Premature Ejaculation FAQs

premature ejaculation faqs

How much ejaculation matters to get pregnant?

Ejaculation amount does not matter because each ejaculation consists millions of sperms but all does not travel from vagina through cervix into womb and fertilize the egg. For a tiny sperm it can be a long journey and this cannot be seen by naked eye. After ejaculations, each sperms begin their journey and some die without reaching to the egg. So when you ejaculate it does not matter whether your wife gets an orgasm or not because there is no connection with pregnancy. Your wife will get pregnant only when normal active sperm reaches the target and impregnates the egg and after that the resulting fetus begins to develop.

Is premature ejaculation hereditary?

No, premature ejaculation is not hereditary because this disease is generally precipitated by emotional or psychological factors, not genetics. The researchers has linked premature ejaculation with low serotonin levels in brain that are often precipitated by depression, stress or post-traumatic stress syndrome.

How to know when affected by premature ejaculation?

If you want to know that medically speaking, when you consistently ejaculate within two minutes of insertion then you may have premature ejaculation. However every man’s biological workings are not similar and therefore it will be better that you ask yourself whether you are satisfied with your performance time? If you are not satisfied then you may have problem with PE.

How to overcome premature ejaculation

Though there are several ways to overcome premature ejaculation, treating becomes important and one of them is to decrease any type of stress in your life. If lifestyle will change then it can help to promote a greater sense of well-being. There are several ways to fight against PE such as dietary changes, exercise, physical exercises to last longer in bed, talking to a therapist or taking dietary supplements are some of the great ways to cure Premature Ejaculation.

Who is affected by premature ejaculation?

There is no age limit of affected by premature ejaculation because man of any age can suffer from this disease. Even there are many experts who stated that men who suffer from PE consists of 20%-30% of the entire male population. This number can be actually greater and this figure is based on those men who pursue medical care for disorder.

Is there a way to stop premature ejaculation on focusing something else in bed?

You should know that the root of the problem is anxiety or stress. Here you may think about what you are avoiding and your mind will think that only. Well thinking about some other thing can make the thing worse so it is advised to focus on what is happening inside or outside your body when problem occurs. This may help you to get rid of the problem.

How can I help myself from premature ejaculation?

Well there are some short term remedies which can help you to get relief from PE:

  • You can increase the frequency of ejaculations by masturbation. This can help you from delaying subsequent ejaculations
  • You can talk to your partner about the problem and this might give you relief from the pressure you feel while having sex
  • You can wear condoms of anaesthetic spray to decrease the sensitivity of penis
  • You can try relaxation exercises to get relief from stress. It has simple exercise that involves relaxing and tensing your muscle groups that starts from your feet and after that moves your body. Clamp the sets of muscles for few seconds, just focus on feeling and after that gradually relax. Doing this exercise can help you to counteract the muscle tension that complements stress.
  • Avoid focusing on penetration while sex. Not attempting penetration can ease the pressure on yourself till your partner has already had an orgasm.

Will premature ejaculation go with time?

Premature ejaculation is a disease which can affect men of all ages and if you have the problem then don’t think that it will go away just in easy way. Therefore it will be better that you find a solution for the disease instead of waiting for the disease to go by itself.

Can certain medical conditions cause premature ejaculation?

Yes of course, there are certain medical conditions that affect sexual performance, fertility and cause premature ejaculation. Causes includes diabetes, multiple sclerosis, underactive thyroid and prostate disease.

Is premature ejaculation similar to erectile dysfunction?

Similarity between both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is that both are related to an erection. One thing that separate both of them is that erectile dysfunction is related to problems getting and sustaining an erection and premature ejaculation is related to achieving climax very quickly.

Why is it a problem?

Problem can be because of several reasons and the main reason is the ejaculating problem which can hamper both partners relationship and can lead to unsatisfying love life. Due to this disease, the relationship can cause long term problem and some cases there is a break down in relationship. It can have a bad effect on man’s confidence and some sense of frustration for woman that impacts on the sex life. This can be worse when some couple try to start a family. Well treating the PE condition can really be helpful.

Should I talk about my premature ejaculation with my partner?

doctorsThis can be a good idea of discussing about premature ejaculation because it can effect both of you. Having premature ejaculation can affect the ability to ejaculate and it can be unsatisfactory for both partners and it can be more irritating when your partner wants to get pregnant and want to start a family. If you talk to your partner then the problem will come out and it can be solved immediately. Sharing the problem is better with your partner otherwise the relationship will be in risk and no one is better person than your partner to help you. You both partners will encourage yourself while having any problems and can try some other sexual activities at home.

Does premature ejaculation affect young men only?

Premature ejaculation does not happen to young men only but it can affect men of any age. Young men get infected more compared to older men and due to this older men have made better control while intercourse. Besides, older men are more sexually experienced compared to younger men.

What are the psychological reasons for premature ejaculation?

If premature ejaculation is of lifelong then it can be due to psychological factors but there are some cases where the reason is due to physical cause. It can be due to stress, repressive upbringing, depression and social condition are all the reasons for premature ejaculation. For an instance, if man has undergone traumatic experience as child then high chance is there that it can affect him afterwards.

Can premature ejaculation be cured?

Premature ejaculation can be cured by applying several treatments methods like sex therapy, medication and including self-help methods. If PE is in minor form then it can be treated by yourself but before doing that you should ask your doctor first. Your doctor can recommend several treatment options and it can be done in standing manner.

Are there any self-help forms of treatment?

Several ways are there which can help you to commence at home and they are like you and your partner engaging in some erotic games while having sex, e.g. lubricating creams, vibrators and some sexual materials like DVDs and magazines. Even these options are recommended by sex therapists who encourage people to practice all these at homes. Moreover they advise couples to talk about the issue they are facing just to see if there is any unresolved issues.