Can Peyronie’s Disease Cause Erectile Dysfunction- The Truth Revealed

Can Peyronie's Disease Cause Erectile Dysfunction- The Truth Revealed

Peyronies disease can lead to erectile dysfunction is yet a question that is not answered by experts as they are not sure about it. But some studies have shown that between 22% to 54% of men suffering with PD have problems in getting erection for successful sexual activity.

There are few factors that put pressure to believe there is a link between peyronies disease and ED.

  • The plaque formation of peyronies disease may weaken smooth muscle tissue in penis which makes erection difficult
  • Blood can leave the penis quickly due to plaque formation and this makes man to lose erection instantly
  • Sometimes, blood flow to penis does not go normal and all happens due to plaques formation which stops the blood to flow for firm erection
  • Men suffering from PD often think much about sexual activity and this is yet another problem for weak erection.

There are many men who wonder why such things happen and actually there is a link between peyronies disease and impotence.

Don’t think much, simply read this blog and you will know everything about peyronies disease causes erectile dysfunction.

About Peyronies Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronies disease is both physically and psychologically disorder that affects around 10% of adult men. This is really hurting because your penis become curved which makes difficult to have sex with partner and also is painful while urinating.

In this, plaque is formed just below the skin of penis. Due to this plaque formation, the penis gets curved and shortens as well. It’s a very difficult situation for men to get out of it.

This condition generally becomes prevalent as men ages and for older men, this is a common problem compared to younger ones. In one of the study, it was stated that Peyronies disease is seen in those men who are aged between 40s and 50s. But this is also true that around 8% of men aged 40 suffer from PD.

Erectile dysfunction is another painful problem for men and this is very common. In this, men fail to achieve or maintain an erection. The worse situation is while having sex, they come out fast without satisfying their partner.

Now there are several factors that lead to ED like poor health, alcohol, heart disease, poor diet, diabetes and obviously peyronies disease.

Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

The person suffering from peyronies disease can experience blood flow problems that lead to ED and men fails to maintain an erection. Because of this, men suffer from stress and anxiety.

But you should also know that curved penis can lead to weak erection because of psychological impotence.

And due to all these, ED is very common in those men who is suffering from peyronies disease. This is proved by Association of Peyronie’s Disease Advocates that almost two thirds of men with PD have some part of ED.

However, there are many treatments for Peyronies disease but they cannot treat ED at the same time. And the same is with ED treatments like tadalafil and vardenafil that cannot cure PD. The drugs taken to cure ED only improve blood flow to penile region to the soft tissue that helps to maintain an erection.

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What Happens If Peyronie’s Disease Is Left Untreated?

When peyronies disease is left untreated then it cause thickening of isolated areas of corpora tunica that leads to focal bend and pain to structural abnormalities of erect penis. However, some curved penis resolves on its own without any treatment required.

But few cases are severe that cannot be left untreated. Check out the article on Peyronies Disease Natural Treatment- A Complete Guide on How To Get Rid of Completely!

What Are The Causes Of Peyronies Disease?

When we talk about reasons that lead to PD then you cannot say that one particular reason because researchers are still trying to find it.

There are many men who still have several questions in their mind and ask “can peyronie’s disease cause impotence”?

Yes, there is a possibility to suffer from impotence while having peyronies disease.

However, few researches say that when any injury happens to penis tissue then such condition can make men suffer.

This injury happens while having sex or any physical activity that cause internal bleeding with penis tissue. And this injury overtime can lead to scar tissue and penis bend slowly and named as Peyronies Disease.

Some other experts believe that this curved penis can also happen due to autoimmune disease which attack cells and organs like tunica albuginea tissue in penis.

How To Know If I Am Having Peyronies Disease?

Well, this is very important to know because it happens to many men that they are already suffering PD but they are not aware of it. Remember that little bit of curvature in penis is normal and you cannot say that every erect penis 100% straight.

And due to this, many men fail to assume that they are suffering from peyronies disease. Once you notice a bend on it, you should immediately talk to your doctor. Doctors will check it by doing physical exam or an X-ray that completely reveals whether your penis has scar tissue or not.

Also remember that this curved penis disease is not permanent and it has both surgical and non-surgical treatments. There are several exercises, oral medications and even injections to overcome it and to decrease scar tissue buildup.

How To Straighten Bend Penis?

The most embarrassing moment for men is when their partner is ready to enjoy but men don’t have the ability to stand in front of her. This is because if curved penis and also due to ED.

Here you need a way to straighten your curved dick. Remember that if curved penis is leading to poor erection then straighten it ASAP will help to overcome the situation.

However, when it comes for proven methods to treat peyronies disease to make it straight and achieve erection strength, you get two methods to deal with.

Size Genetics

The two choices are:

Surgery is a fast way to deal with the situation but do you think that its effective for long terms? No, surgery can give you instant relief but this is one of the stupid things to do with your sexual life. It will cost you high and at the same time, you will continue the same issue as well as your penis size will also get smaller to ½ or 1 inch.

Second is using a penis traction device. This is one of the effective and most useful devices to straighten bent penis. There is no risk of using it and its main aim is to increase the length of penis that happens due to stretch of penile tissues.

As a result, men achieve bigger and longer penis size and bent penis also becomes normal that gives extra confidence to stay in bed for longer without any fail. This is far better technique than surgery to meet all your sexual need.

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Peyronies disease is very painful especially during erection and this also keeps men away from any kind of sexual activities. Though there is no proof from scientists that PD can cause erectile dysfunction but some factors proves it.

No matter whatever the case is, one should always try to deal the condition in better way so that the bent penis becomes normal and at the same time, men can easily achieve and maintain an erection for successful sexual life.

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