Peyronie’s Disease Exercises to Cure Curved Penis (Peyronie’s Disease)

Peyronie’s Disease Exercises to Cure Curved Penis (Peyronie’s Disease)

Everyone is aware of peyronie’s disease though it occurs in very less people. Still, it is one of the worse conditions that nobody wants to suffer from.

Peyronie’s disease is also known as bent penis or curved penis generally caused by scar tissue, which builds inside penis. Due to this, the penis becomes short and is very much painful at time of sexual activity.

Those men who have bent penis, they know that it’s the condition that cannot be cured on its own. Even many doctors have stated that only surgeries or medication can solve this disease.

But some recent studies have told that apart from surgery, doing some exercises or massage can help to get out of the condition. Even men also shared their personal experience with the exercises and provide to be effective to overcome peyronie’s disease after continually doing the exercises period of time.

Not only the bent penis will become normal but your dick will also strengthens and the main thing, the exercises are easy to perform at home.

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How doing exercises help to relief from peyronie’s condition?

Following exercises for bent penis is almost same as you use penis traction device to cure peyronie’s disease. As stretching devices uses body’s natural response of growing tissue to release the tension hence reducing the curvature of penis. [Read more How to Treat Peyronies Disease with Peyronies Device]

Does peyronie’s disease get worse with exercises?

Well there are chances that your bent penis can get worse if the exercises are not done properly. Even if you prefer some of the treatment option then also there is a chance that doing penis exercises can make some changes.

So, whenever you suffer from such condition, then once you should consult your doctor first. He/she can better instruct you whether penis exercises are beneficial for you or not.

Exercises to overcome Peyronie’s disease

You might not get many exercises to straighten your curved penis but whatever exercises are available, all those works effectively to cure the problem. Following the exercises obviously increases penis length and girth and offer a lot of relief from harmful condition.

Though here you will get some of the best exercises for curved penis but some of the exercises might not work to cure issues linked with peyronie’s disease and it will be better to consult your physician once.

Now if you want to perform penile exercises then here are some of them to select from.

Penile Stretching Exercises

One of the best and most recommended exercises is penile stretching device. This is all about penis stretching in flaccid state. Before doing this exercise, you have to warm up. You can use a towel to wrap up on your penis but ensure it is soaked with hot water and hold it on your penis for at least 5 minutes.

Doing this will help your penis to flow blood and now its time to do the exercise. To do this exercise, you have to follow the proper procedure.

First, hold your penis behind the head and pull far away from it for 10 seconds. Now again stretch it but in downwards, upwards, left and right. Hold every position for10 seconds and continue this process around 20 times.

You have to do this stretching unless you feel it on the base of your penis. Don’t forget to do it on regular basis for few minutes. This is the only way to make your bent penis normal. Also instructed to do it slowly so that you don’t feel any kind of pain.

When you feel uncomfortable, immediately stop doing and relax. As already mentioned earlier that do it properly without damaging or hurting your penis.

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Curved Jelq

This is yet another powerful exercise that help to straighten bent penis. Doing this exercise needs a lubricant. This one is performed when your penis is not fully erect. You have to use your thumb and the index finger in this exercise.

You have to make an “OK” sign and hold your penis tightly around the base and then milk from base of penis. At the time of milking, your penis should be pulled in opposite direction of curvature. When you reach the penis head, you have to start again from base with other hand.

But here it is also recommended that while you follow this exercise, it should be done properly with right technique. If you don’t know how to do it then you can find some videos or steps that will completely guide you on how to proceed with curved jelq technique for treating curvature of penis.

You can do this method 10-15 times but should take some break and again continue it. Do it for 200 times and try to avoid ejaculation.

After doing this exercise regularly and making it a part of your penis enlargement program, you can see changes in your bent penis as it will reduce the curvature and slowly it will become straight. And after that, as the curved penis will become straight, your sexual performance will also become enhanced.

You can also follow Kegel exercise if you suffer from low erection and want to have longer and harder erection along with powerful and greater ejaculation control.

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Penis Massage

Another exercise that can help your bent dick to straighten is by doing penile massage. Massaging your bent penis in flaccid state on the plaque area on penis side can be useful.


Including massage on your penis exercises daily is beneficial as it gives faster and better results always. Massage the affected area gently either by using lubricant to make your comfortable and continue it for 15 minutes.

You should know that massage will help to smooth the affected area by plaque. The tissues gets soft and slowly you can see penis curvature will be removed.

Other ways to cure bent penis

Well, apart from penile exercises to overcome peyronie’s disease, there are other ways also. Though it is known that this condition don’t have any permanent solution but yes, treatment options are available that can give relief from such curved penis.

You can get oral medications or topical medications to reduce the symptoms. Even injection therapy is instructed by many of them to help you out from such condition.

Some surgical methods, shock wave are the treatment options available but before going through these methods, once consult your doctor for better result.

What else treatment option available for peyronie’s disease

Those men who are suffering from bent dick or peyronie’s disease, for them still one good news is there and that is using Peyronie’s Device. This is one of the helpful device that is made to cure bent penis especially that occurs due to peyronie’s disease.

Many men prefer to use this device to improve the condition of their curved penis. This is easy to use and can be used by any men suffering from bent dick anytime. It not only straighten bent penis to normal but also makes your penis longer.

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The peyronie’s disease exercises are helpful to cure curved penis because these exercises cures the underlying problem that can really heal the internal scar tissue. One should always focus on the exercises to get better results.

However, there are other methods as well to treat peyronie’s disease that includes peyronie’s device or traction device.

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Peyronie’s Disease Exercises to Cure Curved Penis (Peyronie’s Disease)
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