How To Overcome Psychological Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

How To Overcome Psychological Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)

Are you concerned about psychological impotence? Do you know that this can make anyone suffer from?

You might think that erectile dysfunction can occur to older man only but if you see the graph of recent few years then it has affected men of all ages.

Yes, this is very much true and there is nothing to get surprised. In one of the study shows that around 25% of men are suffering from ED at the age of 40.

You cannot say anything because it has happened to lots of men. It’s common to see in older men because as men get older, lots of diseases are around them. So you can accept its truth.

But what about young and healthy guys?

They are too affected with this problem and you won’t believe, suffering from ED is just a disastrous time for any men in their sexual life. You cannot explain anything when a 30 year old guy is suffering from erectile issues.

How to overcome psychological ED is a big question for plenty of guys who are going through this condition.

You might not know that psychological factor is the most common one of the lead ED and this also proves by a graph where 20% of ED cases happen due to psychological cause.

Well, today in this blog, we will discuss about psychological impotence, what is it, its causes and the best treatments.

So let us begin with psychological impotence.

About Psychological Impotence

Psychological impotence, which is also famous as psychological erectile dysfunction (ED), is one of the unwanted problems that men never want to experience. It can happen because of psychological factors where men completely fail to receive an erection.

Impotence or ED is a general condition that several men suffers in their sexual life and it occurs due to depression, low body image, guilt, relationship issues, stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, it may occur due to medical conditions or due to aging and this directly affects blood flow to genitals.

One thing you should keep in mind that though you search a lot to get rid of the condition using pills, but many times, it does not work.

For that, we will discuss later but before that, let us know some of the common causes that can lead to such condition.

Causes leading to psychological impotence

There are maximum number of men who suffers from ED problems once in their life. They can occur due to any reason.

You should know that if there is poor blood flow in genital part then the condition can appear soon and men suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, they are susceptible more.

Even some men experience the problem from childhood and it needs help from a professional. Childhood trauma is one of the reasons to suffer from ED problems but let us see what the psychological reasons for leading to ED are.

Commonly psychological factors are the reasons behind psychological impotence and they are:

How common is psychological impotence?

Many people ask me the question, ‘how common is psychological impotence’. Every men almost experience somewhere in their life about erection issues but exactly how common?

In one of the study, reveals that almost 10-20% of men experienced psychological ED at some point but many of them know about it and many don’t.

But this is true that the number of percentage will increase. Some men feel ashamed of telling the truth to the researchers and now you should think that how common is the issue that most of them are ashamed of saying the truth.

What are the treatments options for psychological impotence?

Well now, its time to know how to overcome psychological ed. If you have the psychological ED problem then don’t lose your hope. Let us go through some of the common ways to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction.

Talk to your therapist

If you see the fact of erectile dysfunction, then men suffering from it never love to discuss about the issue in public place or to anyone. But the problem can be discussed to a therapist and this will be helpful too.

Remember that discussing the problem with a therapist will never let you feel the pain but your problem will solved with full protection.

In reality, therapy is one of the powerful ways that targets to cure the problem men is facing. Men suffering from psychological ED can be cured discussing with a professional and will always be helpful to improve sexual performance.

Rhythmic breathing

The ED problem can be solved by concentrating on breathing technique. When you breathe then take it long and then slow it. Doing this will help you to cure anxiety and stress level to a great extent.

Again try to inhale slowly with deeply with a counting of 5, hold the breath for 5 seconds and then exhale after counting 5.

Talk to your partner

Communicating with your partner about any problem can solve your sexual issue. Never try to hide any issues that you are living from like ED or other sexual problem.

Because it is true that many men don’t like their partner to involve in all such unwanted condition and some feel shame to discuss all such topic with their partner.

Just see the reality, discussing or admitting the problem can give you relief from anxiety or stress. May be your partner gets confused hearing the problem but when you try to tell he about anything then open up completely and discuss it thoroughly.

This will give you some relief and more time to know the problem. Even communication will become better between both partners and emotional intimacy will increase between couples, hence sex life improves.

Re-educate yourself and try to adjust your expectations

Men can face lots of trouble in sex and its not only about you and me but plenty of other people. Men themselves are expecting impossible things and due to this, they somewhere develop performance anxiety and guilt.

However in a research, few things were found that men believe and they are:

  • The size of penis is not an important factor while sex
  • When it comes for satisfying sex then clitoral stimulation is more important than penetration
  • Most women don’t have an orgasm while penetrative sex but this is fine

If you take the help of sex experts then they suggest men to re-educate themselves to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction.

What will happen with this is men will start to re-adjust some unrealistic expectations of themselves. Obviously, doing this will decrease the anxiety level as well as they will have better control over erectile dysfunction.

Pills to overcome psychological impotence

When you talk about pills to cure any kind of sexual issues then you can variety of them. Generally, men prefer using Viagra and Cialis but they not so helpful in treating the further condition. These pills can works effectively for physical ED sufferers.

Though some of the pills may not work properly to tackle the condition but yes, there are also some pills that works efficiently to treat the condition.

VigRX Plus is one of the popular male enhancement pills that is designed to cure all such unwanted conditions. This pill is extraordinary that works in any unwanted conditions you suffer from.

It helps men to get rid of the psychological impotence problem and makes them achieve longer and bigger erection with better orgasms, helps to last longer in bed and improve overall sexual performance.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction

There are few considerations that men believes to work effectively to avoid suffering from ED. Here you will get tips on how to overcome psychological impotence without any problem.

The very first thing that you should keep in mind is to get yourself healthy. If you are healthy then there is nothing that can harm you and your sexual life. Apart from this, there are some other important tips that you should follow. They are:

  • Stop smoking– If you have a habit of smoking then it is bad for health. Smoking directly affects blood flow and nuero-signals that ensure proper blood flow to penis.
  • Reduce your stress level and get a proper sleep at night
  • If you are overweight, then losing it will be better for your sexual health
  • Always monitor your cholesterol level and blood pressure
  • Stop drinking alcohol if you have habit of it
  • Try to be physically active as this can improve blood flow to penis

Several times, the main causes of ED is because of unhealthy blood vessels. So you should be sure that your blood vessels are in good condition.

Diabetes is also one of the common factor that leads to ED problem. If blood vessels are damaged due to abnormal blood sugar level then its confirm that ED will be the result. To prevent it, do some helpful exercises and proper diet.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can impotence be termed as psychological?

Yes, of course impotence can be psychological as several factors conclude it to happen. In this, men suffer a lot to maintain an erection.

It generally occurs when men suffers from depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, relationship problem and low body image. Even with performance anxiety is yet another thing that can lead to ED as well.

Is it possible to cure impotence?

Yes, I would like to tell you in several cases, ED is reversed. In one of the study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, stated that 29 percent was of remission after 5 years. People suffering from it should know that though the condition is not cured permanently but there are ways to reduce its symptoms.

Do you know at what stage man stops getting hard?

Well, it is well known that as men gets older, their ability to achieve an erection reduces. Around the age of 50, erection changes in men. In some men, the process is gradual whereas in others, it happens quickly.

No matter whatever the age is, be clear that older men begins to suffer from erection issues and they lose all controls and get far away from sexual fantasies.

Does psychological impotence happens to anyone?

Yes, it can happen to anyone because it is common thing to occur.

But this really a serious matter that young men are suffering from ED. Though older men can get this issue but this is all shit to young guys.

However, it was found that when testosterone level becomes low and blood flow to penis reduces then such things happen. In one of the study shows that men of age 40 experience some part of erectile dysfunction.

How to know whether you are suffering from psychological ED

Every man should know this important part properly. An interesting question where men want to know how ED is considered as psychological.

However, you should know that maximum cases of ED are due to psychological factors and for this; you should talk to your doctor first. Doctor will take a physical exam and after reviewing medical history, he/she will ask few questions and tests will be done to know the exact causes of ED.

Generally, it was seen that ED is caused due to several medical conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, hormonal disorders, hypertension, metallic syndrome etc.

So to clearly check out all these issues, your doctor advice to do several tests, which include:

  • Serum creatanine test
  • Urinalysis
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Prolactin level test
  • Lipid profile
  • Fasting blood glucose


Basically if you see then men suffers from psychological impotence and this is really worse situation for men which they never want to come across. However, if you suffer from it then whatever solutions I have discussed in this blog will definitely help you to overcome the problem.

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How To Overcome Psychological Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)
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How To Overcome Psychological Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)
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