Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

Have you ever felt like you are sexually aroused through the entire day and that too without any reason?

Are you suffering from PGAD problem and looking to overcome the condition completely?

If yes then this blog is definitely for you. Because, here we will try to sort out the problem of PGAD after knowing everything about it.

So let us know about PGAD and how to get relief from it.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder which is also known PGAD, is a condition characterized by unrelenting, spontaneous and uncontainable genital arousal in females and it occurs even in males. This condition may or may not include arousal with orgasm or genital engorgement.

There are number of growing reports, which is not linked to sexual desire. The words “arousal” and “orgasm” are almost universally associated with sexual pleasure, which is a biological itch that goes away when it is scratched.

PGAD has recently been classed in medical literature as a distinct syndrome. The Diagnostic and Statistical manual or mental disorders do not recognize PGAD as a diagnosable medical condition. There are also some growing number reports, which state the similar condition in males.

Some doctors found priapism in men that is a type of Persistent Genital Arousal DisorderPriapism is a persistent penile erection without sexual desire but male has erection, which simply does not go away.

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Well, there is not much known cause of the problem but it might be linked with psychological related pathophysiologies along with anxiety and depression. Even those men who have a problem of PGAD have found about stress worsens symptoms. And the opposite to it is when men feel relaxed and distraction then it lowers the PGAD symptoms.

PGAD can occur due to several reasons and due to this, one cannot identify a specific cause. Compressing a nerve known as pudendal nerve which gives a feel of sensation around genitals is deemed to be the cause of PGAD.

In fact when there is less blood flow to penis then it can cause priapism. In one case of a woman who developed PGAD was after a brain surgery that was done because of brain’s blood vessels. In several cases, PGAD develops due to complications that occurs from vasectomy procedures or sometimes due to urinary infection.

PGAD symptoms

One of the common symptoms that PGAD consists is a feel of sexual arousal and that too without any sexual stimulation. This happens to both men and women and so symptom varies.

In women, feeling of sexual arousal in genital area, swelling of clitoris, vagina lips, vagina and some of the parts of the body. In men, pain can be felt in the penis or erections, which lasts for longer hours.

However, several other symptoms include:

  • Abnormal high blood pressure
  • Vision becomes blurred or spotty
  • Neck and face becomes red
  • Pain in genital area, especially in penis or clitoris
  • Increased breathing
  • Abnormal high rate of heart

Is PGAD painful?

Those who suffers from PGAD, they can feel the pain and it is very different from other pain. This condition is related to neurologic disorder, which is linked to how chronic pain is processed from genital region to brain.

How to diagnosis PGAD 

As per NCBI, The very first thing you should do when you come to know about PGAD is simply talk to your doctor about the symptoms. Your doctor might to ensure that the symptoms are of PGAD or some other problem, he/she can do some of the following:

  • He may insist you to go to a therapist or psychologist for assessment and testing
  • Do a physical examination of genital area
  • Neurological test to check if nerve gets damaged which is causing the problem
  • Complete examining of how long you have PGAD, about medicines you are taking and other conditions
  • How much blood is flowing to genitals before, after or during sexual arousal

Treatment of PGAD

Treatment for priapism includes drugs, anesthesia or drainage of blood from the penis. Not like PGAD, priapism is recognized as a diagnosable medical condition in the diagnostic and statistical manual or mental disorders. In one of the case study reports about PGAD in male and a complete analysis of the condition.

Persistent genital arousal disorders are not associated with hyper sexuality otherwise it is known as satyriasis in males or nymphomania in females. It becomes very difficult to know how common PGAD is as many sufferers may be very ashamed or gets embarrassed to seek medical help.

Those who suffer from PGAD experience too much of arousal several times a day for weeks and also even goes for months. Reaching to orgasm may alleviate symptoms for a while.

Treatment options

When it comes to treatment then there are few options that help to get rid of PGAD.

For men, masturbation to orgasm can lower the arousal symptoms in some cases but this not a permanent solution. It’s only a temporary one just before any symptoms return. In fact, some men do frequent masturbation to get relief from PGAD but it goes wrong and makes the situation worse.

However, few treatments include:

  • Numbing gels
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) in which an electric current is used to give nerve pain relief.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy is only used when some mental disorder or the condition is associated with severe anxiety

In one of the Case study done for women diagnosed with depression have showed the symptoms of PGAD reduced after taking medications treatment. Here is some best medication that is used to cure PGAD:

  • Fluoxetine, which is one of the serotonin reuptake inhibitor SSRI generally used to cure panic disorder, depressive disorder and bulimia.
  • Clomipramine which is an antidepressant basically used to cure obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Lignocaine gel that is used to numb the area after it is applied

Therapy options to cure PGAD

There are some methods like therapy that may give relief from such symptoms. This therapy might help to overcome the condition of anxiety and depression that is causing the PGAD condition worse. Therapy can be useful in several conditions.

Even CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is also another option that can help to get rid of the problem. This method will elevate all the negative emotions and many times, it completely eliminates the symptoms of PGAD.

Therapist can also help to cure the PGAD condition. Some may also suggest to do meditation which helps to decrease the PGAD symptoms by lowering relaxing your muscles and resolving anxiety problem.

Best way to overcome PGAD

Many lubrications or gels or oils can help to aid such problem. These can be used for both women and men. However men has several gels or sprays that can improve healthy arousal. One of the best gel or oil, which can help men to sexually arouse on time is by using VigRX Oil.

This is a natural supplement that increases seminal fluid and helps men to reduce the problem they are suffering from like PE or last longer in bed. This oil is just amazing as it fills with stamina, desire and more enjoyment.

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How to know the symptoms of PGAD when it returns

The symptom can come back within few hours. These entire symptoms come back without giving any warning and because of this the patient cannot identify the triggers so that they can avoid them.

If the symptoms are ignored and not acted upon then the patient may able to know the waves of impulsive orgasms. This is one of the severe conditions, which can leave people unable to focus on their everyday tasks.  Some of the known triggers that can bring on symptoms include vibrations from cell phone or while riding in a bus or train or car.

Some people find themselves in a painful condition when they go to toilet for such severe arousal. Those patients who suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder may lose their sense of pleasure with all things sexual because release from symptoms that is achieved by having an orgasm. It becomes associated with relief from pain rather than something to enjoy.


Well it is seen that many people suffers from PGAD and they even don’t know about the condition. However there are lots of ways that can easily help to get away of such condition. In this blog, I have mentioned some of the ways that easily help to get rid of the issue.

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Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
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Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
PGAD has recently been classed in medical literature as a distinct syndrome. Some doctors found priapism in men that is a type of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
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