Aphrodisiac For Men to Make More Sexually Active Without Any Fail

Aphrodisiac For Men to Make More Sexually Active Without Any Fail

Sex and how to perform it better is always a hot topic for everyone and of course a needed thing for almost everyone. But as this is a hot topic, so its related problem are also highly reported like sexual dysfunction.

So today also men searches for several ways that can help them to satisfy their partner completely without any interruption.

Generally, men suffer from lots of sexual diseases and to have a proper and maintained sexual life, men should restore some mental balance or should avoid stress and some other problems.

However, men tries several ways that can help to boost the sexual desire and make men sexually active. I think you have come across a word aphrodisiac that works effectively to enhance sexual activity in men.

So today, I will discuss about some natural aphrodisiacs for men that can make them sexually active and help them to satisfy their partner in bed without any problem.

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Natural Aphrodisiac to make sexually active

Well, before we jump directly to know what are the aphrodisiac for men, you should know that aphrodisiac does not means only herbs but several foods are also effective in boosting sex drive in men.

All these are natural and are proven herbs or foods, so let us check them one by one.


You might know about Ashwagandha and its benefits as this is the oldest and one of the best natural remedies for men in boosting sex drive. An extra benefit of this powerful herb is this can be used for women as well.

So if you are taking it for yourself to increase sexual power then your partner can enjoy it too. Actually, this herb works on several mechanisms to provide better results, so one should not stop taking it for better use especially in sexual life.

Tongkat Ali Extract

This is yet another powerful aphrodisiac that many of them knows. This is found in Southeast Asian country that has the benefit to increase sexual power. Apart from boosting sex drive, testosterone level is also increased with sperm quality, sperm count and also enlarge male sex organs.

So this is a natural ingredient that increases every important thing of sexual life and makes men powerful to be in sexually active.

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Horny goat weed

Horny goat weed is a natural ingredient from China and is used as an aphrodisiac from centuries. Commonly it is used to cure erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and other issues.

In a study it was found that using horny goat weed, an enzyme is blocked that blocks the flow of blood to penis and hence the erectile strength, its duration and everything improves.

This is good for those men who suffer a lot in their sexual life especially after marriage. It can be used by anyone without having any side effects.


Ginseng is a popular herb used by many athletes to boost the performance and also to increase the sexual performance. In fact, when it comes to sexual benefit then erectile dysfunction is also cured with this herb.

Though it can be used by women but Korean red ginseng is effective for women as it increases arousal power in menopausal one. In addition, this aphrodisiac don’t have any side effects but suggested not to use by those people who suffers from hormone sensitive cancer.


This is a known ingredient for many men as this is an amino acid that helps to make proteins in body. After it converts into nitric oxide, the blood vessels are relaxed for having improved flow of blood.

It has many benefits like people use it for high blood pressure, cure chest pain, kidney functions and also to improve cold.

But apart from these, those men who suffers from erectile dysfunction problem and male infertility, for them also l-arginine is used. If you are frustrated about the condition then using L-arginine would be the best ingredient to get rid of the problem.

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Maca is used from centuries especially for arousal, fertility and hot flashes. This is found in Peru’s Andes region. Studies have found that this herb in the root form can cure menopausal women with sexual dysfunction and work for men who suffers from, erectile dysfunction.

This is said that still now some more research is left to analyze the dosage but they have found that maca does not have any negative effect on hormonal levels and be easily used by humans without side effects. Read Everything You Need to Know About Maca and its Role in Boosting Sex Drive

So all these are some of the best aphrodisiac in the herbs category but there are foods as well that works good for sexual health and acts as an aphrodisiac.

So let us check out these foods and know their benefits.

Foods that work effectively for men to become sexually active

Olive oil

Everyone knows about olive oil as this oil is easily digestible and nutritious. This is good for sexual health because olive oil is rich in fatty acids and the sex organs that need nutrients are easily supplied by it and at the same time, even testosterone production is increased.

Greek people drink a sip of olive oil with a big spoon of honey in the early morning because doing this clean the bile duct and also strengthens the genitals. So all in whole, olive oil has many advantages and known as one of the useful products to use.


Many sex experts or advisor may suggest you to eat oysters because it has many powerful things to do in your love life. It enhances sexual stamina and virility because it contains zinc that is useful in the production of testosterone.

Furthermore, oysters consists of serotonin and amino acids that helps to feel the pleasure. However few researchers suggest that it don’t have any benefit whereas several studies has told that it has the power to satisfy your partner.


Asparagus is generally useful for prostate disease and if you see its shape then it is in the form of phallus. It is rich in asparagine that boosts urinary activity. Apart from this, this aphrodisiac is rich in phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and calcium.

Due to all these, it boost sex drive and desire. So to enjoy the benefits of it, try to eat the young shoots that are cut in spring and its taste is mild, only remember not to cook them for long.

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Sesame seeds

May be everyone is not familiar with sesame seeds but this seeds are found to be rich in vitamin E and acts as an aphrodisiac. Especially in India, there is a belief that sesame seeds actually increases life.

In fact, if anyone wants to enhance their sexual activity then eat sesame oil with honey or halva (sweet dish made of grounded sesame with honey). It is said that this sesame seeds with honey is known as the best sexual stimulant in east.


Many of them don’t love celery just because it is boring and used to make wings, but this celery can also make your sexual life interesting and satisfying.

Eating celery increases semen volume and boosts sexual potency as it is rich in magnesium, vitamin E, zinc and potassium.

Even arginine is available in celery that increases blood flow to penis and hence men gets longer and stronger erections with more powerful stamina and confident.


One of the essential food that has huge amount of protein, vitamin B2, vitamin E and calcium are used from centuries to boost the sexual power in men. This is used by Arab, Indians and Chinese people to enhance their sex and become sexually active.

Almonds are also known as a great food for brain and increases sexual drive and desire. Almonds are considered as a supercharger for boosting sperm count and libido for 4 hours taken before sex. It is a great aphrodisiac and good to start for anyone.

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Everyone knows onion and Indians use it for various purposes. However, there are several types of onions like yellow, white, Spanish, red and brown.

Onion is famous for stimulant, diuretic, tonic, sexual booster and blood cleaner in Eastern tradition. It is believed that onions are useful in keeping the sexuality up.


One of the fruit which is like a divine in India is the Mango and everyone loves to eat it. But do you know its benefits?

According to Indian health book of Ayurveda, mango is a strength giving, digestible and arousing fruit. However, if you see a mango then it looks like testicles and so it has the power to stimulate sexual desire and thoughts.


Dates is yet another fruit that is loved by everyone and known as the sweetest fruit on earth. They are grown in Central Asia, Africa and Southern California. As per Ayurveda, dates helps to purify blood and boost the semen amount in men.

The sugar that it contains has enough energy and power that helps to stand for long time with passionate sex. Even due to this power, dates are called as “sexual” food. So one should try to eat dates and make themselves sexually active.


Avocado, a famous food that is seen like a male testicle when hanging on a tree. This fruit is also rich in vitamin A, potassium, protein and is nutritious.

It is a non-essential fatty acid that helps in boosting testosterone whereas the nutrients combination provide a powerful sexual boost and it will for several years.

So all these are some of the best and effective aphrodisiacs in the form of herbs and foods that works efficiently to boost sexual performance in men and keep them sexually active.

Best way to keep yourself sexually active

Well, men always try to keep themselves active when they are in sexual activity. Though you cannot deny the fact that several problems can make men suffer from several unwanted diseases but there are various ways that can help men to boost their sex drive and stay always active.

One of the best way is by using a powerful and natural supplement that can give you power, energy and boost your sexual life to another level. VigRX Plus is known as one the best male enhancement pill that helps men to lead a better sexual life leaving all the issues and difficulties.

Men can experience longer, harder and better erection with powerful orgasm and more confident to stay longer in bed and improving the overall sexual performance. This is a natural supplement in the form of pill and so there is no worry of any side effects.

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Aphrodisiac plays an important role in men’s sexual life and there are several of them that can be found in natural herbs or in natural foods. However, in this blog, I have mentioned some of the best foods and ingredients that would really allows men to keep themselves sexually active without any difficulty.

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Aphrodisiac For Men to Make More Sexually Active Without Any Fail
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