Long and Shorts of A Micropenis: Everything You Need to Know

Long and Shorts of A Micropenis: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever felt that your penis is not big enough to satisfy your partner or it is too small?

How it happens and what are the causes of it to occur?

Don’t have any idea?

No need to worry, here in this blog you will know everything about small penis size (Micropenis) along with its causes and treatments.

You may have heard the name Micropenis for the first time but many men have already suffered from such problem.

And when it comes to you then you might think that your manhood is tiny. Is it so?

Let us know what is micropenis and how to deal with it.

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About Micropenis

Many men don’t know about it because micropenis is not a common problem to occur. This is referred as a small penis which is very small compared to average at birth.

This is approximately about 1.9cm when it is stretched. This size when adults face with the condition is less than 2 inches.

According to a study, micropenis only occurs less than 1 percent of total male population but those men who suffer from such condition can have terrible situation.

This is also referred as Microphallus but having small penis does not mean that they cannot enjoy their sex life.

There are many men who fully enjoy the moment with their partner and easily raise their family.

Men think that if their penis size is long then they can have a satisfying sex life and they can successfully satisfy their partner, but is this true?

What about men with small sized penis?

Men having small penis also work, only requires the intention to work and not just the size or enjoyment.

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What are the Causes of Micropenis


Whenever any kind of health disease occur then obviously it has some reasons behind it. There are many cause which can lead to micropenis.

Generally this condition occur at the first trimester of pregnancy where the baby’s penis fails to rise in length. Many cases shows that hormonal issue is one of the main reason behind it.

But when accepted in medical community then it is due to low level of testosterone which is a male sex hormone.

This low level occurs because of insufficient testosterone production in mother while pregnancy at second or third trimesters. Due to this condition, the unborn child also does not respond to the produced testosterone.

In some study, it has also proved that micropenis also occurs due to genetic problem. Many times this disorder continue in the family and can transfer from one to another.

Even due to pesticides which are on the environmental chemicals can be one of the causes of micropenis. It enters through food supply at the time of pregnancy.

But this is stopped if pesticide free is taken through organic foods such as vegetables, meat, fruits and dairy products.

Micropenis and Small Penis- Difference

Many of them have confusion about micropenis and small penis.

This is obvious for many of them because according to the name, both seems similar and don’t have much difference. But as you think, is it so or it has difference? Let us know…

If you read the word “micropenis” carefully then you can get an idea what “micro” means. If you look at the pictures of micropenis then you can know that the soft part of penis does not have any length. The head of penis follows the base immediately and it is just close to the balls.

Still having confusion then measure your penis size from base to tip in a standard way. Measuring will give you the size which will be approx. 0.75 inches up to 2 inches.

Even the size matters according to the height and weight of body.

But when talked about small penis, then its size ranges from 2.8 inches to 3.9 which is bigger than micropenis.

An average length of penis is from 4 inches to 5.9 inches and more than that is known as large penis.

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How it Affects Men?

If talked about effect in men, then it can have a powerful impact. It strikes hard on man’s self-esteem with self-image.

If anyone wants to raise their family then they can successfully do it but intercourse is very much problematic. Even men cannot urinate properly while standing as they can face problem with micropenis.

Treatment options of Micropenis

When men suffer from such condition then its better to take treatment ASAP so that men can get out of such situation.

Immediately talk to your doctor and take help.

When you get ensure about the treatment, don’t wait for any other thing, and just do the treatment.

However some of the treatment options available for such condition is listed here.

Now for treatment of micropenis, lots are there to treat it. Some are given below.

Surgery– It is believed that if men have micropenis then it cannot grow to normal size on its own and for that surgery is performed. In surgery, the child change to girl, also known as sex change operations.

Even penis enlargement surgeries are available but not recommended by doctors due to its disadvantages. You can know about risk and side effects of penis enlargement surgery here. Reason behind is that this type of surgeries are not successful and can lead to several other male health issues like swelling, infections, impotence, curved penis, scars etc.

Hormonal therapy– When anyone suffering from micropenis is left untreated and he grows up as a boy then to achieve masculine puberty, he receives androgen. To do testosterone management properly is a kind of relief to family of patient with condition

Exercises– It is already known that exercise play an important role in everyone’s life. But do you know that micropenis disease can easily cured with proper exercises? Yes, this is known as one of the safest way to increase the length of penis.

Penis extenders– Best way to deal with such condition is by using traction device or penis extenders. Generally such extenders is used when you suffer from peyronies disease. Know about how to treat peyronies disease with penis extender device.

The main aim behind such devices is not only to increase the size of penis but also to build self-confidence in men’s sexual relationship. There are many penis extender devices like Peyronies Device that not only cures curved penis but also helps men to achieve bigger and longer penis.

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Hence, many health experts suggest to go for such type of penis extender device rather than going for penis surgery or replacement therapy.

Such devices are really helpful for men suffering from micropenis but it can also help those men who think that their sexual life is not up to the level due to small penis and want to improve using such devices.

The device is scientifically full proof of its security and safety to cure curve penis or micropenis. Here, you can also know how to use penis extender device safely. The treatment is completely non-invasive and making it one of the best option for treatment of micropenis and penis length.

Final words

All in whole, one thing you should consider is not to give up early. Stay with it until you get better results.

There is no need to hurry up for anything as you also know that nothing will come or work instantly. Everyone has different penis and so treatment time will also differ.

You better know that the way you are applying to treat micropenis, thousands of people have already used that method and has gained benefit. So no need to worry about, stick to one thing that you are in focus.

Its just a matter of time, if the treatment work for others than it will work for you, you have to wait for the correct time.

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