11 Top Exercises to Cure Premature Ejaculation Effectively

11 Top Exercises to Cure Premature Ejaculation Effectively

Premature ejaculation is a known sexual problem that many men deal with. It affects men of all ages and even effect partners’ sexual gratification.

Many of them are concerned about their problem but some of them ignore such kind of issues, which later on become a huge risk.

According to American Urological Association, one in five US men are affected by premature ejaculation who are younger than 60.

However, when the problem arises then its not an easy to cure it immediately and so many times the mental and physical conditions which leads to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction fails to cure the condition properly.

Well, there are several ways, which can help men to improve sexual stamina and last longer in bed with their partners.

Some of the ways include lifestyle changes, taking herbal supplements etc but today, we will focus on some exercises that cures premature ejaculation.

These exercises are well known for its effectiveness and men suffering from PE will definitely get help from these.


Best exercises to cure premature ejaculation

Ballooning method

Ballooning is a penis exercise that needs to be done alone. After following the exercise, many men have reported about the benefit that have achieved in their sex drive with improved stamina.

This exercise is almost similar to edging technique but it has more advantages than edging.

In this, you have to find a sensitive spot on your penis but remember that every men will have different spot, so find it on your own. After you find it, rub it in circular motion until you reach full erection and continue with it until you feel to orgasm.

Now stop it before climax and let your erection to reduce and again start it. In this exercise, you are not supposed to climax in the end of ballooning exercise. Several men who suffers from PE do this exercise up to 20 minutes every day and they achieve better sexual stamina.

Stop and start method

This method is also known for its effectiveness and is quite popular among men. Start and stop method helps to understand ejaculation and orgasm process in better way.

To get this method effective, you have to orgasm few times on your own but remember that you have to double it than you normally do. When you are close to orgasm, immediately stop the stimulation. Wait for some time and again continue it.

This process should be continued for few weeks and hence you can see the difference in your sexual life. It will be now easy to delay your ejaculation. [Read: Learn Everything About Delayed Ejaculation – Causes, Treatments & More]

Clamp Technique

This technique is used by many men to cure premature ejaculation but its painful. Previously this exercises was done with partners but now men can do it on their own.

It needs to grasp your penis to one-half inch below its head and then hold it firmly at the time you are to ejaculate. Though it can be understood that this technique is very difficult and it feels like your organ is trapped.

But this method will surely help you to stop from ejaculating early and also one of the effective way to know how to control ejaculation.

Kegel exercises

This is yet another powerful and important exercises especially when men suffers from PE. It focuses on giving better control over muscles below bladder.

Doing this strengthens pelvic floor muscles. The pubococcygeus muscle is responsible for mostly penal functions.

However, to do this exercise, focus at the time of urinating, control and stop in between. This will contract PC muscle and will able to relax to regain normal urinary flow.

Doing this every day for 10 seconds will not only increase the time to last longer in bed but at the same time, it also gives better control over PC muscles. Go through- Kegel Exercises- Stronger Erection and Greater Ejaculation Control

Edging method

Edging technique is a useful exercise that helps to control climax and stops sexual contact when there is a feel to orgasm. Wait until the push that you feel about orgasm is completely finished.

Doing this exercise will gradually build sexual stamina over time and it should be done if partner don’t feel comfortable with pause and squeeze method.

Generally, those men who don’t suffer from PE also use this technique but they want to climax stronger and better with more confident. This can be done as many times as you want until you feel that you have gained the full control.

Applying strategic pressure

Now, this is yet another method that helps to delay ejaculation and men suffering from PE can get relief. To do this technique, first you have to know about perineum and then putting pressure on it.

It lies between scrotum and anus which reaches the prostate gland and when it is pressed then ejaculation process is delayed. It happens because the path of prostate gland gets blocked at the time of press.

The prostate contracts and expands during orgasm until men ejaculate. When it is pressed then the rhythm breaks and hence the delay of ejaculation satisfies.

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Pause and Squeeze method

This exercise is done while sex and requires interaction of both partners. Doing this method not only increase the ejaculation time but also build sexual stamina over time.

To do this method, you have to stop intercourse when you come across the feel of orgasm. Then tell your partner to wrap her hand around the base of erection and slowly squeeze the blood flow to or from penis.

Remember that your partner should keep this grip continuously until the feel of orgasm is completely gone. After that, continue your intercourse as normal and this technique can be done as much you can.

Top stimulation

This exercise is done alone but if you wish, you can do with your partner as well. In this, stroking of penis is involved but only where the bulk of nerves are located.

Stimulate your penis fast with strokes and when you feel to orgasm, immediately stop it. It is almost same as edging and the only difference is the part of penis instead of full length.

There are many men who use this method because they think that this method is easy to control the climax and also easy to build sexual stamina.

Tantric techniques

Many of them don’t see it as a useful technique in sexual life but tantric sex is beneficial for many couples. With the tantric techniques, men can easily have full control on PE and at the same time improves sexual life to a great height.

To do this exercise, you have to pull out instantly and stop stimulation just few minutes before you urge to orgasm. This is done to avoid energy from rising further. And now, its time to take a deep breathe and feel the sensation of your partners body and enjoy your night.

Try to limit anxiety

If anxiety is the problem with you then it can really make your sex life worse. One should work on reducing anxiety level by running, walking, swimming, dancing etc before you are ready to do sexual activity.

After this, take bath with lukewarm water. Even yoga is helpful in reducing anxiety level like Virabhadrasana along with some other techniques that works to calm your nerves. [Read: Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation- How to treat?]

Breathing Exercises

One of the best and beneficial techniques to control PE is by breathing technique. This exercise have several other benefits as well. You might don’t know that breathing plays an important role in sex and also helps to last longer in bed.

If you have better control on your breathing intake and outtake then it will allow relaxation to your body during sex and also make you aware of what is going during sexual activity and helps to last longer in bed.

Do this technique by inhaling 3 seconds, then pause and hold for 3 seconds. Now exhale for 3 seconds and again immediately start it. Continue doing this for 2 or 3 times and you can see the difference.

Best way to cure premature ejaculation without exercises

Well you can get several ways to cure PE apart from exercises. Natural ways include several things but many men don’t want to go for long process. They want some best and effective way to cure PE but in less time.

In this situation, you need a natural supplement named as Enlast Cream. This is known for its effectiveness as it totally cure premature ejaculation without any difficulty. It comes in the form of cream that is naturally made with 100% natural ingredients.

Apart from curing premature ejaculation, it allows men to stay longer in bed with increasing power and sexual stamina. Men can feel the power to last longer in bed with their partner without facing any difficulty.



Millions of men suffers from some or the other sexual problems and they search some best ways to get rid of the problem. PE is a common problem for men and if it is not cured on time then it can make the situation worse.

In this blog, I have discussed about helpful exercises that cures premature ejaculation. These exercises are easy to follow and men can completely get rid of the issue and can lead a better sexual life.

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