Difficulty Climaxing With Partner- Learn How To Overcome The Condition Effectively

Difficulty Climaxing With Partner- Learn How To Overcome The Condition Effectively

Men and women both loves to have sex but problems also comes at the same time. Generally if you see then men suffers from two most highly sex problems that always hit men below the belt and that is premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Apart from these two problems, there are other problems as well that men suffers from and that is ejaculating and orgasm problem. May be you have heard about this type of difficulties in several men and might you have also experienced the same thing ever.

No matter whatever the condition may be, you are not alone here. The main problem that men faces is when they come across difficulty climaxing with their partners.

Everyone thinks to be perfect while having sex and no interruption is expected in between but who knows what can come in between your sexual life and stops you from having an enjoyable sex at that moment.

So in this blog, we will discuss about the problem men come across in their sexual life and will overcome difficulty climaxing with partner in bed.

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What are the possible causes for problem climaxing with partner?

Several things can affect man’s orgasm and all these often associated with ejaculation problems. Some of the common causes include:

Stress– Stress is one of the main culprits that silently kills the sex drive and ejaculation control from men. There can be several factors that leads to such stress like anger, some kind of fear or can be fundamentalist religious upbringing.

Masturbation style– The very important reason that fails you in between sexual activity to enjoy with your partner. We all know that men love to masturbate but how he is doing it matters a lot. Some men hold their penis hard, which can hurt it or makes some damage that later on create problems in love life.

Aging– As men ages, their penis requires more stimulation and sometimes a lot more pressure is required to trigger ejaculation. This factor cannot be ignored by men that aging really matters a lot in climaxing at same time with partner. This is a normal case but sometimes it is disconcerting.

Avoiding give and take rule– In lovemaking, the process includes giving pleasure and receiving it. But there are few men who focus on only giving to their partners and not himself. Actually when you totally focus on your partner and not in yourself then somewhere, the concentration loses and it can interfere with orgasm and ejaculation.

Drugs– Not having proper ejaculation control on yourself can also occur when you drink more alcohol or take illegal drugs. You might know alcohol is linked with ED but in some men, this also make them suffer in bed. Some drugs include psychiatric medications, blood pressure medication, anti-anxiety drugs etc.

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How to overcome difficulty climaxing with partner?

Well, everyone wants to have a satisfied sex life and nobody wants any kind of interruption or any kind of difficulty in between sex. But problems are must to come and you have to work hard to cure it.

Let us look at the best treatment that can help you to get rid of the problem you are facing while intimating with your partner.

Consult your doctor

The very first thing I would recommend you to do is to visit to your doctor and talk to him clearly about the problem. Further, your doctor will investigate about the problem and would come to the conclusion about the main reason behind the issue. Handling the problem on your own can be risky so don’t waste your time.

Give value to your erotic context

There is a myth regarding men that they can perform sex under any circumstances and for women, they can enjoy their sex only on few considerations like clean bed sheets, flowers etc. In fact, men are also interested in what women say to them.

But here men should understand that as they aged, their context becomes more important and you might require few conditions to trigger your sexual life. In this situation, recognize your work with your partner and try to do them exactly.

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Do kegel exercises

You might have heard about kegel exercises that is mostly recommended by many doctors or sex experts. The reason behind is that kegel exercises strengthens pelvic floor muscles and this is good for your penis and overall sexual health.

It strengthens ejaculation and also cures orgasm difficulty in men. A wide part of sexual problem is cured by doing this exercise and is not much difficult to do it. Read more about Kegel exercises here.

Give value to your own pleasure

Everyone wants pleasure equally to their partner and you should never ignore the fact that only your partner needs pleasure. You should also give value to your own pleasure because you too deserve the satisfaction and the right to ask for stimulation.

When you are engaged in vaginal intercourse, then it might don’t provide enough stimulation and at that moment, you need either oral or manual stimulation. So do not forget your own pleasure and try to give value to it.

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Consult a sex therapist

As already, I have mentioned somewhere that consulting a sex therapist is a good way to overcome difficulty-reaching climax with partner. Maximum time, your own help don’t give too much help to get rid of the problem and in that case, you need a sex therapist.

Going to a sex therapist can really treat the condition you are suffering from. Even this is a good idea actually to resolve your problem fast and that too with a guidance of some known person via which your problem can get resolved easily.

Teach your partner

Many men who suffer from such problem can masturbate on their own to orgasm. And show this to your partner how it works for you and also guide her to provide it for you. Though masturbating in front of your partner is an awkward situation but think practically.

Doing this will make your partner feel what exactly you want. In addition, this process includes self-revelation that also boosts intimacy in your relationship.

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Use lubrication or supplement

There are many sexual lubricants available in market as well as online that gives men the power to climax with their partner with ease. The lubricants make the genitals more sensitive to touch and also works effectively to solve the problem.

ProSolution Gel is one of the effective and most recommended solution in this aspect that completely cures the condition men suffers from. This male enhancement gel boosts nitric oxide level in penis and increases the blood flow through it.

It guarantees harder and longer erection to men and it delivers the result that men wants. It completely works on the condition and overcome the difficulty climaxing with partner in bed. It is made for everyone who wants to make sex life interesting and enjoying. This gel completely provides men with satisfying power in bed without any fail.

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Several men suffers from difficulty reaching climax with their partner but this also does not mean it cannot be overcome. In this blog, I have discussed what the reasons behind climaxing difficulty with partner are and how to overcome it.

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Difficulty Climaxing With Partner- Learn How To Overcome The Condition Effectively
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Difficulty Climaxing With Partner- Learn How To Overcome The Condition Effectively
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