Penile Injection Therapy for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Penile Injection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Have you heard about penile injection therapy?

Do you know that many men go for this therapy because they suffer from serious health condition?

If you don’t know then read further to know about penile injection therapy and how it works to treat health conditions like erectile dysfunction.

You might have heard that there are many drugs that are helpful in curing erectile dysfunctions. Though the pills are small but they are very much effective but the pills are not made for everyone. This is be any pills don’t work or you don’t get any positive results then there are also other treatment options available. Among them, one of the effective method is Penile injection therapy.

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About Penile Injection Therapy


This injection therapy was started in late 1970’s because every men have different body measures and they suffer from different health conditions.

So if you are also in the same category which completely means to inject drugs into the penis to get erection. After its occurrence, it has gained a lot of popularity compared to other drugs and it is still one of the common treatment who face problem in their sexual life. This is also helpful for those men who is taking oral medications or therapy but not working.

Penile injection therapy is not a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction. But, who will try this treatment can enjoy the sexual activity completely. It is a treatment which can help a man to achieve the erection by applying injection to the side of the penis. It can hold the erection from 30 minutes to an hour after taking it.

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Who can use penile injection therapy?

But, in this treatment, user has to know self-injecting so that he can apply this treatment at home before sex. It takes a time of 5-15 minutes to start its effective work in order to enjoy the sexual performance fully. It uses Edex or Caverject supplements which is really very effective on 80 percent of men and help them achieving a stronger erection during sex.

There are some men who face problem in injecting the needle but no need to worry. Because for such men, an auto-injector comes that helps men to inject it easily. In fact, your partner should also know this therapy. It can be helpful when you are not able to inject it because of some problem. So here your partners help is very much important.

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Side effects:

It has a little side effect like mild dull ache that can arise on 37 percent of men and it lasts for a short time. Besides, priapism is a side effect that is very rare that is a prolonged erection that is really very painful. But, it can be treated by doctor easily. The last and common side effect is pain at the side of penis for taking the injection multiple times. Although, this is a common factor for every part of the body.

Penile injection therapy is known as a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction. This injection is a composition of 3 different drugs which is very effective on erectile dysfunction. But, it is must to know the self-injecting process. Although, this injection is not painful. As well, you will be shown the actual procedure by the doctor. Finally, if you use this treatment properly and safely, you will definitely get a satisfying result.

Apert from that, there are other ways also to deal with ED and that is by using Extenze Pill. This is one of the effective treatment option that is completely natural made and cures Ed successfully. This will completely help you to get away of the condition you are suffering and at the same time it will also help you to achieve bigger, harder and longer erection.

Tips to remember while using injection therapy

  • Inject on the side of penis towards the base.
  • Also look that there are no superficial veins on the area
  • Avoid injecting once you have injected it
  • Try to maintain gap between injections and should be after 48 to 72 hours
  • If by chance you get an erection for more than 3 hours then call the urologist as prolonged erection is also harmful
  • Always be sure the medication volume and dose of medication should be consistent
  • Don’t use the same needles every time.


Well penile injection therapy is used by many men to achieve an erection. This can help those men who face problem in their sexual life. However there are several other treatment available but many men choose this injection therapy as this is instant and can fulfill the requirement easily.

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Penile Injection Therapy for Treating Erectile Dysfunction
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Penile Injection Therapy for Treating Erectile Dysfunction
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