How Multiple Sclerosis And Erectile Dysfunction Are Linked & Treated?

Multiple Sclerosis And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the common conditions that men suffer after reaching to certain age.

But do you know that those people with multiple sclerosis can also suffer from ED?

Well, multiple sclerosis is a disease in which immune system is attacked and protecting cover or nerve cells get destroyed. Due to this, wide number of symptoms are seen like muscle weakness, cognitive issues and pain.

Scientists reported that around two third of people with MS has experienced sexual problems. When the nerve is linked with erectile response then ED occurs that leads to impaired arousal or stimulation. And at the same time, men suffer from orgasm difficulties, loss of libido etc.

Though many people suffer from this situation but it does not means that those men cannot enjoy their sexual life. Only thing is they have to understand the challenges and has to make some adjustment to keep their sexual life strong.

Therefore to understand the situation better, you should read this blog where you will know the connection between multiple sclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

Can Multiple Sclerosis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, multiple sclerosis can cause erectile dysfunction and this is very common as stated in NCBI. It affects almost 91 percent of people with MS.

According to NCBI, the condition is related to neurological dysfunction, psychological factors, side effects of medication or generalized MS symptoms like fatigue or micturition problems.

As per Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, (Cardiology), said in Sharecare that- to achieve an erection, nerves are required to control penis muscles and because of this, there is no doubt that men suffering from multiple sclerosis often develops ED.

Therefore, now you should not have any doubt in asking whether MS can cause ED or not. Still, you should consult your doctor once for better knowledge.

How Multiple Sclerosis Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erections generally occur when brain sends signal to the penis about sexual stimulation, hence allowing blood flow to genital area in two chambers. And when it happens then penis swells and become erect.

Sexual arousal or physical stimulation of penis leads to erection in men and works in two different neurophysiological mechanisms:

  • When erection occurs due to erotic thoughts, some visual signs or due to some touch then they are processed by brains after which it moves to spinal cord for erection
  • When erections occur due to genital stimulation then it uses nerves in lower part of spinal cord and it bypasses the brain

But with the patient of MS, the myelin sheath that covers nerve cells impairs the nervous system and because of this, brains and other body parts fails to receive the message. Hence the result is men suffer from ED as brain fails to send message to penis about sexual stimulation.

Because of this, the communication line between nerves is affected badly.

Why Does Multiple Sclerosis Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, there are multiple reasons for men suffering from MS can suffer from ED as well. They are:

  • Bad message communication– Multiple Sclerosis means attack in nervous system disorder that disconnects brain and other body parts with those organs that leads to sexual function. It completely means that men can get sexual stimulation but his brain is not ready to start erection due to poor message communication.
  • People suffering from MS get nervous of experiencing any kind of accidents while having sex
  • Feeling of weakness in muscles can also lead to poor sexual activities
  • Depression or anxiety is yet another reason for people with MS to suffer from ED. They get worried about their partners reaction and feeling about the condition. At the same time, libido reduces and arousal will be more difficult

How MS Is Diagnosed?

Few things are done by your doctor to diagnose MS in which he/she check the symptoms of MS, any kind of psychological problem associated with the disease and also look if you are going through any treatment.

What actually your doctor considers is:

  • If there is any urinary leakage problem while sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty in achieving erection or penis sensation is decreased
  • Symptoms like fatigue is leading to such condition
  • If any antidepressant is causing or leading to ED
  • Any psychological factors associated with self esteem

Does Viagra work for MS patients?

Many men take Viagra to overcome erectile dysfunction. Even many doctors also suggest taking it but will Viagra work for MS patient?

Well, Viagra is used to relax blood vessels and at the same, it also increases blood flow to penis, thus helping men to produce an erection. Remember that Viagra will not produce an erection without physical stimulation of penis.

In fact, Viagra works better for men with MS.

So it can be prescribed for people suffering from with MS and leading to ED. But once, you should consult your doctor before taking it.

Multiple Sclerosis Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There is no surprise that people with multiple sclerosis experience difficulty in achieving orgasm and also report about reduction in sexual desire. Suffering from fatigue, bladder control problems and other issues, nobody would even to have sex.

Achieving an erection with MS patient can be difficult but there are ways to cure this condition and lead a better sexual life.

After checking every problem of your condition, your doctor may suggest few treatments to get rid of the problem. However, men suffering from ED have lots of treatment ways that includes:

Oral medication

There are several oral medications that can help to cure ED completely. Some popular one are Viagra, Cialis, Papaverine, Alprostadil etc that increases erection leading to blood flow to penis.

In this context, another powerful and useful oral medication is Male Extra. This is a male enhancement pill that helps to cure erectile dysfunction completely. It can be used by any men suffering from any kind of sexual issues that stops them to have a satisfying sexual life.

Male Extra allows men to achieve bigger, better and longer erection and at the same time allows them to have a long lasting sex with their partner without fail. People having Multiple Sclerosis and have developed ED can also take this pill to overcome the condition.

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Many people have difficulty in oral medications, so self-injection is a better option for them. In this, either a single drug or a combination of drugs is used. Papaverine and Phentolamine are the drugs that can be taken to get rid of erectile problem and achieving blood flow to penis.

Penile implants

Penile implants are gaining much popularity in treating ED when other treatments like oral medications and injection therapy have failed. But remember that penile implants also require a permanent surgical procedure and it cannot be reversed.

In this process, the spongy tissue is replaced with rigid or semi-rigid cylinders. After it is successfully done, men can produce a rigid erection and can have a successful sexual relation.

Best Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction With Multiple Sclerosis

Here are mentioned some of the natural ways that can help to improve sex life with multiple sclerosis. Obviously, these are the best ways to deal with such conditions without any problem.

They are:

Talk to your partner– The best way to deal with such unwanted conditions is talking to your partner about it. You have to open conversation with her and try to make her understand about the changes in your sexual life. Might be she also feeling the same thing but hesitating to open up. So it’s better to discuss the feelings with your partner try to solve the sexual intimacy.

Take your own time– It may happen that you take some time to get fully aroused but that’s not a problem. It can take time so just be relaxed and enjoy the moment without any worries

Take helps from professionals– Sex therapist can help you a lot in overcoming the condition, especially those who are involved with MS. They can give you ideas of how to be in bedroom and also suggest you on how to deal with anxiety, depression or conflicting in relationship with your partner.

Do some experiment– You should try some new experiments because what had worked long time ago will not work now. So now is the time that you should do something new and it can be anything, either try oral sex, trying different sex positions, changing sex time or location. So open up to new ideas and make your sexual life interesting.

Have plan for sex– Those men who suffer from multiple sclerosis, for them having sex is not always an enjoying moment. But yes, you can plan a little bit for it. Check when you and your partner is free and spent time together. May be you will get less time but yes, that time will be exciting and relaxing.


Multiple sclerosis and erectile dysfunction are both linked with each other and its often that men suffering from MS will developed ED. The situation is not easy to manage as ED is the worse condition that men never want to come across.

But as I have discussed in this blog, there are ways to cure it without any difficulty. Several treatments are available to overcome erectile dysfunction with multiple sclerosis.

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