Penomet Penis Pump – Genuine Review After Using For 1 Month

Penomet ReviewMen always worried about many things like their carrier, image, style, physique and others but most importantly, they worry about their penis size. Men think a lot of their penis size and obviously it’s in the top list.

Generally most men are interested in increasing their small member as they think that bigger the size, better to enjoy sexual activity. This is somewhere true for those men who think that dick size should be big to satisfy their partner.

You have to compare your penis with other men to achieve that size. But how to increase this small member is a common question from many men. In this context, Penomet comes into mind that is a penis pump to increase size of it.

So let us review about this penis pump completely and know how this device can increase your penis size.


What Is Penomet?


Penomet is a new penis enlargement device that is created for men to offer unique and powerful penis size. This device gives consumes exactly what they want. Now this device has gained so much popularity that other penis pumps are not in the competition.

This is a water based pump with some extra feature like interchangeable Gaiter System that let you comfortably raise the pressure to increase this small member. This new feature offers an effective enlargement pump giving a rise in penis size.

This is a water based pump that is much more consistent and penis grows equally and proportionally. But this device can also be used with air, though it’s true that water will give you better results.

This penis pump is considered as one of the effective and safest penis pumps ever developed.


Who Is It For?


Penis pump is generally used by those men who think that their important member is small to please their partner. Using Penomet device allow men to achieve that big size which they were fond of. In fact it’s useful for those men as well who is suffering from Peyronies Disease (when chambers are not straight enough because of high curve percentage).

In addition, men suffering premature ejaculation can also use this device to reduce the condition. This water based penis pump works effectively for every man who want to enhance their sexual stamina and want to last longer in bed.

Also those men who think their dick size is not according to them, just use this device and add few inches without any fail.


How It Helps To Achieve What You Are Looking For


Its very important to know how this pump works to give your dick size a height with girth. When you use this penis pump then the heat generated from water expands and it relaxes penile blood vessels. Due to this, the pumps are more effective compared to other penis extenders.

In fact, there is no need to do any kind of exercises like jelqing or penile stretching after using this device. It has many benefits like:

  • Blood flow is increased via veins to penis that gives better erections and also helps to prevent from any sexual problems
  • Works to increase size permanently especially at that stage when you don’t see any increase in it
  • Allows to gain in size immediately after every pump you do
  • The result is effective and last long over time


Does Penomet Works?


Before using any product for penis enlargement, you should have a clear concept whether it will work or not. Obviously, Penomet pump is very much effective in elongating penis because it uses warm water. While using this device, its innovative technique safely increases pressure inside pump that works to enlarge your dick.

In fact, its effectiveness has already been proved after testing it for two years. The device is divided into two parts that has interchangeable gaiters that is helpful in increasing penis size.

Only 15 minutes is required every day to use this device and can be used anytime you want like while bathing. Doing this activity daily will increase your penis size up to 30% in girth and almost 3-inches in length. Remember that no other penis pump offers such effective and flexibility results.


How Penomet Works?


Penomet works effectively as other penis pumps works but it has some unique quality in enlargement of penis. However, to get better results, this pump should be used with water. Other penis pumps compress and expand air that don’t enlarge penis.

But with Penomet, all such issues are overcome as water is used that puts pressure and equal volume within cylinder. Because of its unique design, when compression stops then non-return valve closes that is at the end of cylinder and hence gaiter expands. Due to this, every pressure is applied to penis goes equally.

The pump contains 5 interchangeable gaiters that safely enhance pressure on device and helps to achieve almost 65% gain in dick size that is faster compared to other penis pumps.

Direction To Use Penomet Pump

Step 1: Select detachable pressure gaiter (recommended using purple 60 gaiters or the one which has low setting)

Step 2: Now attach the gaiter to main Penomet cylinder

Step 3: It’s time to apply the pump to penis and slightly pump the device unless vacuum is created

Step 4: Now relax and re-pump it after few minutes for 15 to 20 minutes

Step 5: When you want to remove the pump, gently press the valve that is at the end of cylinder

Step 6: As you get more experience in it, you should use other stronger gaiters to increase pressure

Is There Any Side-Effects?


Penomet is one of the effective and advanced penis enlargement devices that not only work effective but there is no kind of side effects. One should use it as directed to get better and fast results. Not only it enlarge penis size but also improves blood flow to other organs that are helpful in giving harder and long lasting erections.

Though it’s true that temporary results are easy to achieve but with Penomet, you can get better as well as fast results. Therefore it is suggested to use this pump as much longer time you can to achieve permanent results.

There are many positive reviews of this product and you cannot experience any kind of side effects because of its consistent results.

Few instructions to better use this penis pump is before having sex if you want to really enjoy sexual activity. This will make your penis bigger for 6 to 7 hours. Also there will be enough blood flow to penis and will experience better orgasm. Also men suffering from ED or PE will get rid of such condition after using this.


Is Penomet Right For You?


Many men might have this question on their mind whether using this pump will be right or not?

But I would like to tell you that you can use this product without any hesitation. This is really helpful in enlarging penis with ease. If you have previously used any penis pump and had failed to achieve better results, I suggest you to use Penomet.

This will be the perfect solution for you as this is scientifically proved and gives guarantee to achieve positive result with increase in penis length and girth and that too without giving much time.


Before & After Of Penomet


Well, there is much evidence that shows using Penomet is really beneficial in increasing penis size. Many men have reported positive views telling about permanent gain in size.

However, its temporary size is about 0.6 inches in length but only last for few hours. According to manufacturers, the size increases from 1 to 3 inch when used for long term and first inch comes in between 1 to 3 months. Achieving first inch is quite easy but second inch is really tricky and not an easy job to do it.

Some positive results are shown in image below:



“I need to keep this short and sweet because I truly believe that’s the only way anybody can accurately describe this… this… I don’t know mean to sound cliche, but this life changing product. I originally purchased this to suprise my girlfriend. Much to her dismay I’ve found myself enjoying my time with ME almost as much as my time with HER. Take my word for it. If you use this even somewhat frequently, the results will below (both of you) away.” Kemlan – CA, United States

“This is my testimonial of the Penomet Premium package. I have tried quite a few competitors and so far none have even come close to what the Penomet has given me. There are other options out there offering and delivering some measureable results but Penomet is by far the best. My length and girth have both increased which of course is extremely important but I also want to point out the increased vitality. I am faster and fuller when it comes to my erection, something my wife is really appreciating. I would recommend everybody to try it out. It is going to be worth it.”

Joakim – Sweden


Customer Support/Guarantee


Penomet offers a 60 day money back guarantee to its customer. And if someone is not satisfied with its results then company will give 100% full refund of the purchase.

Using this product is completely safe and after buying it, you will definitely not think to return it as you will obviously see positive results.


Penomet Offers

PENOMET PREMIUM Now only $297 Includes

  • Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
  • Force 60, 65, 70, 75 Gaiter
  • Extreme Force 80 Gaiter
  • Shower Strap
  • Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
  • Printed Instructional booklet
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty
PENOMET EXTRA Now only $197 Includes

  • Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
  • Force 65, 70 & 75 Gaiters
  • Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
  • Printed Instructional booklet
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Discreet Shipping and Billing
  • 3 Year Warranty
PENOMET STANDARDS Now only $127 Includes

  • Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
  • Force 70 Gaiter
  • Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
  • Printed Instructional booklet
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Discreet Shipping and Billing
  • 3 Year Warranty


Penomet Results


My penis gain in size after fourth month:

  • +0.7-inch longer penis
  • Penis girth is +1.1-inch (good for those guys who have thin penis)
  • Erections stay hard for more than 20 min.
  • The increased penis size last for the entire day or 6 to 7 hours


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


What gains can I expect to see after using Penomet?
Most men ask whether they will get the size or not that they are looking for. Well, using Penomet provide 1-3 inch gain in penis size with 30% boost in girth and takes around 6 to 12 weeks.

Is Penomet suitable for Peyronies Disease?
Men suffering from peyronies disease can easily use this penis pump without any worry. But remember that the curvature should be less than 20 degree.

What is the warranty period?
Penomet is used widely and its quality is high compared to other products. The gaiters are free for replacement for lifetime. However, if you are not satisfied with the product then you can return it within 60 days and all your money will be refunded.

How long to use Penomet for each day?
It is suggested to use 15 to 20 minutes daily with this pump and should increase number of daily sessions.

How long the delivery takes time?
After ordering the product, they are dispatched next business day. It is delivered within 3-7 working days to the customers of US whereas non-US orders take 14 to 21 days. You can contacts its customer support team if you don’t receive your product within 30 days.

How does the money back guarantee work?
Penomet offers 60 days money back guarantee to its customers and if anyone not satisfied with the results can return the product within that time period. But the refund excludes original shipping, return shipping and handling fee.

Why the gaiters are in different colors?
Every gaiters are of different color because each of them puts different pressure. First purple should be used as it has lowest pressure and as you progress, use the other gaiters accordingly to increase the pressure.


Final Verdict


Well, Penomet is really considered as one of the best and effective penis pump that elongate penis size. Only 15 to 20 minutes daily and you can achieve bigger penis size as you want. Its easy to use and its 5 different gaiter types are really beneficial to put different pressure to increase your member.

It also offers 60 days money back guarantee and anyone can easily enjoy their sexual life without any fail. At the same time, this pump also increases confident level and at the same time more pleasure.

Penomet Penis Pump - Genuine Review After Using For 1 Month
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Penomet Penis Pump - Genuine Review After Using For 1 Month
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