Premature Ejaculation Reasons and Treatments- A Complete Guide to Deal With!


Nowadays many men are suffering from premature ejaculation during their sexual activities. It means that a man cannot hold back his ejaculation before his partner has her orgasm.

According to experts, premature ejaculation happens when a man can’t hold his ejaculation for more than two minutes after penetration. This is really very embarrassing for a man. This premature ejaculation can happen for many reasons.


Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • When a man hasn’t enough sexual experiences then premature ejaculation can happen.
  • When a man feels erectile dysfunction, then premature ejaculation can happen.
  • If he feels anxious about sexual activities, then it can be a cause of over stimulation.

Some chemical/biological/medical reasons:

  • Thyroid issues.
  • Damage of nervous system.
  • Uncharacteristic hormone level.
  • Use of drug.
  • Unusual condition that can affect the ejaculatory system.
  • Cardiovascular and/or diabetes.
  • Infection/inflammation in the reproductive organs
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What to do when you suffer from PE?

When you come to know that you are suffering from PE then there is nothing to panic. Not only you but there are lots of people in this world who suffer from PE. Be relax as men will face the situation some or the other day. You have come to the situation today, it does not mean that you will continue with the same condition.

One thing which you should note is premature ejaculation is caused because of both psychological and physiological. So if you want to get the best treatment then you have to talk about it to some other people like doctor or sexologist.

Risk factors for PE

When you suffer from PE then there are various other risk factors which increases the problem. Some of them are:

Erectile dysfunction– This is the worst condition when men face it. In this, you will continuously face erection problem and also you have several issues on your relationship. This is a big problem for any men which can continue to any level.

Stress– If you take stress in any kind of work then also there is a chance that you suffer from premature ejaculation. You will not able to focus on any sexual activity and there will be no enjoyment in your love life.

Several ways for treating premature ejaculation:

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation, they can solve their problem by using some easy methods. These processes really work very effectively on ejaculation problem. These are applicable for all persons who are suffering from this embarrassing problem. The solutions are mentioned below:

Desensitizing Lubricants – Men can use mild anesthetics that can insensitive the skin temporarily.

Stop/Start Method – This technique is quite helpful where man has to involve sexually till he feels that he is getting closer to orgasm. In this process, stop your stimulation about 30 minutes and again start it. At last, continue with stimulation until you reaches to orgasm.

Testicular Ring/Band – This device can keep a man from ejaculating too early. However, it can be little bit painful during wear during intercourse.

Squeeze Method – This is also similar to the above mentioned step. Here until man realizes that he is about to ejaculate, till then he has to sexually stimulate.

Condoms – Condoms can lessen how much stimulation a man feels so he can last longer.

Herbal Medications – These medications can cause help by boosting sexual drive and increasing control over ejaculations.

Pelvic Muscle Exercise – This exercise can strengthen the pelvic muscle, allowing a man to hold his orgasm back.

Reduce anxietyAnxiety cause premature ejaculation. Therefore you should take care of your health and try to relax more time. Though this may be the reason but it does not means that you will not go well in bed. See how to last longer in bed.

Take a PE cream– To get rid of PE, you will get lots of creams or pills that are helpful in curing PE. When time comes to take creams then Enlast Cream will help you. This a complete solution for your premature ejaculation. Don’t bother about any side effects as this is completely natural made that provide best results ever. It has the ability to boost your sexual life and your general life will become good without any worry.



Well the above recommended methods will surely help you to get away PE. As it is already said that natural treatments are the best to cure any health disease so Enlast provide you the best result. Though PE is a common problem that occur to many men but it can also be cured with proper treatment.

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Premature Ejaculation Reasons and Treatments- A Complete Guide to Deal With!
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Premature Ejaculation Reasons and Treatments- A Complete Guide to Deal With!
Premature ejaculation is one of the worst condition that many men suffer. It can totally spoil the sex life and so treatment is very important
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