Peyronie’s Disease: How to Cure Curvature of Penis!

Peyronie’s Disease: How to cure curvature of penis

Are you suffering from curve or bend penis?

Looking to get rid of such penis curvature which gives you pain and un-satisfaction while having sex?

If yes then this blog is surely fro you because here you will know how to cure curvature of penis and lead a happy sexual life without having any problem.

There are many men in this entire world who have curved penis. Actually this is a disease which is known as peyronies disease. Still now there is no exact reason for this disease but in general study has shown that it is caused due to trauma that causes scar tissue to build beneath the skin of penis.

It depends on the location of scar tissue which can cause erect penis to curve upward, downward or other side. The curved penis can be very painful as this time can be tough for those who having such disease.

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Generally men’s penis is comprised of same connectivity tissue like the other joint in the body. Anatomy of penis has three cylinders, paired erectile bodies and urethra.

Erectile bodies made of sinusoidal tissue which fills with blood at the time of erection and the outer cover is made of tough fibroelastic tissue. Hence the outer covering determines the shape and size of erection.

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Who Gets Peyronie’s Disease?

In a study, it has been found that peyronies disease occurs in 1% of men. Generally such type of diseases occurs mostly on the middle aged people, even younger or older men can also get this disease.

It is more common at the age of 40 to 70 years old, though it can affect men at any stage. There are some cases where men develop peyronies disease because they are linked genetically.

Those men whose father or grandfather had suffered from such disease, they have a higher chance to get infected with this disease. Generally the disease makes the penis to curve upward but in worst case, penis may curve backward towards the abdomen.

Due to this curvature, it not only be painful but it also makes your penis shorter in length and can have problem while doing sex. Therefore when men come across such erections or when they see the change in their penis then it is strictly recommended to consult a urologist who can show you the correct path to bring the shape of penis in correct manner.

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What Are the Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease?

The symptoms of the disease may appear slowly. If the penis is soft then there will be no issue but in some cases, when the penis gets hardened plaque, it decreases flexibility which causes pain and hence it forces penis to bend like an arc.

If you have bent penis then obviously your erections will be painful and along with that, you will suffer from sexual problems.

What does testing and treatment involve?

Various ways are there which the physician uses to see the problem. Even men can take the picture of their curved penis to show to their doctor, after this, doctor will examine the whole process just to find the scar tissue.

In fact there are other ways which doctor can use like ultra sound or an injection of blood pressure known as verapamil, this is used so that scar tissue can be seen better.

All these tests are conducted by doctor to see how the penis becomes erect and scar tissue has affected the penis. After all the tests are conducted, doctors tell to wait and see about how the condition develops.

This is very typical course as doctor believes that the disease will resolve by itself. But if you have severe case then you have to wait for a long time to cure such disease. In fact there is also a disadvantage on peyronies treatment as you have to wait for a long time to see the result. It’s better to go for other option which can give you better treatment and that too in less time without any side effects.

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How to cure peyronies disease?

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Treatment has several options to cure curvature of penis. Treatments include injections, vitamins, surgery and penis straightening devices. However surgery is one of the harmful treatments which is not a permanent treatment.

When there is no option to cure the disease then the best option to cure it is by the use of Peyronies Device. This device is one of the best options to treat your curved penis.

This is a complete treatment option as its main part consists of traction device which is clinically approved to cure curve penis. With the use of traction device, your penis curvature will improve and along with that, the sex life will also improve. Even it can increase the size of penis and also increases blood flow to the penis. The Peyronies Device is one of the best devices to treat peyronies disease.


Well, peyronies disease is not so common but it is rare case, so men don’t have to worry much about it. But when you suffer from such condition then sex life becomes horrible. So just don’t ignore it when you feel that your penis is bent or curve. Go to your doctor and when you are sure that you have the problem then cure it immediately so that you don’t have to face any problem in future.

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Peyronie’s Disease: How to Cure Curvature of Penis!
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