body muscle.

#2- Reduced sex drive

Testosterone is very important for sex drive and if it is low then a person can experience low sex drive. Even there is chance that the person will not have any interest in sex. So now you should know that testosterone is responsible for everything that can give you pleasure.

#3- Depression

Depression is another factor which is responsible for low T. it is said that those men who suffers from “hypogonadism” has higher chance to fall into depression. So if you are feeling depressed then ensure you are not suffering low T level.

#4- Insomnia

Insomnia is a word used in term of sleeping problem. Those people who face difficulty in sleeping at night can also suffer from low T level. This is a well-known symptom but when compared to men who have high levels, they don’t face such problems while sleep.

Getting good quality sleep is very much important for everyone as it helps the body to perform every task in easy way. So facing problem with sleep then it is a sign of low testosterone level.

#5- Low Energy

Guys with reduced T level are also very weak and they don’t have enough energy to do any task. Due to it, they lose their drive in middle. Guys always seen in sofa lying without any reason. So when you don’t feel energetic then be aware as it can be a sign of reduced testosterone level.

After a busy day, everyone feels tired but guys with low T feels everything is empty. They always complain about tiredness then they think of.

#6- Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which means men cannot achieve erection to satisfy their partner. Actually, what happens is that nitric oxide present in the body helps to trigger erection but to trigger, testosterone required.

When you have low testosterone then nothing can help you to reach erection level. You cannot achieve erections or sometimes erection occurs but not so firm to have an intercourse.

#7- Reduced Muscle

You may know that if testosterone is present in your body then it can help you to gain muscle. But if it is low then men cannot gain muscle mass. If testosterone drops below normal then it means you will lose muscle mass.

#8- Feel of Irritation

Many men get irritated fast compared to others. However, nobody likes this but this irritation can be also due to low T level. Just opposite to it, if T level increases in body then everything will be better and everything goes fine. May be due to this only, those men who gets hard training usually keeps calm.

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#9- Low Concentration power

People many times suffer from concentrating one thing for long time. This can be at young age also and this poor concentration is considered as a sign of low T level. Even several studies also reveals that guys suffering from low T level also suffers from low concentration power. This can happen due to excess masturbation.

#10- Loss of hair

As men ages or young guys moves into puberty, several changes are seen and among all, hair growth is a factor which grows gradually and this is all due to testosterone level. However, many of them suggest that body hair growth is a permanent change due to testosterone.

But if a guy has low T level then the growth speed of hair and density reduces. This also implies to men’s beard that changes on time.

#11- Low sperm count

Low sperm count is also connected with testosterone level. However, this cannot be checked at home but if sperm count is low then it can pause the production and can lead to infertility. Especially those couples who are wishing to have baby should check their T level first.

So these all are some of the common signs of low T in 20s. These signs are not only for 20s but also for every man. So no matter whatever age you have, you should check them properly and look for solutions to boost it.

#12- Poor Memory

Low memory is related to those men who are becoming older but here the thing is different. Some signs can remember about the old people but in low testosterone, all these signs are seen in early stage. Low memory is another symptom of low testosterone level.

#13- Reduced Bone Density

However, we are talking about warning signs of low T in 20s but symptoms are almost similar to men suffering at age 40 or above. The bone density decreases as testosterone level drops. But those men who have increased or normal level, they have stronger bones compared to low T level men.

How to fix low Testosterone problem

To know how to boost your low testosterone level, you should visit to your doctor first. They will check the problem and after that if they finds a drop in level than normal, they would conduct few test so that everything can be clear.

1- Testosterone Replacement Therapy

However, the treatment completely depends on diagnosis. In fact you can get suggestions of doing Testosterone replacement therapy. This can help many men but its not for prostate cancer and breast cancer people.

Men can have several benefits after this like increased in energy, low weight, have interest in sex, better mood and increased muscle mass. But regarding this therapy, there are many discussions which states that though replacement therapy is beneficial but it can have risks afterwards. [Read Low Testosterone Therapy: What Are the Risks and Benefits]

2- Try to lose weight

If you are overweight then obviously you are suffering from low T level. But to boost the level, you should focus on reducing weight. Follow the below steps:

  • First, you have to stop overeating because it can affect a lot in testosterone level
  • Don’t eat carbs that is found on cereals, breads etc. This is because eating these can lead to increase insulin level and hence, person can gain weight.
  • Avoid sugar consisting foods. You can found it on several drinks and even in fruits and they have a chance to increase your weight.

3- Avoid working out longer

Workouts are good for keeping you fit but over workout can really make a big difference. Working in gym can help your testosterone level to increase and that too you have to engage on regular basis.

But doing some extra workout can really kill your testosterone level. It is said that working for more than one hour can be risky because cortisol level begins to spike and hence the T level reduces.

4- Eat fat

If you want to increase your testosterone level then you have to focus on what you eat and the fat type. Some of the best foods, which can help you to boost testosterone level, are dark chocolates, pastured egg yolk, red meat, avocados, cheese, coconuts and coconut oil, raw nuts, peanut butter etc.

Eating proper foods and maintaining a healthy life can really help to boost testosterone level and as it is mentioned earlier, avoid overeating.

5- Shrink Stress

Stress is an enemy, which leads to low testosterone level because stress releases hormone cortisol. You should always focus on those things, which can help you to live stress free. Some of the points mentioned below can help you:

  • Do proper exercise
  • Go for a walk with friends or family members
  • Try to listen music as it can help you be calm and stress free
  • Do some yoga practices or meditation

6- Get Vitamin D

Getting vitamin D is not a big issue because you can get it from sunlight. This natural testosterone booster helps to boost testosterone level. Apart from sun, some other things also contribute to vitamin D, which are Tuna fish, salmon, cheese etc.

7- Get Proper Rest

Improper sleep can make your level drop so why to do that? Have a good sleep at night and increase your testosterone level without any difficulty. As per age, sleep varies from person to person but you should take at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep to be fit and energetic.

8- Testosterone Pills

Many guys rely on testosterone pills instead of going all the above methods. This is an option where guys don’t have to do anything except taking pills on time. You can get several testosterone boosting pills in market like Pro Testosterone.

This is a natural supplement that is made of 100% natural ingredients and promises to give better result. It works effectively to boost T level naturally without any difficulty. It increases muscle mass and at the same time boost strength, sexual stamina and overall health.

Wrap up

So now we have come to the conclusion where I hope whatever I have discussed with you will help you to boost your T level. Whenever you experience all the mentioned problems in you then don’t judge yourself but visit to your doctor first.

And also try some natural ways to gain testosterone when you come to know about the fact. Natural ways can really help you to boost the level without any worry or complain.

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13 Signs of Low T Level in 20's and Ways to Boost It
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13 Signs of Low T Level in 20's and Ways to Boost It
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