13 Awesome Sex Tips And Advices For Couples To Blow Mind on Bedroom

13 Awesome Sex Tips And Advices For Couples To Blow Mind on Bedroom

You have been in a relationship for long term with your partner or your wife that has its height but believe me, not every relationship remains in peak, some has downsides too.

Obviously, every men and women want to enjoy their love and intimacy with their partners but not everyone can continue with the same level of love and enjoyment in their life.

Sometimes, couples gets uncomfortable where their sexual life becomes unhappy or one find themselves in a position where sex just remains only a requirement and then both couple go to sleep in bed.

Well, I would like to say that everyone loves sex and nobody can ignore or neglect it. The reason is, sex gives confident and also helps to stay connected with your partner in such a way that you will never make with someone else.

Here the truth is also that because of sex, both can know each other in better way and this makes the lovemaking more enjoying.

Obviously, some possible causes might stop you from enjoying with your partner whenever you like. But for now, you don’t have to worry about all those things.

Because I have come up with some sex tips and advices for couples in this blog where you don’t have to suffer from any kind of trouble in lovemaking. Following the below sex tips will give you energy and confident to spice up your love life without any difficulty.

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Sex tips and advice for couples

Either you are married couple or unmarried, everyone wants to enjoy their sex life without any interruption. But clear knowledge and process should also be known to everyone so that lovemaking can go to its peak without any issue.

So let us go through some of the sex tips and advices that will surely help couples to lead a better sexual life.

Have morning sex once a week

Morning sex is good for everyone and scientists have proved this already. This is one of the best ways to start your day. Having sex in morning will give you extra confident and enjoyment and best part is, you and your partner are both fresh to play it.

Beginning the day with orgasm makes the body release endorphins, which is also known as happy hormones. In my opinion, one should have sex in morning that will keep you confident and fresh all day long.

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Try sex toys for couples 

Trying sex toys can be useful for couples who want to make their sex life enjoying with confident. Several kinds of sex toys are available. Many girls use vibrators that give them pleasure while sex. Even simple massage can be useful that just wake up the sexiness inside them.

You might have seen in some movies like Fifty Shades of Grey where love balls are used. But the fact is that sex toys should be used properly to see great changes. In fact, the toys are a great helpful for couples to keep the level of excitement while sex and even boost the chance of orgasm between two.

Try to surprise your partner

When nothing goes exciting on your mind then give a surprise to your partner. Giving surprises may help you a lot to have a wonderful evening. Especially when you give surprises in a sexy way then people who don’t love surprises would love to enjoy such surprises.

When your partner comes home from work, welcome him/her in naked or even wearing the underwear that he/she has given to you will make her loving at that moment. Generally, it was seen that people love such types of surprises especially from their partners.

And the best thing is that, no matter how much he/she is tired of work, they will surely go with you and will fulfill the excitement you have on your mind.

But remember not to do it very often because surprises are only for special occasions or moments.

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Have an excitement to take bath together

After a busy day, you would love to take a bath for refreshment. Because it can take out every stress and other tensions out and make you feel free of burden. In between, if you take bath with your partner then it can be another level.

Yes, just think of it, how exciting it would be to bath together after a long day work. You will feel relaxed and this will also give you enjoyment to another level. Those men who cannot wait to go to bedroom and enjoy the moment, for them bathroom can be the right place to start.

Try out some oral sex with your partner

When nothing goes on mind on how to enjoy the sex life with full excitement then don’t forget about oral sex. It is seen that men never get tired of oral and it becomes double when women plays the same with you.

Doing it with your women will pleasure both. If your partner does not love to have sex, then try to give her oral enjoyment and I don’t think any women would neglect it. Show your partner how excited you are to play with her orally.

This is for both couples as both can enjoy oral sex to their deep level and believe me, the enjoyment is like you are in another world. [Read more on: Tips to Give Her Oral Sex to Blow Her Mind]

Plan to enjoy with a new sex position every month

Couples get tired of having sex with the same positions every time and due to this, some couples have less interest in sex and some don’t have even. Just because you are having sex with your partner does not mean that you have tried every sex positions.

There are lots of sex positions which are loved by both men and women, and one should try out those positions to make their sex life enjoying and relief from getting bored.

Though sometimes, going through same sex positions really frustrate both of them but you don’t have to worry much. You will get plenty of sex positions that you all should try and it’s a guarantee from my side that you will never get bored. [Try out 15 Hot Sex Positions of 2017 Every Guy Must Try to Last Long On Bed]

Watch porn movies together

I can assume that you love porn movies and also have collection of X-rated videos with you. But try to talk about porn movies with your partner and if possible then watch them together. Some couples may not like such things but one should try this process.

If you see in the past few years then porn has attracted millions of couples especially men where they need to have sex just as they watch on movies. Varieties of porn are available in starting from hot and sexy to every level you can think off.

Your love life can touch to its peak when you watch porn movies with your partner. It’s seen that women or girls love porn as much as men or guys. So, whenever you think to watch porn, make sure you take your partner with you.

Few things may not attract you or your women but still you both can get something in that movie which will turn on both of them. So one should try this to see some exciting love from each side.

Give time on foreplay

Foreplay is an amazing way to turn on your partner. Even this is important as well because the longer you stay on it, the better it is. This turns on you fast and helps you to get closer to big O. It should be taken longer as much as possible so the end becomes really hot.

You should never do it in short time, though short interval makes fun sometimes but not every time. So you should do it whenever you have enough time because this technique requires time to make a perfect sex.

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Enjoy your love whenever you can

Here I mean to say that you cannot bind your love for some particular time frame, right? The feel of love can occur anytime anywhere. There is no hard and fast rule that you have do lovemaking only at the time of intercourse.

It can happen anytime and I would suggest you to do when you feel about it. Kissing is one of the important parts of sex life, which don’t requires any reason to start with. Start kissing your partner whenever you get time.

This can make you feel better from inside and even your partner will feel love for you and a chance to have sexual activity increases with lots of excitement. In fact, it is a great sex tips for several couples.

Think about the time spent together

It is seen that many couples face problem in getting into the mood of having sex. This is for both married and unmarried couples. I would suggest you to daydream the moment you both have spent with most exciting and passionate way.

Think what was unique at that time and what are the things missing now. If possible, try to use or apply those things that can make you both couple happy and make you enjoy your sex life without any hesitation.

Of course there would be some awesome moments that are not forgettable and can make you feel excited now.

Try to talk between each other about good & bad things

Everyone wants their sex life to be great without any interruption or problems. But do you know that to have a great sex life, you have to make your communication power more between each other?

Communication between couples is the only thing that makes their sex life happy and interesting. Try to tell what you like most on her, talk about fantasies, about good things and try to throw out bad things. These things are applied for both men and women.

I mean to say that talk about everything that both couples don’t hesitate in anything and make the path clear of having sexual activity without any problem.

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Try out some Tantric sex

Many men don’t able to focus on their love life and they somewhere lose their probability of getting loved by their partner. For them, Tantric sex is suggested as it is about breathing, concentrating, focusing and stamina power.

These things do not occur automatically but have to focus on closely. Following these will prolong foreplay. Many men and women suffer from delaying orgasm but following tantric sex helps them to maintain the level properly.

Do proper breathing exercises, massage, meditation etc are the best possible ways that will surely stimulate the body senses and it will give energy to enjoy your sex without any difficulties.

Turn your bedroom into a Boudoir

If you want your sex life to enjoy a lot then look for some old gym kit on your bedroom, photos, dirty laundry. Remove all these things from your bedroom to experience a great sex.

Try to make your bedroom clean and attractive. Change bed sheets, remove old curtains, turn on dim light and do every possible things that makes you feel sexy and to your partner also. In addition, don’t forget to take all essential things like condoms, toys, etc so that you don’t have to look around at that time.

So, all these are some of the best sex tips and advice for couples that would amazingly make every couples enjoy their sexual life without any difficulty.

Apart from these tips, yet another thing that men want in their sexual activity is to stay longer in bed. But it is seen that several men suffers from various issues that stops them from having a wild sex. In such condition, I would suggest men to use any natural supplement like ProSolution Pills.

This is known as one of the powerful supplement especially for men who faces lots of problem in their sexual life. It cures several diseases like PE, erection problem and increases sex drive and improves over sexual performance.

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So all these are some of the best sex tips and advice for couples and I hope everyone would follow these to make their sexual life better. Every now and then, some ups and downs are there in every relationship but there is nothing to worry.

As I have explained good sex tips in this blog for couples to make their sex life enjoying without any problem.

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13 Awesome Sex Tips And Advices For Couples To Blow Mind on Bedroom
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