Priapism Home Treatments To Cure Priapism Completely

Priapism Home Treatments To Get Rid Of Priapism Completely

Normally if you see then many men suffers from erection problem. They actually don’t know how it occurs and what are the reasons behind this low erection.

Actually, for erections to occur properly, blood flow is must and without it, there can be problem in erection.

You should know that whenever man get aroused then the arteries in penis relax and expand which brings lots of blood flow to spongy tissues. Meanwhile, the valves in veins gets closed, gathering blood in the area and hence erection is caused.

When the arousal end then the valves opens up and blood flows out, hence the penis becomes to normal state. But when the flow of blood is not normal then it cause priapism.

So today in this blog, we will discuss about Priapism and some home remedies to cure it completely.

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About priapism

Priapism is known as one of the unwanted situations which is defined as prolonged and persistent erection of penis without any sexual desire. It is felt on the tip of penis and can occur to any men at any age.

It is painful erection but not related to any sexual stimulation or desire. Though many men believe it to be originated on its own but many of them don’t believe this to be true.

The main thing to know in this condition is, priapism can affect any men at any age. Even you can see this condition in 5-year-old boy or men aging between 20-50. Now as per the age is concerned, the causes are also different.

Many men take the medical help to get out of the situation instantly that continues to days to weeks. But it is seen that only few people attains the erection and that too partially.

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Types of Priapism

Generally, priapism is categorized into two parts named as low-flow and high-flow.

Low-flow priapism– This is also known as ischemic priapism that occurs when blood gathers in the erection chambers. In fact, many times, the actual cause is not known but affects especially those men who suffer from variety of diseases like malaria of leukemia. If this condition is not cured on time then it can further damage a lot to sexual life leading to permanent erectile dysfunction.

High-flow priapism– This condition is known as non-ischemic and is rare compared to low-flow and is less painful. This occurs when there is any injury in penis or the area between scrotum and anus stops the flow of blood to penis from moving normally.

What are the causes behind priapism

Well, the condition can really occur in several situations and every men should know this. Several things interfere in penis blood flow and they are completely unrelated to sexual stimulation. Some of the common causes of priapism are:

Medical conditions: In medical conditions, few things can lead to such unwanted issue like leukemia, sickle cell disease, having cancer etc.

Even several types of medications or drugs can also lead to such problem like antipsychotics, blood thinners, and medications to get rid of ED, taking antidepressants, some kind of illegal drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth, cocaine etc.

Trauma can be the other related issue that can lead to priapism. Spinal cord injuries or some direct trauma to penis or perineum can make you suffer from the above condition.

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Symptoms of priapism

Some common symptoms that men can notice about the problem is:

  • Men will have painful erection that will last four to six hours and not relieved by orgasm
  • Partial erection will occur that lasts longer for several days, no matter it is painful or not

Now after knowing about priapism and its causes, its time to look forward and get the best solutions to cure priapsim completely. Hopefully, we have variety of treatment ways among which will, we will know about home remedies to get out of the condition.

Home remedies to cure priapism

Here are some o the best recommended home treatments that will ensure you to get out of the condition fast. So go through them one by one:

Drink water– Drinking water is always beneficial for body and it is also advised to drink lots of water daily. If you have habit of drinking more water on daily basis then kindly know that drinking water is also helpful in curing priapism. This helps in oxygen-rich blood supply to penis.

Urinating before sleep– Do you have morning erections, if so then it is a common phenomenon and related to full bladder. Before you sleep, you should urinate first and empty your bladder. Some reports have told that early morning erections have a chance to make you suffer from priapism.

Exercises– Exercises is always beneficial for overall health of your body and this is also helpful in curing the unwanted condition. Several exercises are there to perform like cycling, squats, running or gentle walk, jogging, running up and down the stairs, etc are helpful.

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Urination– When you feel to urinate, just go ahead and do urination. Don’t wait for a feel of full urination because beforehand going to urinating will help relax the erection to some extent and a good way to treat priapism.

Stress– I think you already know what stress can affect your sexual life, so why to take stress in life? You should know that taking stress is very harmful for priapism as it can make the condition worse. So try to find out some stress relieving activities and be stress free.

Sexual activities– You can continue having sexual activities or masturbate while you are on priapism because it has no such effect on erection. In fact, it can increase the erection length.

Warm showers– Generally many few people take warm showers and if you don’t take warm showers then start taking it. Because it has proved that men suffering from priapism can be cured by taking warm showers. This gives relief when penis gets stuck on erection.

Stop drinking alcohol or smoking– IF you have habit of smoking and drinking alcohol then immediately stop it especially when you are suffering from priapism. It is said that drinking alcohol or taking drugs can trigger the attack of priapism.

Don’t apply cold ice packs– You might get fear about priapism and might opt for cold ice pack to apply on penis tip just to get relax but you should never do it. While you are suffering from the condition, applying penis can make the condition worse.

Alternative treatments

Though there are several options that can help you to treat, priapism but all are not easy to follow. So apart from home treatments, here you also provided with some alternative treatments that can help you lead a successful sex life without any problem. They are:

Medication– Erection get reduced with decongestant medications when the treatment is done within four to six hours. For getting relief from pain, painkillers can be used but be careful not to take those medicines which can make the condition worse like antipsychotics, antidepressants etc.

Surgical shunt– In this process, a surgical procedure is done in which shunt is injected surgically to restore blood circulation to normal. This treatment is for low-flow priapism

Aspiration– This process is done when medications does not work. Simply a needle is injected and blood is drained from penis by using 16 or 18 gauge needle to lower the pressure and swelling.

Natural supplement to cure priapism

However, as you have come to know about the home remedies to get rid of priapism, you should also know that some supplements are available that can help you to achieve more erection. Such helpful supplement is named as Male Extra that is a natural product in the form of pills.

This pill helps men to maintain their erection level and cure erectile dysfunction and does not contain any side effects. It can be used by anyone who thinks he is having problem in achieving or maintaining erection.

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Well, finally we have come to conclusion where we have come to know about Priapism and its home remedy treatment. This condition occurs without a sexual arousal. Some home remedies are really beneficial in curing the condition and hopefully if you suffers from such issue then cure it immediately and hope, this blog has completely help you.

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Priapism Home Treatments To Cure Priapism Completely
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