Semen FAQs


What aspects decide how much of semen comes out?

While ejaculation, the amount of semen can be worry to almost for all men. However this can be due to several reasons but for many men it can be issue of pride. Huge amount of ejaculation is related to enhanced sex drive, sexual competency and fertility. If men has higher amount of semen it means that they has an increase amount of potency along with increased amount of satisfaction. However the amount of ejaculation completely depends on several factors like age, heredity, food habits etc. Though heredity and age are not in control but lifestyle and changes in diet can really enhance the quantity of ejaculation. Well maintain good health can help to attain excellent blood circulation that treats ejaculation. And if you want bigger penis then you can perform exercises which enhance the penis vitality like exercising PC muscle. If you avoid sex for two three days then sperm production certainly increase.

Are there supplements that can increase the amount of semen?

There are several supplements which are helpful in increasing the amount of semen. Though all supplements are not provide results even after promising and they don’t give equal benefit. Every herbal supplement contains ingredients which provide benefits but all does not do the same thing.

Are there ways to enhance the taste of semen?

There are many men who want to have oral sex with their partners. But there is no way to make semen taste better because taste is a matter of likes and dislikes. Therefore without looking for foods, it’s better that you understand the supposed effect of specific foods on ejaculation. Generally the taste of semen is lighter if fruits like watermelon, celery, kiwi and pineapple are taken. However eating beverages like coffee or beer can make the taste bitter. The alkaline based products like fish or meat gives buttery taste and acidic fruits such as blueberries, cranberries gives enjoyable, sugary taste.

What does sperm contain? Will its intake increase my girlfriend’s weight?

Everyone’s semen is made of almost same ingredients. Generally semen contains vitamin C, cholesterol, chlorine, citric acid, calcium, fructose, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, nitrogen, lactic acid, sodium, zinc etc. Here if you think to increase your girlfriend’s weight by intake of semen then you should know that calories that you ejaculate contains 5 to 25 calories. These amounts are not enough to gain weight and even the protein in semen is almost that of protein present in the egg white of big egg.

What are the ways to make semen thicker?

You should know that semen thickness is not consistent always and it is different every day. However the thickness of semen depends on many factors. Exercise, food intake and rate of sex controls the semen thickness. There are several ingredients which helps to increase the semen thickness but till now it has not been proved scientifically. Gelatin and egg white are suggested because they have high protein content. Even omega-3 oils, wheat germ, zinc and selenium helps to improve the semen thickness.

What are the STDs that can be transmitted through oral sex by semen?

When the risk of STD is transmitted via oral sex from one partner to another then compared to men, women has greater chance of danger. Here it is danger because the lining of mouth is delicate and are subject to viruses and bacteria than vagina. There are several diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, genital herpes and genital warts can spread in the course of oral sex contact. If both the partners are faithful and both of them are tested then is no risk or fear that either of them are infected with an STD. in this the semen does not cause any danger due to ill effects.

How to make semen taste better

Women and sometimes men describes the taste of semen like bitter, salty, quite delicious etc. Still there are many who wants to know if there is anything to improve the taste of semen? However the basic taste of semen is slightly warm and salty. Many men describes it as tasteless and many of them describes it slightly sweeter. Some men have salty taste of semen whereas others may have bitter. You should remember that semen is cornucopia of several nutrients like sodium, vitamins, and proteins along with minerals and nutrients. The taste of semen differs from men to men because something has not been researched till now completely and therefore nothing can be said with confidence. Even those men who have put something into their bodies have realized that different things have different impact on their semen. Some of the things which can improve the taste of semen are:

  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid red meat and dairy and products
  • Drink lots of water
  • Always keep yourself healthy
  • Avoid alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes
  • Avoid foods that affect semen quality


What does semen taste like?

Generally the semen taste depends on which part of tongue you taste the semen. Therefore many women who don’t want to taste the saltiness of man’s fluid and want to please with the oral sex and swallowing, for them experimenting and taking it in a part of tongue where there is no taste of semen is felt. Even the quantity of water that man consumes on daily basis also depends on the taste of semen. It increase the seminal fluid and therefore it is instructed to drink lots of water and fruit juices. The taste of semen even depends on men’s health. If the body’s health is good then semen taste is good, so it is very important to keep your body under medical conditions and should get proper treatment.

Does alcohol and smoking affect semen production?

It is known that drinking excessive alcohol or smoking can have a bad impact on general health. But many of us don’t realize that these excessive drinking can also have a bad effect on male fertility. It can have a negative impact on semen production along with sperm production and its quality. Tobacco is known to change the hormones levels in man on production of sperm and the semen in male reproductive system. Even smoking lead to ejaculated semen highly toxic and this is harmful for health of sperm and successful fertilization. Smoking of cigarette can lead to infertility in men and it also cause an imbalance in body between free radicals and antioxidant compounds. It can damage the sperm cells and by affecting sperms DNA, smoking can also affect baby’s growth and increases the risk of cancer. Even excessive alcohol can enter the testicles through bloodstream and can affect the shape of sperm cells. It is believed that alcohol affect sperm in such a way that only few remain free of damaging effects of drinking. Drinking can reduce the sperm count in short time but abstaining drinking can make the sperm to normal.

How come semen randomly comes out a few hours after masturbation?

While you ejaculate via regular sexual activity or masturbation, still little semen is left which gets in the tube itself especially when the semen is thick. It comes out on its own after some time and sometimes you can feel the tickling sensation due to this and sometimes not. It becomes thinner after few hours and you can feel that it is coming out into your underwear.

What is the procedure to store human semen at home?

There is no procedure to store semen at home but it can be frozen at cyro bank as they freeze the sample using liquid nitrogen at temperatures of negative 300+ degrees which cannot be done at your home freezer because it is around 25+ degrees Fahrenheit. Well freeing at home can be harmful as it can have infection because it was not stored correctly. Therefore if you want to store your semen then you can contact a fertility specialist, make some arrangements to have your semen frozen that can be used for future but you should know that this process is not be done at home.

What happens to all the semen the male body produces?

There are only few guys who go for months without ejaculating. However if you don’t do it manually then your body will do it for you in wet dream. If the sperm cells are not ejaculated then they are reabsorbed into the body but when your body produces semen enough in the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland then you will ejaculate in wet dream. Younger boys often gets wet dreams because they don’t masturbate but those who never had wet dream are mostly learned to masturbate. Due to this reasons, adult don’t get wet dreams as they have sex frequently and semen does not build up.

Does semen change depending on why you ejaculate and who you are?

It does not matter whether you are having sex or masturbating or having gay intercourse, the semen quality produces is almost same for each activity. However the quantity depends on what gives the greatest level of arousal. It does not matter whether the sperm count is high or low, semen is packed with sperm. It does not means that having low sperm count cannot make a women pregnant. It only takes one to make contact with mature human egg.

How much semen does the average male ejaculate in a year?

The average volume of semen is between a teaspoon and table spoon full. Here the semen volume depends on age groups, as man ages or gets older they do it less but when they are young, the semen volume is increased. So just for reference, consider that when man ages 40, they did it 5 x per week at 1 tablespoon full, it means man get 52×5 or 260 tablespoons of semen.