7 Top Male Enhancement Exercises To Increase Penis Size

Male Enhancement Exercises

It does not matter how big your dick is but you cannot deny with the sentence, that ‘size does matter’. This is with most guys that they always want their penis size would be bigger.

And they think that because of penis size, sexual dissatisfaction occurs in between relationship. Though there are several reasons behind dissatisfaction in women but penis also play an important role.

But if men wish then they can make their dick bigger and wider to have a better sexual life. Here going through several male enhancement exercises can help men to achieve longer penis size with extra time to spent in bed.

So let us go through natural male enhancement techniques and know some of the best exercises to enhance penis size.


About Natural Male Enlargement Exercises

Clinically studies have proved the effectiveness of penis exercises. It has been found that these routines may also give you great gains without using any device.

This is very convenient solution as you may try these without other noticing that you are trying to increase your penis size. It will only require your hands for several minutes every day. The noticeable gains can be expected in just 2-3 weeks.

Various exercises available help you to achieve natural penis enlargement. Every man would like to be thought of as a virile animal but for those with small penis it can be very embarrassing to take off your clothes.

There are exercises, which can naturally increase both the length and girth of penis, but they may be performed properly in order to be effective.

Therefore, it is relatively better for you if you consider a penis enlargement program to follow if you really want to see better result.

What is the average penis girth?

You should know the average size of your penis. Every man is different and so their penis size will also be different. There is no exact measurement of an average size of penis. Some or the other variations will be there in any group.

However, if you want to see the average of dick size then the number ranges from somewhere 8.55-10 cm. Though studies also vary in the average size. When the penis becomes erect then the number can range to 12.3 cm at mid-shaft and 13.5 cm at base.

Tips before following male enhancement exercises

There are some tips, which should be followed by those men who want to follow male enhancement exercises. These tips are meant to give men the relaxation without any difficulty.

Shave your pubic hair

Shaving your pubic hair is must before starting your male enhancement exercises. This can ease the process of doing exercises without any difficulty. Hair can be distracted for many guys while performing exercises like jelqing and stretching, so suggested to clean your hair.

Develop a healthy diet plan

Following a healthy diet plan and maintaining that process is very important before you begin with male enhancement exercises. Doing this will give instant results as diet plan includes minerals, vitamins, amino acid and several other nutrients. Also following a healthy diet plan will give more energy and will be effective.

Measure your penis size

Measuring penis size before starting with exercises can also help you to know how much your penis size has increased. Measure both length and girth of penis when it is in flaccid state and also when it is erect. Also don’t forget to note down every measurement that you gain or lose.

Sit and relax

Try to be relaxed when you begin with exercises. Don’t worry about anything, just relax and warm yourself so that your dick is ready to do male enhancement sessions.

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Best exercises for penis enlargement


This technique is recommended as an effective method to increase length of your penis. It is the basic stretch exercise which will warm up your penile muscles. This is necessary to be done so that blood flow will increase through the shaft.

It is natural male enhancement technique that creates increases for your penis. There is no risk associated with this exercise and all you have to do is to follow the instructions.

It is performed while your penis is not erect and should be repeated between 10 to 15 times to be effective. First you should lift your penis gently.

Need to hold penis in a horizontal stretch at least for half a minute. After doing so, you should bring it back to its starting position.

In order to complete the exercise, you should repeat this for 5 repetitions.


You might don’t know about this exercise or maybe you are familiar with. This is an exercise used to increase sexual stamina and also overcome PE. But also helpful in increasing penis size.

This exercise is simple, it is where you masturbate until “edging” where you cannot return, and you simply ejaculate. But here the main goal is to hold yourself as long as possible for orgasm where you also have to maintain an erection as long as possible.

You might think how edging helps you to increase penis size, right? When you masturbate then penis becomes hard only for few minutes and penis becomes flaccid most of the time. Therefore, your penis doesn’t get much time to stretch in full erection for longer time.

But if you can hold your erection for longer time then the tissues of penis get stretched a bit.

When there will be more blood flow to penis via an extender erection then obviously nutrients comes into your tissues and hence the penis get elongated.

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This exercise uses the urge to ejaculate during the stimulation to help to increase penis size.

This is performed by holding back your ejaculate by holding your palm firmly over the head of your penis as you feel you are about to ejaculate.

This exercise can cause the stretching of tissues inside your penis which will result in increased size.


This is an effective natural male enhancement exercise. It is termed as the ultimate solution for your penis enlargement. Then main aim of this solution is to force large amount of blood into your penis.

There will be no damage with the application of these exercises for you will do the routine daily in order to let your penis adjust and respond. The first thing that you should do is to put your thumb and forefinger in an OK sign at the base of the penis.

Be sure that your penis is semi erect and lubricated. After that you should push your hands towards its head.

Once you reached the head, you should then use your other hand to do the same. You should repeat this for at number of times and each stroke is for at least 3 seconds.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercise is very famous exercise between males and females. It strengthens PC muscle that is located in pelvic wall. This exercise is for those men who face problem in sexual dysfunction and face ejaculatory problem.

The exercise is done by eliminating anatomy without hands and is done in 8-10 times at a time.

And if you can hold the highest time up to 5-6 seconds then results will be instant and better and its results will be noticeable.

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Horizontal exercise

This is a natural penis growth exercise which will require you’re both hands.

You should take the penis base using your left hand and then firmly press it. After that you should place the other hand at the tip of the penis.

Then you should slide down your right hand down to the shaft until your hand meet and bring back your hand slowly up again. This should be continued as much as you like.


This is known as one of the advanced technique but mistakes are also easily occurring. Many guys who have gained increased size have reported about the penis enlargement that it works amazingly.

    • It works with full erection
    • Have to form an “OK” grip same as jelqing where you have hold base of the your penis
    • Also make “OK” grip with other hand also
    • Now use the hand to squeeze your penis at several point. This exercise is to be done roughly one inch and you have to stop before reaching the glans.

The main idea behind this exercise is to stretch the tissues in the penis where pressure is increased and hence it works effectively to elongate penis size.

But here you have to be careful in following the exercise as too much pressure can seriously damage your penis. If you are unknown about the process then its better to stop the process until you ensure about what you are doing is right.

So these are some of the best male enhancement exercises which can helps men to achieve longer penis size with an extra energy and stamina to perform well in bed.

But apart from these exercises, there are also other ways as well which can elongate penis size. They are natural supplements as well as penis pumps, which works effectively in boosting dick size and improves overall performance.

Best way to gain penis size

There are several supplements/penis pumps available online as well as in market that helps to increase penile size. One of them is Bathmate, which is a penis pump that elongates penile size naturally.

This pump is used by those men who wants to increase dick size without any frustration and problem. This is for those men who suffers from weak erection, small penis size or suffers from ED.



All the exercises that I have mentioned in this blog will surely help you men to elongate their penis size naturally. However, some may occur little bit difficult but other than this, the exercises are effective.

Apart from this, an alternative option like Bathmate is also provided that works to increase penis size without any worry.

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