Female Orgasm- Surprising Secrets to Make Her Orgasm Every time


Female Orgasm- Surprising Secrets to Make Her Orgasm Every timeDo you have any idea whether your women is satisfied in bedroom?

Are you unable to give your women mind blowing orgasm?

This is the problem for many guys. They don’t know their women actually. Men think that their main goal is to give their women more orgasm but orgasm is the thing which no one gives.

So what men should focus is instead of giving orgasms to women, they should focus on that thing which let them have orgasm.

So here in this blog, we will discuss about what are the things that give women to orgasm every time so that your women scream with pleasure and also become sexually addicted to you.

So what to do?

Everyone wants to live their sexual life happily without any problem. And this can give you an extra pleasure if you know the right way to play with your partner. If you want to make your partner orgasm more then you have to first stand on this. Turn on the sexual tension in a thought of ‘anticipation of orgasm’ method. Once you successfully get into this action, it will be easier for you to show your partner how much care you have for her.

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How Orgasms benefit you?

In studies, it was found that when women orgasms then it are the only time that their brains experience a kind of deep relaxation. In fact nothing is more relaxing and wonderful than having an orgasm. There are many benefits of orgasm that women have. So let us know some of them:

  • Orgasms increase oxytocin level

You might know what oxytocin is? It is known as a bonding hormone and the reason behind this is because oxytocin strengthens those connections which are helpful in your sexual activities. It works similar to as you have just experienced an orgasm with your partner. Furthermore it also makes women look younger and beautiful.

  • Orgasm provides sexual power

This truth might don’t know by everyone but orgasm helps women to fill with energy. It enables women’s creativity into its own world and this helps not only to solve the problem but also helpful in any tragic situation to handle it. Relationship becomes strong which is also a part of joy and energy for her.

  • Boost testosterone level

Orgasm helps women to increase their testosterone level. Even it helps women to keep cortical levels in check. One thing to note is that when women have orgasm then they are more confident and positive to have sexual activities and also their relationship strengthens. Stress level decreases and it is the enjoying moment for both couple as well.

  • It helps you to feel alive

As women orgasm, they feel they are the most powerful and energy creature. They have the power to connect with their partner easily. With this, women can easily understand themselves and the beauty they have which comes due to their feminine energy and no age matters. Don’t forget that women can have multiple orgasms with little bit so they should be appreciated with what they have.

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What are the Causes of not to Orgasm?

There can be several reasons which can stop women to orgasm. Because of such problem women cannot relax themselves and it can be one of the tough times for women. This makes climaxing difficult and many times impossible. Read Ways to Climax at Same Time While Having Sex.

But if those problems are cured then reaching orgasm can really become easy for women. So let us see the reasons which stop women to orgasm.

Stress– Taking stress is one of the main culprits for harming everyone’s health. When you are in stress mood, nothing can go well and neither can you feel sexual relaxation. Reason can be various for stress, so avoiding any work which can make you stress will be great for your sexual life.

Don’t know your body– Many women don’t know how their body performs. If women know how she feels and how to respond to it can really help to orgasm. It is for both couple that if they know which way to go to get aroused then it can be an easy way to have an orgasm in better way.

Taking pressure every time– If women think that they have to perform well in front of their partner and in this way if they take pressure then obviously they cannot have orgasm. Thinking unnecessary things can make sex life miserable and women cannot have orgasm.

What are the ways to Orgasm Every time in easy way?

So finally, it’s a little bit difficult situation on how to make your partner orgasm easily? Because men don’t know the way, they fail to satisfy their partner and themselves too. Know How to satisfy women in bed. So some of the suggestions are mentioned that can help you to orgasm your partner easily.

Slowly build-up– This is very important steps for everyone. You should never run while sex. This is the only reason that many guys fail in their sexual life and also unable to satisfy their partner. So why to rush? Though it can take some time to learn how to make your partner orgasm but starting slowly can reach orgasm at better time.

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Kiss on right side of her spine– If you want to make your women orgasm easily then kiss her on right side of spine. This is because left side of the brain control her right side of brain and as this is the logical side of her so it can come into action fast. Here you can either stroke her or kiss her but only be sure that you do it. Doing this will give your sexual life a new boost and also your partner will feel joy and satisfaction.

Put on good perfume– You might know that smell is among five senses and one of the strongest. One thing you should know that smell signifies testosterone which will make her libido at high level. You can have any such thing which can smell her good like baby powder. Also smell and sex almost share close sense in the brain and it also leaves a lasting impression. And one more benefit is that it will make her feel the same time that she smelled it on your body before.

Best sex positions for her orgasm every time

Well there are some best sex positions which are for women that can help them to orgasm easily. But for that you have to be relaxed first. Though you will get lots of sex positions for satisfying sex but for your partner orgasm, few positions are beneficial. They are:

Woman in lingerie laying on bed

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Doggy style– This position is loved by almost every sex lovers. Both couple loves this position and also one of the sexy positions. In this, your partner has to lie down and you have to put her from behind. You can also put a pillow below her so that she can relax and ready to pound.

Girl on top– This is also one of the loved positions for many couples. In this, you have to sit on a chair or lie down on bed and after that your partner has to sit on your penis facing towards each other. This position is good for her orgasm and both partners can enjoy the moment with excitement and satisfying.


Everyone wants to have sex with their partner successfully and if they both climax at same time then it can add an extra star in their sexual life. But this generally does not happen, so you can try some ways by which you can make your partner orgasm easily and you can have a great time.

Without orgasm, your partner may don’t have any interest but if you make her orgasm deeply in some way then it can be great for her and she can also treat you in better way. So don’t just waste your time in thinking how to make your sex life successful but use the methods explained in this blog. And if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to Ask Here.

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