More Male Enhancement Q&As

0Q. Please give me advice as I am going to start my six week training cycle by using PNF for length exercise.

Ans. The PNF offers you the benefit to remove some of the kegels from your stamina routine because it tends you to do them as they are the part of your exercise. When you are using the PNF, it may make more sense if you have to try the stamina routine in a 4 week instead of 6 weeks. But it does not mean that you should leave that after 4week, for that we would think of the progress with the PNF. This effect is because of high effort of that exercise that can make fast growth but it can also make to premature “burnout”.

Q. I haven’t taken regular training but still sometimes when I get time, I to try to do jelqs or stretches. And after a month or two, no gain has been seen at all. What’s the problem?

Ans. It is very important to understand that in order to make fast growth, you require to do that thing in a good way. If you want to increase your growth from your training, then the most important thing that you should do is to increase it regularly from session to session. By doing this, you can think of safely and quickly growth. With this, if training is done then you can really expect much more progress.

Q. I will do just stamina work 3 to 4 times in a week and will not do any exercises. So is there any do’s and don’ts for the rest of the weeks?

Ans. Yes, REST means that there is no stamina work. If you are not sexually active, then some stamina training would be required as long as it is done. And the rest of the period is for getting mental break from training for the physical part.

Q. I do not have time to take training so I cut back on stamina work and sometimes the whole routine. So can I do the Stop and Start in a week?

Ans. Stop and Start is the best exercise which you can do for your penis. And in this if you have to choose just one, then that one should be on it. In this, if you are very sexually active, then you can remove all the stamina work but you have the capability to duplicate a performance in Stop and Start exercise (20-25 minutes by maintaining a rock hard erection and may have control when you ejaculate). And if you are unable to do that, then stamina exercise to be done.

Q. what is the cause for skin darkening when using pumps and why does this happen?

Ans. This is very likely “hemosiderin” stains. They are common between men who pump for long periods (especially with cock rings), and among those who do high PE movements such as clamping. They are the result of subcutaneous bruishing which leaves behind iron deposits. Lots of hot wraps and combined with massage will help to remove them.

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