5 Factors Responsible For Semen Leakage And Their Treatments

5 Factors Responsible For Semen Leakage And Their Treatments

Semen leakage is considered as one of the commonly occurring sexual disorders in male. If you see in general then semen comprises of sperm cells and seminal fluid that is produced by prostate gland with seminal vesicles.

Even urethral gland and bulbourethral also add seminal fluid. And you would generally think that when you have sexual activity, that time only semen come out from your penis, right?

But this does not happens every time. You should also know that semen could leak from your penis even when you are having sex. This term is known as semen leakage or sometimes-seminal incontinence.

This problem is very much harmful for not only for health but also it is annoying condition. It can lead to several unwanted diseases that are not loved by any men.

So today, we will discuss about semen leakage problem in this blog and also know how to overcome it.

But before that, it is important to look for some reasons behind the actual problem. This can happen with any guys of any age so its essential to go through its causes first.


Causes of semen leakage

Generally, it is seen that men who suffers from such condition are aware of their sexual arousal and some other causes are as follows:

  • Nocturnal emissions
  • Masturbation
  • Medication
  • Nerve injury
  • Prostate problems

Some other causes of this problem consists of physical or emotional stress, lack of zinc, smoking, using anabolic steroids, excess drinking of alcohol, etc.

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What are the side effects of semen leakage

If you look around and see the side effects then there are several. Some of them are:

  • Fatigue
  • Weak erection
  • Back pain
  • Hair loss
  • Pain in testicles
  • Burning sensation after urination
  • Premature ejaculation

Treatment for semen leakage

Several issues can lead to semen leakage problem and therefore it is important to cure the condition before it affects your relationship. So, here are the treatment options available according to the causes. So look at them one by one:

Nocturnal emission

As you know that nocturnal emission is one of the major cause of semen leakage or wet dreams. This is also called as nightfall many times which directly refers to uncontrolled ejaculation during sleeping.

This is common in adolescent boys, which becomes a normal part in sexual development.

This problem can even faced by adult men while sleep. Several people come across this problem at certain age.

It happens when the genitals become stimulated from bed sheets and hence semen leakage happens. In this, only some semen comes out instead of full ejaculation.

This type of condition doesn’t need any treatment as it disappears on its own as per the time. As boys move to their 20s, the problem reduces.


You might know that excess masturbation can lead to several health conditions and one of them is problem in sexual life. This can also lead to semen leakage problem.

Excess masturbation means excess secretion of neurotransmitters and sex hormones. And this changes in the body chemistry which gives rise to several health and sexual issues.

Therefore, the only way to get rid of the problem is to reduce excess masturbation or if possible, leave it few months without doing any masturbation.

This is the best way to overcome semen leakage problem in men.

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If you are on medications of anything and taking medicines of mood stabilizers, antidepressants or for some hormone treatments then those can also lead to semen leakage problem.

It has several side effects that depends on the dosage and combination with other medicines.

So if you are one of the such medications then you are at risk of suffering from semen problem. The treatment for this is by talking to your doctor. He/she can better suggest you about the medicines as many times adjusting the dosage or switching some drugs can be helpful to overcome the condition.

If possible then you can also ask for some alternative methods to get out of the condition.

Nerve injury

Weak or injured nervous system is also considered as one of the major cause of semen leakage problem. The nervous system is known as pro-erective that plays an important role in achieving penile erection.

Parasympathetic nerves releases nitric oxide that is useful in improving blood flow to penis.

But when this nerve becomes weak then several sexual problem occurs where men suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, semen leakage etc.

The treatment for this is that the injury of nerve gets better as time passes whereas damaged nerve due to cancer, surgery or others may take time.

Prostate problems

Prostate gland is the major part for production of seminal fluids as it carries sperm via urethra and out to penis. But at the same time, prostate is also vulnerable to several health conditions like prostatitis, enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Prostatitis can lead to pain in pelvic area just near the base of penis or behind scrotum. Even lower back and abdominal pain are the symptoms of prostatitis.

So when you are experiencing the below condition then you should immediately consult your doctor. They are:

  • Blood in semen or urine
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Burning sensation during urinating
  • Some changes in ejaculation

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Simple method to overcome semen leakage

To get rid of semen leakage completely, the simple and best way is to use natural supplements. Several pills or creams solve the problem of semen leakage in men. One of the effective supplements is Semenax.

This is a natural pill that is made of natural ingredients consists of several benefits. This supplement is one of the best and natural remedy to cure semen leakage problem and other sexual problems as well.

Those men who suffers from low sperm count or semen volume, sexual weakness, physical weakness etc, for them Semenax is one of the essential product to overcome the problem immediately.


Tips to get rid of semen leakage

There are few tips, which should be followed if you suffer from semen leakage problem. Those are helpful and help you to get rid of such problem further. They are:

  • The very first thing you should do is to stop or reduce masturbating habit
  • Reduce amount of caffeine in diet
  • Try to eat more proteins that you will get in soyabean products
  • Drink more water and juices
  • Eat nutty foods like peanuts, vegetables, sunflower seeds, sea foods, seaweeds etc

All these kinds of eating and tips will help to have a better sexual life without any problem and your sexual life will become satisfying.

Wrap up

The problem of semen leakage is a common condition to occur in many people especially in young age but many times, it can be irritating. However, if some men are getting this problem at the age of 40s or above then they should visit their doctors. Young people coming across this problem can be cured on its own and no need to worry.

Apart from this, I hope whatever I have discussed in this blog will help you to get out of the semen leakage problem.

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5 Factors Responsible For Semen Leakage And Their Treatments
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5 Factors Responsible For Semen Leakage And Their Treatments
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