11 Sex Drive Killers for Men And Their Cure

11 Sex Drive Killers for Men And Their Cure

Though you may have desire for sex but it can be really harmful from several ways.

Many of them just try out some extra ideas in improving the libido but at the same time it also becomes important to be aware of the conditions that can affect your sexual life.

Many reasons are there which can hamper a lot to your life and among them testosterone is one of the common fact which affect a lot in sexual life.

Leaving testosterone, there are other causes which kills the sex drive of men.

Well if you are experiencing any type of sexual problems in your love life then it can be because of several reasons. But focusing on such problems and clearing the problems can help you to lead to a better sex life.

Some of the reasons are mentioned in this article which can help you to know the reason of low sex drive.

Sex drive killers for men

Having high blood pressure

Having a good supply of blood to your genital area is important for having sexual function. But if men have high blood pressure then blood flow to the penis will decrease.

But opposite in women happen as high blood pressure can have vaginal dryness and this can be painful while sexual intercourse.

Low blood flow to the penis can cause ED and at least 30% of men have complaint about ED having high blood pressure.

Low Testosterone level

Testosterone is an important hormone which is completely responsible for sex drive and the T level is affected due to obesity, stress, poor sleep, excessive drinking etc.

Therefore you should look for some natural treatment which can help to boost low testosterone. Boosting testosterone can really be helpful in several ways as it boosts your production with the help of this hormone.

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If you are overweight then you can look less attractive and this is bad for healthy sex life. Obesity can really be harmful for men because this is linked between low testosterone, obesity and ED.

But in this the good news is that you can lose your excess weight which can help you to increase your sex drive. There are several ways to lose weight after which you will be benefited.

Not getting enough sleep

If you are not sleeping well at night then it can have a bad effect on your sexual health. Fatigue decreases testosterone and also sex drive. If you have sleep apnea then it can harm your sex drive and this is also linked with ED.

Testosterone level decreases when there is less sleep but if you are getting more sleep at night then it can help your libido and also increases testosterone production and if it is good then your sex drive will be perfect.


If you are taking some drugs for your own problem like taking drugs for BHP, HIV, antidepressants or for some other diseases then it can cause low libido and also some causes ED.

In this situation, you should talk to your doctor when you experience any side effects. If possible then change the medication or dose.

Having children at home

Small kids are known as one of the sex drive killers because they make a barrier to sex. It’s a general thing that kids are not aware of such things and they take lot of time and affection which is spent on your partner.

If you take get some time in between to talk to your partner, you may get interrupted so you should try to steal some time when your kids are busy watching movies or playing so that you don’t have to deal with interruption.

Doing this may help you from coming out from stress and also help you to connect to your partner and at the same time, your sex drive will not be killed.


Depression is one of the harmful reasons for causing ED up to 10 to 20 percent. Depression can lead to low libido which can hamper the sex drive in men and this may also lead to stress and depressed.

In such situation, men’s sex drive gets decreased and also don’t achieve erection. Therefore if you are suffering from depression, you should consult a doctor regarding the problem and should take proper medication for it.

Erection Problems

Several men suffer from erectile dysfunction and this is one of the worst issue that no men would ever want to face. It totally affects the ability to have intercourse and also make men realize that they don’t have enough energy to perform sex.

However several ways are available that can treat ED completely without having any further problem. Either you can take help of your doctor as he/she can give you better idea for your sexual life to become better and enjoying.

Alcohol use

If you drink little bit alcohol the its fine but if you are drinking it regularly and on every occasions or other days then it is harmful. Little bit lowers inhibitions and make people interest in sex but excess drinking can kill sex drive to a great extent where men can suffer a lot.

So it suggested avoid drinking much and focus on your health so that you can enjoy your love life happily.


When you yourself is not attractive to others then it can be also one kind of sex killer for you. Some men are not attractive or feel fat and this reduces the sexiness in both men and women. So don’t go other way, simple accept your body.

Try to do those things which increase your self confidence like doing exercises or doing some other work which makes you fit and strong and looks good. Bring out confidence level in you as this can solve 50% of your sexual problems and also make sure your partner is supporting you a lot.

Lack of closeness

Only sex is not a important part in your love life but keeping yourself close to your partner is also one of the way to boost your love life without any problem. Put some romance in your sex life and stop doing sex for some time.

Give time to each other, do some work together like giving massages, or going for outing in some beautiful place.


There are many things that affect a lot in sexual life and lowers the sex drive in men. Men should always focus on themselves and try to spend time with their partner so that they don’t suffer from any unwanted conditions.

In this blog, you have got some sex drive killer that really affect a lot n me sexual life. I hope you will keep those things on mind and lead a happy sexual life without any difficulties.

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11 Sex Drive Killers for Men And Their Cure
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11 Sex Drive Killers for Men And Their Cure
There are several sex drive killers which really affect a lot in sexual life of men. So try to avoid all such things and make sure you lead a happy and satisfying sexual life
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